How To Become A Permanent Citizen Of Australia?

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Australia has been a great option for those who want to settle abroad. This country is full of opportunities, especially for the youngsters. Also, the country assures a quality lifestyle and a multicultural civilization with peace and harmony. Australia grants PR visas to migrants. The PR visa is valid for only 5 years, and with this visa, you can enter Australia with your family.

There are lots of perks of acquiring the citizenship of Australia. As you get citizenship, you can reside and work within the country liberally. An essential part of becoming an Australian is the understanding and commitment to the principles of the nation and its public.

Ways of Acquiring an Australian Citizenship Visa from Abu Dhabi

To be a permanent citizen of Australia, you need to lodge a completed application form and pay an appropriate amount to the Department of Health and Ageing (DOHA). After the submission of your application form, you will be called by DOHA.

You will be called to take part in an Australian citizenship ceremony if your application is approved. Find out more about Australia immigration residence visa in this write-up.

Here are the 3 Ways of Becoming a Citizen of Australia:

  1. If you are born in Australia and any of your parents are citizens or permanent residents of Australia.
  2. If you are born outside the country but are a child of an Australian, you will typically be awarded citizenship.
  3. If you are not a citizen of Australia, you can submit an application for becoming a permanent citizen.

Requirements for Securing Citizenship of Australia:

  1. You should be at least 16 or above.
  2. You should not hold a criminal record.
  3. You must have stayed in Australia for 4 years, counting 12 months as a permanent resident.
  4. You should have a good understanding of your rights and duties as a citizen.

The Rights and Privileges of an Australian Citizen:

  1. Right to vote in State or Federal elections.
  2. Getting support from an Australian administrator when abroad.
  3. Applying for a job in the public sector or armed forces of Australia.
  4. Registering children born in a foreign country as Australian citizens by ancestry.
  5. Applying for an Australian passport.

About Citizenship Test

A citizenship test is mandatory for every applicant to pass. This test is based on Australian history, culture, and principles. Moreover, the citizenship test will gauge the English language proficiency of the applicant.

What are the Perks of Being an Australian Citizen?

  1. Below are a few perks that you can enjoy after becoming a permanent citizen of Australia:
  2. You can reside and travel anywhere within the boundaries of the country.
  3. You can go for higher education in Australia and can apply for some student loans.
  4. You can apply for jobs in the public sector.
  5. You can go to New Zealand as well and can apply for a visa there.
  6. You qualify for social security benefits after a couple of years of holding a permanent resident visa.
Summing Up
The process of Australia immigration residence visa application is quite lengthy and complicated. There are various stages involved in the Australia PR Visa process, and every stage has a distinct time period. Appoint the best immigration consultants who can deal with every step of the PR visa process professionally.