Applying For A Portugal Family Visa: What Documents Do You Need?

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The non-EU residents with a Portuguese spouse or family Visa can join a partner or a family member who is already a Portuguese citizen. Various conditions are there to join somebody from EU nations, EEA nations, or Switzerland than joining somebody from outside the EU.

With this write-up, you can get to know who is eligible for a Portugal family Visa. It will also tell you about the Visa application process and what happens if your family member dies or shifts abroad.

Who is Eligible for a Portugal Family Visa?

If you are a non-EU/EFTA citizen and hold a Portugal residence Visa, either permanent or temporary, you can apply for a Portuguese family Visa for your following family members:

  1. Partner or spouse
  2. Minor dependent kids such as adopted kids and those of your spouse
  3. Minor siblings who are under your supervision.
  4. Dependent parents and those of your partner/spouse
  5. Kids under your or your spouse's custody and who are a student at a Portuguese school.

Family Visa Requirements for Portugal

You have to submit all these documents with your Portugal family Visa application:

  1. Proof of connection with a family member
  2. Proof of adequate funds to meet the requirements of family members
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Proof of right to family reunion in Portugal (EU Blue Card or residence permit)
  5. Proof of economic dependence
  6. Proof of accommodation for family members (doesn?t apply to refugees)

Living with Portuguese Relatives on a Short-Term Residence Permit

If your partner or family member has a short-term residence permit in Portugal issued for 5 years, you could submit an application for family reunification in Portugal for a similar period of their stay. You would get a renewable Portugal residence permit.

For being eligible for a family Visa, your family member would be required to confirm that they have enough funds or means of survival for you and each family member, plus be liable for giving accommodation.

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Living with Portuguese Family Members on a Permanent Residence Permit

If your Portuguese family member possesses a permanent residence, your Portugal spouse or family via would be valid for 2 years and could be renewed. Following the first 2 year period, and if the family relation continues, any family member can get an independent residence permit. Partners/spouses get their own residence permit straight away if the marriage has lasted for over 5 years. The minor dependent kids also get separate residence permits in 2 years.

After the termination of the 2-year residence period, relatives get the same permanent residence category as other international permanent residents. It indicates that they also have similar rights as Portuguese citizens regarding healthcare, education, employment, tax benefits, and social security. If you obtained the citizenship of Portugal, you have the same rights as EU and Portuguese citizens.

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