COVID-19: Don?t Lose Hope To Immigrate To Canada

By: Admin

Almost the whole of the world right now is going through a terrible time. COVID-19 outbreak has affected lakhs of people out there. Without any vaccination or cure, this pandemic is making the entire world go topsy-turvy. Lakhs of people have died, and lakhs ore are waiting for their death. Almost all nations are facing a lockdown situation. There is a strict prohibition on traveling. Economic activities have come to a standstill.Canada has sealed its borders and is not currently allowing any foreign traveler to enter the territory. After careful monitoring of the situation, Canada has taken the decision. Some exceptions are definitely there. But tourism in Canada is now on a halt.But those who want to immigrate to Canada need not lose hope so soon. Immigration and visa applications are being accepted by the country. Canadian Government is paying extra attention to the countries that are badly hit by the pandemic. We suggest that this is the ideal time to begin with your immigration procedure. Since most of the people are waiting for the pandemic to get over, the number of immigration applications has reduced drastically. Hence if you apply for immigration now, your procedure will get completed swiftly. You will get approval in a shorter time span. There are several reliable immigration consultants that can serve your purpose.This is not the first time that Canada is under a bleak circumstance. Earlier, too, Canada had fought touch battles against odd scenarios. For instance, 10% of the Canadian population was badly hit by the H1N1 virus or Swine Flu. At that time, too, those who had a strong immune system did not show any symptoms. But the Canadian Government did not make any delay in taking action. At that time, too, it out a restriction on traveling to and from Canada. Also, we can never be thankful enough to the Canadian scientists who played a major role in the first full genetic sequencing of the H1N1 Swine Flu virus.You can also read: Know This and Your Immigration Visa for Canada will never be at Risk!If we discuss the mortality of the H1N1 virus, you will be amazed to know that Canada had a mortality rate of just 0.01%. While the world as a whole had a mortality rate of 0.02%. The mortality rate for Coronavirus across the globe is 3.6%. While Canada has been able to limit this to just 0.5%. Undoubtedly the management, as well as the Canadian free public health care system, is playing an outstanding role in looking after and cure the infected patients.So if you wish to apply for immigration to Canada, you can do so without any fear. There is perfect management as well as your security will be well taken care of. Canada Immigration Consultancy service providers like Migration Consultants are doing their best to save the immigrants from unnecessary chaos and confusion. You will be glad to know that an additional 90 days are being granted to the applicants for the delays in the documentation process. Also, there has been an extension of up to 90 days for the biometrics too. All you need to do is to choose one of the best reliable immigration consultants for getting your immigration application approved.