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Want to make the process to get the USA work visa clear?

The USA is one of the most favored nations for a work visa. Several categories of visa are offered by the Department of State. It is possible to obtain detailed information on the website.

The E-type visa is the most common. Under this category, you get an employment-based visa. The person can apply for the LPR Card (Legal Permanent Card) or Green Card.

You must remember that there is capping on the number of visas issued annually. It means that even if you fulfill all the required criteria, the visa will be issued if the quota hasn’t reached.

The E type visa is divided into many sub-categories, and each category has different priority levels and the number of seats.

Before you apply for the visa under this program, it is important that you have a job offer lined up. The employer who is offering you the job should have approval from the Department of Labor.


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The process

Another important thing expected from your employer is an application to the immigration and citizenship service.

National Visa Center or NVC receives the applications from your employer. The same is scrutinized there, and you are informed about the discrepancies if any.

The form has to be complete, and all necessary documents should be attached to it.

Once it is over, you will be summoned for the visa interview. Before that, you need to undergo necessary medical tests by some approved doctor.

Processing time

There is no fixed processing time committed by the Department of State. E-type visas take longer time than other visas.

You should get in touch with the officials about the proceedings. Refer the website for the latest information.

Rejection or approval

Your Visa application may get approved or rejected depending on several constraints. Approved applicants will get the passport back with the visa stamped on it and a bunch of documents required to be submitted as part of the application.

This packet should be kept in the sealed state, and it must be presented along with the valid visa at the immigration counter.

After getting the visa approved, you need to pay the immigrant fee before you travel. You can get the fees details from the official website of the Department of Immigration.

The process for work Visa in the USA is lengthy, but not very complex. Once the formalities are completed with no error; the rest of the thing is quite easy.

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