What Are The Requirements For A South Africa Study Work Visa?

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Currently, South Africa is a key player in the economic growth that Africa is enduring. While these countries modernise and develop, the need for skilled talent persists to increase. South Africa Critical Skills Work Visa is a key to work and reside in South Africa.

However, if you expect to shift to South Africa for studies, you have to apply for a study visa.

The whole cost of submitting an application for a South Africa study visa is about $107. The visa applications can take up to 8 weeks to get processed. Thus, starting the application process as early as you get approved by your university will aid in avoiding any unnecessary delays. You don’t have to be anxious about your visa running out. All study visas for South Africa are valid for the complete duration of your course.

About the South Africa Student Visa Process:

  1. Fix your place at a university listed with the Department of Higher Education.
  2. Schedule a meeting with a South African embassy/consulate in your home country.
  3. Show all your valid documents/certificates and pay the fee.
  4. Wait to get the result of your visa application.
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Requirements for a Study Work Visa for South Africa

You must bring all these important documents to your visa application meeting:
  1. A valid passport having a termination date of at least 30 days afar the finish of your program
  2. An acceptance letter from your university or institute on headed paper
  3. Two passport-sized photographs
  4. A certificate of vaccination if necessary
  5. Health records
  6. Evidence of enough funds
  7. Medical insurance certificates
  8. A cover letter mentioning the intention and duration of your visit
With the South Africa study visas, you can work while studying. It lets you work up to 20 hours per week part-time and full-time throughout the college/university holidays if you want.

What if your Visa Application Gets Rejected?

Getting a rejected visa application can make you upset. However, you have 10 days to lodge a request.  For doing this, you will have to organize a meeting with your local visa facilitation services centre and fill up an online form.

Reasons for Rejections:

  1. Applying for a wrong visa
  2. Failing to present the required documents and certificates
  3. Lack of information about how will you manage to live abroad
  4. Incomplete application forms.

Study Work Visa and Permanent Residency

Many international students ask whether studying in a South African university helps attain permanent residency after some time. Amendments in the migration law in 2014 brought South Africa on track with top global practise, with the legislature currently serving for the retention of quality international graduates.

Before these amendments, the fact that a student had learned in a South African institute created no difference in helping them acquire any kind of residence permit for South Africa.

Summing Up
Study work visa for South Africa allows students from overseas to stay and study in South Africa. International students attaining their Ph.D. in South Africa can apply for a critical skills visa now. Critical skills visa is valid for five years, and it lets the students work in South Africa with a company of their preference.