Reasons For The Rejection Of Germany Visa

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One has to be very careful while applying for a residence permit of any country. Nothing can be more unfortunate than having a rejected visa application.The German work visa application undergoes a thorough inspection. The officials inside the office always check and verify the application form vigilantly. Applying for a German work and resident permit can be a lengthy procedure. As a responsible person, you must gather all the necessary documentation for a convenient visa application process. If you are not holding valid certificates and documents, then your application process may get ignored, or disapproved. Below are some most common reasons behind the rejection of a German visa:
  1. Your visa application is likely to get disapproved if your documents did not support your intention of visit.
  2. In case if you want to settle with your family, but your documents did not prove the family ties, then there are chances of denial of visa application.
  3. If you have cancelled or did not submit the right air tickets, then you might end up facing a lot of issues with your visa application.
  4. While applying for a Germany visa, you are required to show evidence that you have enough funds for covering your visit and homecoming. The possibilities of visa rejection can be higher if you do not have sufficient cash.
  5.     It is vital to submit your character certificates, and medical records, or else it can lead to disapproval of the visa application. The aspirants should get travel health insurance of minimum 30000 Euros.
You can also read: How to get Permanent Residence Permit in Germany?Consequences of holding an Invalid passportIf you want to apply for a Schengen visa, the most important thing that you should possess is a genuine passport. The passport has to be valid for about 6 months beginning from the time you aim to access the Schengen Area. Make sure that your passport is not torn, damaged, or missing pages; it can lead to denial of the German visa.Once you have acquired a Schengen Visa, you are allowed to reside anywhere in the Schengen area. If you have spent 90 days in a particular Schengen country in the last 6 months, you are not permitted to obtain any other visa.  To attain more details about Germany Immigration, get in contact with the most steadfast consultancy.Settling in Germany as permanent citizensThe applicants from other countries are required to have a PR visa to reside in Germany for over 90 days. Individuals from European Union nations like Norway, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, and Iceland are not required to hold a residence permit if they want to stay for the first 3 months.The international students can go for the temporary residence visa if they desire to settle in Germany for a limited period. Also, they should have a particular reason for staying in the country. Once the temporary visa exceeds its validity, the foreign nationals can choose the option of permanent residence permit. You would be considered a suitable candidate for a temporary residence visa if you have a job offer.