What Do You Need To Know About The New Zealand Partnership-based Visa?

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The process of applying for a New Zealand partnership-based Visa is no easy task. It might seem to be a simple thing to do, but the complications arise once the application gets declined initially. If your partner is from New Zealand or is a New Zealand work visa holder and you would like to join them, then you must be well aware of the New Zealand partnership-based Visa. This will enhance your chances it getting it approved quickly and easily.There are many types of partnership kind od visas, and it depends on the status of your partner:The most popular kinds of the New Zealand partnership-based Visa are:
  • Work or Visitor visa for a partner of a worker in New Zealand
  • Work or Visitor Visa for a partner of a student
  • Work or Visitor Visa for a partner of a New Zealand Citizen or resident
  • Resident Visa for partners of New Zealand citizens
The relationship with the supporting partner is the primary necessity of getting the New Zealand partnership-based Visa as defined by the instruction of the immigration agency. This would include the proof of legal marriage or a civil union or a de facto relationship, which is a couple living together but is not married on in a civil union. You can also read: New Zealand Immigration- Work To Resident Visas What are the documents needed for the New Zealand partnership-based Visa?There are supporting documents that are used as evidence to show your relationship to your partner in order to get the New Zealand partnership-based Visa.The list of the documents required will depend on the type of visa that you are applying for and also to the relation that you and your partner share. This includes photos together, marriage certificates, joint bank accounts, and even cooperative rental agreements, social media engagements, etc.It is merely to see whether you are in a stable and genuine so that they can approve you for your New Zealand partnership-based Visa.If, in any case, you have stayed apart from your partner for a while, then you are required to provide adequate reasons. This will be assessed well before the application.Apart from the documentation, there are also a few other things to keep in mind when you apply for the visa. To ensure that you have a hassle-free process in getting your New Zealand partnership-based Visa.
  • You meet the requirement of the Immigration New Zealand (INZ)
  • You should meet all the health requirements
  • You should comply with all the need to be termed a ?partner.?
  • You must meet all the requirements for the visa category that you apply for
Conclusions: In order to get the New Zealand partnership-based Visa, you need to make sure you meet all the requirements as stated above. New Zealand Permanent Residency visa application is an easy process and can be dealt with hassle-free if taken care of in a proper manner. Based on the type of visa and the type of relationship you share with your partner, the New Zealand Permanent Residency visa process success rate can be determined.