Canada Permanent Residency Visa - Quebec Skilled Worker Program

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The Quebec skilled worker program is a pathway to get a Canada Permanent Residency Visa. It is unique from the other programs and does not include a list of eligible occupations. The advantage of this program is that if the criteria and the conditions set out by Immigration Quebec are met, then individuals will be qualified for the program irrespective of their talents or skills in any field. The curriculum encompasses two steps- firstly, the applicant must acquire his or her Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) by applying in the immigration Quebec. Then, in the second step, the applicants have to procure their permanent visas by referring to the Federal Government.Can the applicants include their family?The Quebec Skilled worker program chooses suitable candidates for permanent residency who have an intention and the means to dwell in Quebec. The advantage of this program also lies in the fact that it does not require a job offer from any certified Quebec employer. The Canada immigration Consultancy tells that the specific criteria set out by the Immigration Quebec are based on the region's cultural identity. There are no restrictions in including the family members like the spouse, common-law partner, or any dependent children in the application. Such applicants are proffered additional points, and special points are given to the applicants with young children as well.Requirements for the programThe requirements for the Quebec, skilled worker program, includes earning a given number of points by the applicants. These points are awarded for different factors, like experience and education. A minimum of 49 points is required to be earned by the single applicants to qualify for the program. In contrast, the applicants with a spouse or a common-law partner need to obtain a minimum of 57 points to authorize for the Quebec skilled worker program. Some applicants are also solicited for an interview with an immigration Quebec officer. In this case, these applicants can earn an additional 6 points. So, the minimum marks required to qualify the program by the candidates then become 55 for single applicants and 63 for applicants with a spouse.You can also read: COVID-19: Don?t Lose Hope to Immigrate to CanadaProcessing fees required for the programThe fees expected from the principal applicant is $ 765, whereas for a spouse is $ 164, and for each dependent child is $ 164.Basis of awarding the points.The Quebec Skilled worker program uses a points-based system, where the points are awarded to an applicant based on the following categories:
  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Language proficiency (Additional points are proffered for French ability, though it is not an eligibility requirement)
  • Applicant?s common-law partner and spouse.
  • Valid job offer in Quebec (though it is not an eligibility requirement)
  • Prior relationship with Quebec.
The candidate must have an intention to reside in Quebec. Once the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) is issued to the applicants, then the medical and security formalities take place. After that, the candidate should apply to the Federal government to procure the Permanent Residence to dwell in the region.