Learn How To Apply For A US Visa From Dubai

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Today, the number of people who want to visit the US for either study, in search of jobs, business, and many more, has been increasing day by day. However, the US attracts quite a range of people, and getting a USA green card visa is problematic, unlike in other countries. Still, the rate of the immigration to USA keeps on increasing. How to apply for a visa? The application for a visa is available at the US consulate or embassy in your own country. Let?s look at the procedure in detail: 
  • Evaluate the need for a permit:
According to a Visa waiver program, people from 39 countries and allowed to visit the US for 90 days for business or tourism purposes. This program was introduced by the homeland security department to make travel to the US secure and faster. 
  • Visa type that is suitable for your requirements:
Different types of Visa can be ideal for your needs. Hence you have to more careful and precise when you apply for a US visa. Take everything into close consideration because if you don?t, the chances of a USA green card visa will be flat. 
  • DS-160 applications form mandatory for non-immigrant visa application:
DS-160 is a US non-immigrant form visa application that has to be fulfilled if you are applying for a US non-immigrant visa. This form can be filled online on the US consulate website from which region you wish to use. You can apply either online or by a travel agent.
  1. There are multiple reasons why a travel agent can help you with DS-160 form;
  2. They will provide you with all the requirements, and also schedule an interview for you.
  3. They provide 24/7 assistance.
  4. In case your Visa gets denied, they offer travel protection that covers your financial expenses.
 You can also read: Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai The DS-160 form consists of two parts: Part 1: It mainly consists of primary information about an individual.Part 2: It consists of questions on security and background checks. 
  • Application fee:
The next step is to pay the Visa application fee. The price is different for the type of Visa you have applied. Also, note that the payment is non- refundable. In addition to this, you may require to pay for the visa issuance fee, which bases on the relationship that the US has with your home country, and it differs from country to country. 
  • Schedule an interview:
Non-immigrant?s between the age of 14 to 79 have to appear for an interview. This interview process can take weeks to line up, and as soon as you submit the DS-160 form, you will get a confirmation letter for the interview. 
  • Documentation:
Along with the DS-160, there are other documents to be complied with for non-immigrant visas. 
  • Attend the Visa Interview:
An interview is a final step in the process, make sure that you make it on time for the discussion, and carry all the related documents with you for the meeting. 
  • Wait for the results:
Once everything is complete, wait for the final results to come out. It can come anytime within the gap of days or weeks. More information regarding USA immigration and the visa application process will also be available on the visa websites.