Guide To: How You Can Land A Job In Portugal As A Foreigner

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Landing a job requires lots of skills in itself. You need to have a knowledge of the field you are applying for, the gift of adapting to the work environment and a lot more. And what if we talk about landing a job in another country? Well, that includes a lot of research.So, to ease this process for you, we are sharing a complete guide about Portugal work visa in which we are going to cover every detail that will come handy for you if you are thinking about moving to Portugal and embark on a journey for your career as a foreigner. This will not only help you in settling down there but will also provide you with knowledge about various career options available for foreign citizens in Portugal.Career Options In PortugalLike many other countries, the job opportunities in Portugal differ in terms of native language speakers, which means, for those who can speak Portuguese and the ones who are non-Portuguese speakers.However, the good news is that the demand for English speakers is always high since it is a global language. One such industry is IT and Software, which is driven by English speaking professionals. So, this is beneficial for foreign citizens who are planning to apply for Portugal Immigration to expand their career options.If you are a foreigner who is looking for employment in Portugal, then let us tell you about Lisbon, which has become a hub to all the startup ventures in Portugal, over the past five years. It has been successfully organizing Web Summits and giving a kick to the startup sector.Apart from that, if you are interested in working for the Tourism and Hospitality industry, Portugal offers a promising career for you. With its Restaurants, Hotels and bars consistently looking out for English Speaking applicants due to the flourishing industry flow, you get an excellent chance to achieve great heights here.Where To Look For Jobs In Portugal If I Am A Foreigner?As we have already discussed that English Speaking expats have an added advantage of finding a job in Portugal, let us now look at the industries that offer job opportunities for you.
  • Web developers (backend and frontend)
  • Sales representatives
  • Waitstaff
  • Bartenders
  • Customer support (not only in call centres but also in multinational companies with offices in Portugal)
  • Team supervisors
  • Online gaming support
  • Real estate agents
  • Interpreters and translators
  • Accountants
  • Project managers
  • Mobile test engineers
  • Call Centers
Here, we have a list of some well-established, popular organizations for you to consider.
  • Connecta Group
  • Teleperformance
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Apple
  • Sitel
You can also read: All you need to know about Portugal Work Permits and VisasApart from that, you can even go for several other kinds of jobs such as; digital marketing jobs, freelance work, marketing jobs or even be a language teacher.You are offered a decent amount of salary like any other part of the world, depending on the job profile and the amount of time you put in that. And with experience, you get a pay raise.Is a Work Visa Needed?European Citizens do not require a work visa for Portugal. However, if you are not a European Union Citizen, then you are requested to bring a work visa with you.