What Can I Do To Improve My Chances Of Obtaining Permanent Resident Status In Australia?

By: Emily Wilson

Thousands of students worldwide, including those like you, eventually travel to study abroad each year to settle in a foreign country. Students frequently use the Skilled Independent Visa to get an Australia Permanent Residency visa.
  1. GSM Requirements
 As an Australia PR Visa Eligibility, you must fulfill the Australian Study Requirement to obtain an Australian Permanent Residency (PR). You must finish a two-year course in Australia to meet the minimum requirement of two years of study.
To receive credit for your education, you must enroll in an on-campus program.

A score of not less than six on the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or an equivalent score on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or PTE (Professional English Language Testing System) is required (Pearson Test of English Academic).
  1. Acquire a More Advanced Degree
Get a Master's or doctoral degree to improve your abilities and understanding in your field.
When using the GSM point-based system, a bachelor's degree is worth ten points, but you can get fifteen or twenty points for a master's or doctorate's degree.
  1. Live in Australia
Register for the Visa Subclass 485, often called the Temporary Graduate Visa, once you've completed your studies in Australia.
Post-study and graduate employment are two of the options available under this visa.
Work in Australia can be done for 18 months on the post-study work visa, while the graduate work visa permits 2 to 4 years.
In this period, you will have the opportunity to improve your English and gain significant experience.
  1. Improve Your Command of the English language.
You will collect points and have a better chance of getting a promotion if you improve your English language skills.
You won't get any credit for your language proficiency if your IELTS score is only a 6. If you score seven or higher on the IELTS, you'll gain 10 points, and if you score eight or higher, you'll get 20 points.

You can earn more GSM points if you have work experience.
  1. Make the Most of Your Time in the Workplace
Having a job that requires a high level of competence will help you gain more points.

At least twenty hours per week of work in your chosen career or a similar field must have been completed to receive credit for prior experience.
As a result, in addition to your academic pursuits, you may want to look into the Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa to get valuable work experience. A year of job experience in Australia can earn you up to five additional points on your application for a student visa.
  1. Consider Your Age When Making Decisions About Your Future.
Your age has a significant impact on your score. People who are 25 to 32 years old, for example, receive the highest scores, which can reach up to 30 points. As a result, those between 45 and 49 will not receive any issues.


It's possible to qualify for a Permanent Residency Visa in Australia, by keeping the above mentioned points in mind.