How To Get Permanent Residence Permit In Germany?

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Procuring a Germany work visa proffers umpteen benefits. You can reside in the country and work with it. However, there are two types of permits which allow you to dwell in Germany.The first type of residence permit is the limited permit. As known by its name, the limited license has a validity date and can expire after a few years. But you can always apply for its extension.On the other hand, the second type of permit is an unlimited residence permit. It allows you to dwell in the country for a lifelong period.

Specific conditions

To procure a Germany work visa, you should fulfil some specific obligations, which are as follows-
  • Period or duration
You can only apply for a permanent residence permit if you have resided in Germany for at least five years. Also, If you have a legal residence permit to study or work in Germany, then you can easily apply for your German PR visa. To facilitate the process for Germany Immigration, you can procure the services of an agency.
  • Qualifications and earnings
To apply for a PR visa easily, you should be highly qualified and procure an annual income of 84,000 Euros. However, specialising in a technical field or having great academic teaching experience and knowledge can help you to get your PR Visa.
  • Proficiency in German
Procuring a PR visa requires you to have proficiency in the German language. You should know the B1 level of German to get permission. However, if you have resided in the country for more than two years, then knowing the language would be very easy. On the other hand, acquiring a PR visa also requires you to have primary cognisance of the German society and its political, social and legal system.
  • Pension insurance
To apply for a PR visa, you must have contributed to the statutory pension insurance of Germany. The period of your contribution is affected by the criteria you belong to. People belonging to the general category have to contribute at least for 60 months.On the other hand, people who have an EU blue card must have contributed for 33 months. The graduates should have contributed for 24 monthsYou can also read:  Long Stay Employment Visa for GermanyPrivileges of procuring a PR visa in 2020:
  • Without a PR visa, people need to interact with the Foreign Office to seek approvals for various permissions. Be it changing your jobs or house or extending your visa, without a PR visa, you need to procure support for these essential things.
  • A permanent residence permit facilitates you to search for any job which is not even related to your studies. However, this benefit is not allowed to the people who have an ordinary visa.
  • With the aid of a PR visa, you can reap the umpteen benefits of the government to start up your own business. Hence, a PR visa acts as a pass for you to initiate your business.
  • The PR visa holders can easily appeal for bank loans to purchase houses in the country.
  • Many social benefits such as healthcare benefits, welfare benefits and childcare benefits are proffered to the individuals with a PR visa.