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Success Stories

I will always grateful to you for such an honest effort to get my PR visa for Canada. Compiling documents in order to successfully justify in front of visa officer was challenging for me, but you guys certainly have done wonderful and made the whole process painless for me. Especially Mohammad did admirably significant job. During the operation, he not only checked all the personal documents to avoid any interruption to get a visa but also gave the information and provide relevant data, facts, and website in order to lead the path to find a job. I never feel awkward among your team. Now I have a visa for Canada in hand and offer letter too. I can’t express how happy am I and my family. I wish to hug you with a smiling face and wet eyes.

- Sanyukta

Getting a work permit visa for Canada is not a bed of roses for a new applicant like me, but I would like to acknowledge your comprehension of the visa process and dedication to the profession is marvelous. You all made me feel like college friends when I was there in your company. Mohammad, your explanation of the procedure of visa process and necessary document or communicating style convinced me a lot. It did not different most of my issues were dealt with online. Very few time I contacted you but I definitely can say it was one of the best choices I made in respect of my immigration need for Canada.

- Azeem Ahmad Khan

What an excellent job your team has is beyond my expectation, my colleagues were saying it will take at least ten to eleven month duration to my visa approval but credit goes to Mohammad and his team efforts who got approve the visa within the duration of eight months .what the celebration of happy moment celebrating by me and my family is the result of your hard work. The express entry visa for Canada was my dream and your heedful undertake made my dream to come true .all the greeting words are seems insignificant before your endeavor .still I am thanking for your support to full fill my dream.

Liza Campbell

I have skill what Canada authority needed to issue the visa for PR because I am a mechanical and have worked in Toyota motors and Abdullah Abdul Ghani Bro.Co. at Doha for six years. Still, I was confused until Mushin sheikh gave the news of visa approval. Now I can firmly say how professional and trustable you all are. Additionally what numbers and web address Mohammad gave to me was very handy. Thank you Migration Consultants I am completely satisfied with your service of visa assistance.

- La Castro

Thank you Migration Consultants for helping and assisting me such an easy and simple ways to obtained skilled worker visa for Canada. Being a hotelier I was searching the relevant information, how to get a visa for Canada but had no idea even I didn’t know how to find a job .that’s why I will always be highly obliged to you to make it easier and succor my complication.

- Lakambini joy

This is a great way I found to go with you .everything was simple and well organized; you lead me through the whole process as I expected. This is true I was in doubt in the beginning but your style of patronage, counsel, and advancement of advisement in getting silver fern visa for Canada, dedication and fashion of handling the application, build my certitude in you. Thank you team Migration Consultants.

- Shahid Mir

I am very happy now as in the seventh heaven to get my PR, and would like to give feedback what service I get from Mohsin sheikh the immigration manager. At every stage, he directed me to right path like a torchbearer. His information enlightens me.whenever I rang Rahul the visa manager was a pleasure to deal with. Their comprehension of visa process is excellent. While others didn’t listen to me, they only directed. So I wish you guys prosper. I will always spread your good words and describe it among my Adelaide friends.

- Fareed Yaqoub Pathan

I would like to thank Migration Consultants for being so transparent and honest. You do what you say and this is the quality, which makes you different from others. I am a Dental Surgeon, practicing in a hospital in Dammam so I don’t have enough time to run for visa process that’s why I approached your consultancy thank God you didn’t disappoint me and got my visa application to turn into skilled worker visa for Canada .you are undoubtedly incredible.

- Ayesha Farria

Dental surgeon, (Dammam, KSA.)

I am experiencing the excellent result of the sincere effort you put for me. I just wanted to say how thrilled
I am that I have skilled migrant category visa for new Zealand .at all time you kept in touch in me and you never let me down thru this journey .i like the way all the documentation was gathered right at the beginning of the process this makes it much less stressful later on. My sincere thanks to you for all that you have done for me. Wish you all the best.

- Ayman Massri, physiotherapist


Timelines is a very important factor for me, that’s why I would like very much thank for your time spent on my application for the PR visa for Australia .i am delighted with the result .it would very hard for me such a short time span; without your help. In this matter your work had been exceptional; we could do other important work because of your service. If someone in need, I will recommend your service in near future


- Kumar Bala, Colombo

With best wishes

It was a pleasing moment for me to hear from your side that my application for PR visa for Australia has been approved .now I want to thank you for this favor. The work you have done is appreciable .being your client I realize, you are purely professional and friendly with the clients, because I had so many questions related to visa, documentation immigration and of course your credential to believe in you, but your consultant politely quenched my keenness. Again I thank you so much for your help. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me

Avery Jones

Best regard

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for such a philanthropic contribution to get me compliance to live and work in New Zealand with accreditation by the help of Talent (Accredited employer) work visa for new Zealand. Now I am proud myself to go with you. I am totally over the moon to finally be a resident of New Zealand .you all treat like college friend rather than a client or customer .this positive attitude is an acclaimable. One more time thank you Migration consultants and my Migration team member.

Sameh Hamouda an Architect

With best complement

Certified International Lawyers

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