Eligible Applicants For Germany Family Reunion Visa

By: Emily Wilson

Germany is welcoming a huge mass of immigrants in recent times, owing to the favorable economic condition, job opportunities, and sophisticated lifestyle amenities. Also, the aging population had created a shortage in labor. If you have already moved to Germany seeking a job or higher education, you might want to bring in your family to live with you. This article speaks about acquiring a family reunion visa for Germany and the eligibility criteria. Please read on to more on the topic.

Why Would You Need a Family Reunion Visa?

Germany demands certain requirements to move into the country, like proving the financial stability for the stay, must have acquired proper health insurance, and possess basic proficiency in the German language. However, the country eases the pressure on the immigrants in several ways. The primary requirement for obtaining family reunion visas is that the person must be the closest relative of the German resident. Additionally, the resident who is willing to bring their family must be able to sponsor the relative.

The Eligibility of the German Resident:

German doesn’t recognize polygamy and therefore the resident of Germany cannot bring more than one spouse to the country. This German resident who is willing to bring their spouse to live with them must possess any of these eligibilities to apply Spouse Visa for Germany
  • Possess either:
  • An EU long-term resident permit
  • Resident permit
  • EU blue card
  • Should be able to offer financial support for the other partner, whom he is bringing into the country.
  • Must have passed 18 years
  • Must have acquired basic knowledge of the German language, must understand the German speaker

Similarly, the immigrating person who is relative to the resident of Germany must abide by some regulations as well. They are expected to fulfill the following eligibilities:
  • Must have passed 18 years
  • Must have acquired basic knowledge of the German language, must understand the german speaker
  • Another category, where obtaining Spouse Visa for Germany doesn’t require any age or language conditions:
  • The resident must be a blue card holder
  • Must be self-employed in Germany
  • Must possess researcher status in Germany
  • Must possess highly-qualified status in Germany

If a foreigner has obtained a long-term permit in Germany and is looking to bring their children, both the mother and father of the children are allowed to apply for a permit for their children. However, the requirements differ based on their age.

For instance, if the children are minors and their parents are residing in Germany, they both can apply for a family reunion visa and bring their children to live in Germany. Similarly, if the parent residing in Germany is a blue card holder, has a settlement permit, or a residence permit, they can bring their children without fulfilling any requirements. Germany also recognizes the status of the children and approves of bringing the children if the parent has sole custody of the children/child. 


The requirement of obtaining a family reunion visa for people who have just married, and parents might require a cross-check with the German embassy. The eligibility criteria and obtaining any type of family reunion visa might be overwhelming for many. Therefore, seeking the help of a Spouse Visa Immigration Consultant would be helpful not to miss out on any required paperwork or specific documents.