New Zealand Post-Study Work Visa

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The Post Study Work (PSW) visa for New Zealand is for students who have recently finished their studies there and want to remain in the country for employment. You must have a recognized degree from an accredited New Zealand university to apply for this visa.

Post study work visa NZ document checklist

  1. Evidence of the fact that you have completed your qualification and are eligible to graduate.
  2. A bank statement which proves that you have a balance of a minimum NZ $4,200.
  3. An authentic passport.
  4. A passport-size photo clicked recently.

New Zealand post-study work visa duration is up to three years, but the duration also depends on your education level and how long you have studied in New Zealand.

New Zealand Post Study work visa new rules:

The NZ Post Study Work Visa qualifying criteria and visa conditions have changed due to the Immigration Rebalance.
All new students who apply for a student visa after May 11, 2022, must comply with these modifications, which became effective on September 7, 2018. These modifications include:
  • For students at level 8 and below, the term of post-study work visas is equal to the length of time spent studying in New Zealand. Doctoral and master's degree candidates are eligible for three-year visas.
  • Requirements for post-study work visas that are based on the credentials the candidate has obtained in New Zealand. Only a field directly related to their field of Study is open to those who completed non-degree levels 4 through 7.
There are new eligibility requirements for those who studied non-degree levels 4–7. Their credentials must appear on the qualifications acceptable for post-study work visas to be accepted.

New Zealand work visa

If someone plans to work in New Zealand but is a permanent resident or a citizen of New Zealand, they will need a work visa.
You can apply for a temporary work visa here if you:
  • got a job offer from a New Zealand-based company.
  • are arriving for a specific event or work-related reason.
  • got a partner here and want to work with them.
  • are citizens of a nation with a specific employment programme, or
  • have been a student here and desire employment here.

New Zealand student work visa

You might be permitted to work full-time on all planned holidays, as well as the Christmas and New Year's holidays, and part-time for up to 20 hours each week.

Your work can be of two types:
  1. Part-Time Work
As per the terms of your visa, you may work up to 20 hours per week while enrolled in a full-time programme that:
  • It consists of at least two academic years.
  • It's at least one academic year and part of a programme for tertiary students that has been approved.
  • Results in a New Zealand qualification increase a migrant's point total in the skilled category.
  1. Full-Time Work
If all of the following apply, your visa requirements will let you work full-time while taking scheduled study breaks:
  • You have at least one academic year of full-time education behind you.
  • Your course has a minimum credit value of 120.
  • Your course is taught for over eight months (minimum of two semesters).
  • Your course is taught for over eight months (minimum of two semesters).
If the following conditions are met, you may work full-time over the Christmas and New Year's break:
  • You are a full-time student.
  • Your course must run for a minimum of two semesters over eight months.