The Immigration Process To Canada Amidst Covid-19 Lockdown

By: Admin

The recent pandemic has altered every other area concerning system and processing. The Canada immigration process during Covid-19 seems to have changed as well. You need to be extra careful amidst the lockdown if you have applied for immigration to this country on a permanent basis.

How to Apply for Canada Immigration during Lockdown?

First of all, you don?t need to panic because you are not the only one who is facing problems with migration right now. You must have checked the Canada Immigration eligibility criteria and then only applied for it, so you do not need to worry about it. The Canadian immigration system itself claims to be facing problems with the process amidst the lockdown.

Some of them are Listed Below:

  • Issues regarding the processing time for immigration.
  • Certain documents are not getting updated with ease (this, of course, does not mean that your documents haven?t been recorded. They have been submitted successfully).
  • Lack of eminent staff for doing the job.
  • Maintaining the Covid pandemic protocols is taking up a lot of time and effort in itself, which is causing a technical lag in the system as well.

Some of the things mentioned by the embassy, which you can consider doing are the following:

  • You now have 90 days to submit your application, so make the necessary changes if you need to.
  • If you have applied and it is showing a lag, just inform them through a letter. This will help you stay calm as well as enable the embassy to know that your application is registered.
  • Extension of deadline is possible, so if you have missed out on anything, just keep them informed.

Recent Updates About Immigration to Canada during Covid-19:

  1. Ontario has suggested a recent ban on international students from entering Canada. This process is an exception to the entire Canada immigration eligibility criteria, so you need to postpone your study plans in Canada for a bit for now. This has not been approved yet, but high chances are there.
  1. Canada extends its travel restriction from all countries at least till the end of May. Only Canadian citizens, already permanent residents, their family members, temporary workers, and some of the others are permitted to enter Canada.
  1. Canada also bans flights from India and Pakistan until the end of May, as of now. This means that if you belong to any of these countries, you need to also wait for your immigration application to get accepted.

Thus, the recent upsurge in the virus cases is surely a sign of concern, and Canada is trying its very best to control the situation. The Canada Immigration Process during Covid-19 is undergoing rapid changes amidst strict lockdown rules.