Everything about the US Spouse Visa Process?

Everything About The US Spouse Visa Process?

By: Emily Wilson

After your marriage, you will have to provide taxes together. Proving that your funds are combined is a good sign that your life is interweaved. If you have been married for less than a year, you may not have filed mutual taxes yet. 

Who Is Considered a Spouse in The United States?

As per the United States, a spouse is a legitimately wedded wife or husband. Those who are common-law spouses or partners might be entitled to spouses for migration purposes reliant on the state rules and regulations in which the common-law marriage takes place. In the situations of a polygamy marriage, only the first partner or spouse might be eligible as a spouse for migration.

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The visa officials of the Department of State and USCIS analyse spouse relations more as compared to other kinds of migrant visa applications. This is due to a higher rate of visa scams for marriages than other relationships in the past.

Thus, visa officials need to make sure that the marriage is legal and that the spouse abroad is getting a green card on the basis of an authentic relationship.

Kinds of Forms and Costs

Following are a few kinds of forms, along with the costs necessary for a US spouse visa via consular processing.
1.      Form I-130A, Additional Info for Spouse Beneficiary: Nil
2.      Form I- 864, Affidavit of Support: 120 US Dollars
3.      USCIS immigrant fee: 220 US Dollars
4.      Form I-693, Report of Medical Test and Vaccination record: Nil
5.      DS-260, Immigrant Visa Application: 325 US Dollars

US Spouse Visa Process

In order to begin the spouse visa application process, you won’t need to present all the forms as mentioned above. In different terms, each of the forms is not completed together. Primarily, the citizen or permanent resident of the United States files Form I-130 and I-130 A with USCIS.
Form I-130 is an appeal by the citizen or permanent resident of the US to make a visa obtainable to a spouse who is abroad.

Preparing a fully completed I-130 request package alongside all the essential documents while filing for a spouse visa is critical. The USCIS might send a REF (Request for Evidence) in the case of any missing info. This extra step will slow down the case and raise the time it takes to approve the request.

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Following are the Vital Steps to the Spouse Visa Process:

1.      Step 1: File I-130 Petition Package with USCIS
2.      Step 2: Get USCIS approval/rejection on the plea 
3.      Step 3: Submit an application for an immigrant visa (DS-260)
4.      Step 4: Take the necessary medical test
5.      Step 5: Go for a visa interview at the US embassy.
6.      Step 6: Get an immigrant visa
7.      Step7: Online payment of the fee
8.      Step 8: Visit US
9.      Step 9: Get a green card in the mail

A spouse visa generally takes about 3 to 5 months to process. The visa processing time can differ from state to state. Make sure that you consider the credentials, costs, location, and other factors before deciding on a visa service.