All You Need To Know About Portugal Work Permits And Visas

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Portugal is a part of the European Union. So it follows the EU travel policy only. If you are an EU citizen, then you do not need a work permit. But a non-EU citizen will definitely require a work permit to work in Portugal. Either he should carry a Portugal work permit or an EU Blue Card. These permits are necessary if you are planning to work there for more than three months. Long term foreign workers in Portugal have to obtain the permit for residence as well.The Portugal work visa is also known as the Residence visa. It is provided to highly skilled professionals who tend to work for at least a year. It can be renewed every two years. You need to apply for a work visa from outside the country. It is not allowed to change your immigration status from a business visa to a long term visa.You will get the visa only if you possess a locally incorporated entity in Portugal. Otherwise, you need to go for options like Employer of Record service.If you are looking for a quick and swift option, then you should go for an EU blue card. It involves three months of processing time. While obtaining a residence visa, the processing time can be as long as eight months. So if you have a plan of shifting to Portugal, then you need to plan for that well in advance. Once you move to Portugal, you can try applying for the residence permit, and then it will take just 60 days to get processed after application submission.You can also read: Best Immigration Consultant in DubaiIf you do not have an idea about the fee structure for acquiring these permits, then let us help you. You have to pay two times for obtaining a work visa in Portugal. While applying for the work permit, you need to pay a specific amount. And when your application gets approved, then too, you have to pay a particular amount. While filing an application, one needs to pay an amount of USD25. After the approval, the payable amount is USD85.Please keep in mind that there are certainly other expenses involved while filing an application for a work permit. If you are being transferred to Portugal by your company, then you can request the HR department for the reimbursement of the required amount. Also, it is the duty of your HR department to prepare a proper application for you. But in case they are not supporting you well enough, you can take the help of any reputed Portugal immigration company.Basically, it gets highly complicated once you decide moving to a different country. You need to plan for a lot of things ? residence, permit, legalities, paperwork, employment-related formalities, and so on. If you are overwhelmed by all these, then you can take the assistance of a well-established immigration agency, for instance, Migration Consultants. We have years of experience and expertise with which we can provide you world-class service and facilities. You need not feel overwhelmed because we are here to look after all the formalities.