Know This And Your Immigration Visa For Canada Will Never Be At Risk!

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 When you have optimistic immigration plans in mind and have made all the preparations to migrate to the destined place, you just don?t want to leave slightest of possibility to back off. You pay extra attention to every bit of preparation just to make sure that your plans to immigrate to your intended place are not turned down. However, the unforeseen may happen and your immigration visa, the most important document for your travel, may be at risk if you miss out on some important aspects. That would certainly be unfortunate and miserable; but you can rule out chances of any such risk if you gather beforehand information about some crucial aspects. Read on to learn about some of such prime aspects before. Financial Aspect: You must pay special attention to all the financial details you mention and document, when completing the visa formalities. As regards your travel, you need to indicate all your travel expenditures including travel tickets, stay, sightseeing, shopping, food, commutation (local), etc. Also, you need to show that you have enough funds to manage all this expenditure. It is important that you religiously maintain minimum balance in your bank account. While this goes true in case of the minimum deposit limit, you should cover any excess deposits by way of appropriate documents showing source of money received. If someone is accompanying you on trip, you have to include the scheduled travel expenditure of the traveller accompanying you. You can obtain more information in this regard from your migration consultant in DubaiIncome Aspect What was your primary source of income in your native country? This is a question that is often asked to immigration aspirants and so you are most likely to be enquired about it by the Consulate. Therefore, you should be ready not only with your source of income but also with all relevant genuine documents of your source of income. You can also read: Canada Immigration Benefits  Regarding purpose of immigration Again, this is an aspect about which you must be clear and have relevant documents to support your purpose of immigration. Professional agencies which provide Canada visa services will not stop telling you that elucidate the purpose of your visit to the destined country, failing which your visa can be denied. In case your purpose of visit is meeting a friend or relative, you should clearly mention that. If it?s a business travel, let your intention be supported with relevant documents like a covering letter. If the visit is a vacation, highlight it adequately and also present your complete itinerary for the complete period of stay in that country. It has been seen that Visa refusals are either subject to the applicant?s illiteracy or ignorance; however, both are fatal. There have been numerous instances earlier when slight neglect turned in havocking refusal to visa. Such an incidence only results in disappointment. It is better not to take any chances in the process of obtaining your visa and play safe ? always!