Who Can Apply For a New Zealand Permanent Resident Permit?

Who Can Apply For A New Zealand Permanent Resident Permit?

By: Emily Wilson

Residence and permanent residence are two different things. A permanent resident (PR) permit is generally the natural outcome of a resident permit.
Resident permits have travel stipulations that only authorize an individual to re-enter NZ as a resident until a specific date. On the other hand, a PR permit authorizes indefinite re-entry to NZ. At present, acquiring an NZ permanent residence is quite tough because of the rising population of expats. However, there is a pathway for aspiring students to obtain NZ permanent residence. Once their study visa terminates, the students require a permanent resident visa to work in New Zealand.

What are the Perks of Getting a PR Status in New Zealand?

The permanent residents of New Zealand can get numerous perks based on PR permit such as:
1.      Travel anywhere within New Zealand.
2.      Live study and work within New Zealand.
3.      Sponsor your family members or spouse to New Zealand.
4.      Access to facilities like medical and social security.
5.      Children born in NZ get citizenship by birth.

How to Apply For a PR Permit?

To apply for a New Zealand PR Permit, you need to be eligible. If you’ve possessed your resident permit for a minimum of 2 years and have met any of the following conditions, you may qualify for a PR:

•    You hold a business in NZ
•    You hold NZ tax residence status
•    You’ve resided in NZ for a long period
•    You’ve invested in NZ

In case you don’t comply with any of the above-mentioned conditions, you might still qualify to extend the travel stipulations on your resident permit. This would allocate you a longer period to come back to NZ as a resident. If you are out of the country with no valid travel stipulations letting you to return to NZ as a resident, your resident permit has terminated. But, in some situations, it is probable to apply for a PR permit or a new resident permit, as long as you have not been out of the country long.

Applicants can apply directly to the NZ government for a PR permit. This is quite cheaper than contacting and hiring agents.

Document Required for a New Zealand Permanent Resident Permit

•    Application form with the correct details of the applicant
•    A valid passport with a validity of at least 3 months after the tentative departure date.
•    Passport-size photographs
•    Character certificates
•    Resident permit status

New Zealand Skilled Migrant Program

Skilled Migrant Program is a point based system which is based on various aspects like the applicant’s age, qualification, employment experience, etc. In order to apply for a New Zealand Skilled Immigration Visa, the applicant should be 55 years of age or below, and comply with English language, character, and health requisites.

Other Ways to Move to New Zealand

•    Family sponsorship
•    Global Impact Visa Program
•    New Zealand Immigrant Investor Program
•    Greenhouse Travel’s Program
•    The Refugee Quota Increase Program
•    Live-in Caregiver Program

New Zealand Skilled immigration visa is a type of resident visa which has numerous benefits. Those having essential skills, education, and work experience are eligible to apply for this visa.