Ways Of Becoming A Permanent Citizen Of The US For International Students After Marriage

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It is common for students to fall in love while studying at a US university. A common opinion is that it becomes tough for foreign nationals who want to marry US citizens after the completion of their course. The good news is that it is very much possible, and it is also prevalent these days. Accordingly, it would be best if you opted for either a J-1 (Exchange visa) or an F-1 (Student’s visa) visa to get a permanent residency permit after your marriage. Follow specific guidelines so that you can ensure your stay permanently with your partner. Obtain your US marriage visa through different immigration agencies and follow the correct procedure for the same.

J-1 Visa Requirements

The J-1 study visa is provided for exchange students like college or school students, trainees in any programs, teachers, research scholars, and professors. The J-1 visa holders might need to return to their home country for two years until the marriage status for the visa is settled. In some instances, the two-year term period can be waived off. Make sure that you consult a good immigration agency to know the rules for the procedure. If the US Immigration authority finds some dissimilarities or matters of concern, they will straightaway cancel your application and make you stay away for two years.

You Need the Following Documents to Obtain the Permanent Residency Permit:

  • Academic certificates (proof of your education in the US).
  • Marriage certificate
  • Identification proof (same as an international student visa for the USA).
  • Passport photographs, and others.

F-1 Visa Requirements

A US F-1 visa is usually given to students who opt for further studies in the US in any college, high school, university, or institution in a US state. You can get married while still studying a course and opt for a permanent residency permit owing to the changed situations. The US Marriage Visa Process is quite simple, with mere documentation and screening methods to follow. The US immigration authorities will thoroughly check your documents and provide you with the necessary visa extension for your stay.

Get Hold of The Required Visa and Settle in The US With Your Spouse

You cannot overstay your visa while you are a student. But situations can change; you can fall in love and decide to marry while you are still studying. In these circumstances, US law states definite rules for immigration and lists out certain US green card requirements. You will be able to reside permanently with your partner in a US state, but you need to submit the correct documents. Apply for a visa while you are still enjoying a student permit in the US. It will enable you to continue your stay as a married person, and you can even apply for US citizenship later.