Applying For A PR Visa In New Zealand

By: Emily Wilson

New Zealand can be a nice place to enjoy a quality life and seek better opportunities. The country has a shoreline of about 6000 kilometers and a population of just 4 million. Besides being less crowded, New Zealand is less hot and humid. Also, people living here appreciate the work-life balance that is the world’s desire.

Why Should You Apply for a Permanent Residency Visa in NZ?

If you hold a permanent residency visa in New Zealand, you can enjoy numerous benefits. Some of them are as follows:

1.  You can reside, travel, study, and work in NZ for an indefinite period without limitations.
2.  You can gain healthcare services at subsidized rates in addition to social security benefits.
3.  Children born in NZ will automatically get citizenship of the nation by birth.
4.  After living in the country for many years, you can apply for NZ residency, unsurprisingly that you meet all their other criteria like basic knowledge of the English language, good character, communicative skills, and an apparent purpose to carry on living in the country.

New Zealand PR Visa Categories:

1.  Family Visa
You can apply for a PR visa under this category if you are a parent, spouse, or dependent child of an NZ citizen or permanent resident. One important thing is you have to be sponsored by either of the relatives mentioned above in New Zealand so that you can stay with them as an NZ permanent resident.

2.  Business and Investment Visa
You can apply under the Investor Category if you want to invest in a NZ based company. One more alternative is to apply under the Entrepreneur Category, where you need to demonstrate that you are keen to set up your own business in NZ.

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How Long Will the PR Visa Application Take to Process?

The processing time differs significantly depending on the kind of application, but typically, student, visitor, and work visas are processed in some weeks.

Deciding on the ideal visa category from the beginning and submitting a proficiently assembled and complete application will be the most excellent way to accelerate your visa application process.

You must begin working on your visa application as quickly as possible to be all set for your application to be submitted as quickly as you meet all the necessities. Loads of work can be performed to arrange a perfect visa application that will not need any irrelevant queries from Immigration New Zealand while time is crucial.

Vigilant preparation and expert visa advice are the keys to a smooth application process, irrespective of the kind of visa you are applying for. Read more about immigration requirements and processing time for New Zealand permanent residence visa and how to hire best PR visa consultants in Kuwait City.

The Global Pandemic is the Reason for the Delay in the Processing

The government of NZ has imposed strict border restrictions to control the number of outbreaks. Due to this, you can expect more delays in visa processing times.

The applicants can apply for the family sponsored PR visa to access numerous benefits such as New Zealand health care services, education, travel freedom, etc. If you want to shift to NZ to set up your business venture, you can apply under the Entrepreneur category.