In New Zealand, Is There An Upper Age Limit For Obtaining A Work Permit?

By: Emily Wilson

As long as you've got a degree that's comparable to what New Zealand businesses are used to and can demonstrate your expertise in a specific field, you'll be able to secure an excellent job in New Zealand.

You may be able to apply for various New Zealand Work Visa, each with its own set of requirements and application process.

Temporary Visa

A temporary visa enables you to reside and Work in New Zealand for a specific time. Temporary employment can be a stepping stone to obtaining residency and establishing a permanent home.

Work visas for short-term employment are available to those with a job opportunity from a New Zealand business or working in a profession facing shortages in skills. In most cases, employment visas will not have an upper age limit.

It is intended for anyone between 18 and 35, depending on their country of citizenship. If you're from the UK or Canada, you'll be able to stay and work in New Zealand for up to an additional year with this option.

Resident Visa

Most publicly financed services and the opportunity to survive and operate in New Zealand are available to those with resident visas.
To be eligible for the Skilled Migrant Category, a points system is used that considers variables including your experience, work history, credentials, and a guarantee of skilled employment.

The Residence from Work visa is an additional choice. At least 24 months of holding a Work to Residence visa may be required before you can apply.

To be eligible for one of these visas, you must be under 55.

Do Working Holiday Visas Cost Anything?

Where you're from has a lot to do with this. In the UK, for example, the cost is $215. You'll need a Visa or Mastercard with a current expiration date to pay the application cost. By applying for a working vacation visa, you can learn how much it costs for you to travel to a given nation.
Select your nation of origin, and then look at the visa details for that Working Holiday visa.

While in New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa, Can You Work More Than One Job?

Having multiple jobs while living in New Zealand is perfectly acceptable, especially if you're working part-time or on the minimum payment. While you're here, you're free to work as often as you like. The tax rates that apply to secondary employment income can vary, so it's essential to figure out what payments you may be able to deduct. Help is available from the Inland Revenue Department.


Visas for Jobs, studies, and travel can all be obtained online. Online applications can frequently be submitted more quickly and at a lower cost than traditional paper applications. Your passport will not need to be sent to us if you apply online for your visa.
If you submit your application electronically, you'll need a credit card on hand and any supporting documentation, such as a copy of your passport.