How To Apply For German PR?

By: Emily Wilson

Relocating to a new country can be a hectic procedure. The same goes with the case of Germany, too. Germany has endless opportunities for immigrants. Here you can come across lots of amazing places for sightseeing. If you want to travel to Germany for the purpose of tourism, then you would need a tourist visa.

A German tourist visa lets the traveler stay for a minimum of 90 days within Germany and explore places. However, staying further than the given period is not possible without a Germany Permanent Residence Permit.

What is A Germany PR Visa?

A German PR visa lets the immigrant reside within Germany for a longer than the 90 days period. Throughout this period, you can work, study, or be involved in other things happening in Germany.

The nationals of EU nations, Norway, Lichtenstein, and Iceland, don't need a PR permit to stay for over 90 days within Germany.

Residence Permit Categories

Based on the duration of your stay and the conditions you meet, there are many German visa categories. There are many visa categories letting the immigrant reside in Germany for various purposes.

1.      Permanent Residence Permit

If you want to be permitted to reside within Germany as per your wish, you would need to attain the German PR permit. A PR permit is also known as the Settlement Permit.

It is generally issued to immigrants after the possession of the temporary residence permit for a certain period or the holders of the EU Blue Card.

Also, they need to show proof that they have worked for a minimum of 5 years, paid all their taxes, and contributed to the nation’s economy. 

If you are a PR permit holder, you can sponsor your spouse and children to come and live with you in Germany.

2.      Temporary Residence Permit

This German Residence Visa or permit is intended for shorter stays. While you attain a temporary residence permit for Germany, you are allowed to reside in Germany for just one year. But, the visa period can be extended only if your situation doesn’t change and you meet all the requisites. This visa is given to immigrants on condition that they have a certain reason to visit Germany. As you apply under this visa category, you mention the purpose of your visit, and the card released to you states it.

Steps To Apply For a German PR Visa

1.     Register your new German address with the state authorities
2.     Before applying for a PR visa, you must arrange health insurance and a bank account in Germany.
3.     You must fill up your visa application and schedule an appointment.
4.     Attend your visa appointment with all the required documents or certifications.
5.    Download and print the visa application form. Don’t forget to bring it along with your while attending your appointment.

Documents Required

1.      A passport from the home country
2.      Police clearance certificate
3.      A German medical insurance
4.      Proof of having enough funds to support yourself and your family
5.      Other documents, such as marriage certificates, an employment letter from a German employer

Want to apply for a German permanent residence permit? Then it is advisable to work with reputable immigration consultants.