The Major Requirements Of A Danish Green Card Visa

By: Emily Wilson

If you are having a Danish Green Card, you are permitted to stay and work within Denmark. A residence and work visa under the Denmark Green Card Scheme is granted to an aspirant taking into account a few imperative criteria used to assess them on the basis of a “points system.”  If a residence visa is acquired under the Danish Green Card scheme, you don’t have to again apply for and seek a work visa.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For a Danish Green Card Visa?

The eligibility for a Danish Green Card visa is considered for a residence visa of the Denmark Green Card scheme. You need to earn at least 100 points under the Danish Green Card points calculator. The points are given on the basis of language skills, age, qualifications, and employment experience.

In addition, those applying for Danish Green Card should hold medical insurance that covers themselves until they are covered by the Danish health insurance system. Moreover, the applicant needs to show that they have sufficient bank balance to cover themselves or their accompanying family members when given a Danish Green Card visa.

What are the requirements for a Danish Green Card visa?

Denmark Green Card is a point-based work visa scheme that permits an applicant to reside and work within Denmark if they can score the required number of points. If they score a minimum of 100 points, they can acquire a Danish Residence Permit that has a validity of 18 months.

Here are a few more Danish Green Card Visa Requirements:

  • The applicant should have a job in Denmark.
  • The applicant should possess an employment agreement that declares that they will be appointed for a minimum of 1 year following the date of their application to bring a relative to Denmark.
  • They should have attained at least one salary payment from their job.

How Advantageous is the Danish Green Card?

The Danish Green Card scheme is primarily introduced for international employees with great skills and talents. They can help increase the country's economy, and in return, they’ll get numerous benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:
  • The citizens and permanent residents of Denmark are permitted to work in any part of the European Union.
  • Those possessing the Danish Green Card are permitted to visit any country in the Schengen Zone without a visa. Besides all the other perks of the Danish Green Card, this is the best one.
  • The processing of the Green Card does not take years. After submitting an application for the Danish Green Card, they’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • After holding the Danish Green Card for 7 years, you qualify to claim the PR visa status. You can simply immigrate to any EU nation and work anywhere you wish with the PR visa status.
  • Your family members are too permitted to acquire a permanent residence along with you.
The Danish Green Card permits you to attain a residence visa to seek employment in Denmark. The employment visa and residency under the Danish Green Card scheme is given to an applicant on the basis of his or her score in the point-based system. If you’ve been issued a residence visa under the Danish Green Card scheme, you do not need a separate work visa.