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US Spousal Visa Services

Rely on the right immigration consultancy in order to bring your partner/spouse to the US. A spouse visa or a marriage visa for United States is a green card for the spouses. The government of the United States might grant this vis to the international spouse of a USA resident or citizen.

For those who have been married for over 2 years, the Department of State will grant an IR1 Visa. In contrast, those married for less than 2 years get a CR1 visa.

Do you want to obtain a Spousal Visa for United States? If the answer is yes, then MCS can be the perfect choice for you.

At MCS, we have a team of licensed immigration experts who are aware of migration laws and procedures. Moreover, they have years of expertise in dealing with complicated application processes.

In order to get the best professional advice, you can count on MCS. Most of our immigration consultants are from different countries, which means that we have an extensive section in our team that has already undergone the complex migration procedure.


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Spouse Visa Benefits

After getting the Green Card for USA, you can legitimately reside in the country. Also, you can submit an application for a work visa. Get in touch with us to learn many more benefits of possessing a US spousal visa.

Settling with your USA spouse with the help of Migration Consultation Services

If you wish to live with your US spouse, then go for MCS to get the most appropriate expert advice.

A partner visa for United States can be granted to a foreign spouse for permanent residence. You can apply for this visa only if you have been married to a US permanent resident or citizen for more than 2 years.

Make sure that when applying for this visa, you bring all your supporting documents. The immigration experts at MCS can help you in arranging all the necessary documents for the visa application process.

We at Migration Consultation Services make sure that we provide high-quality immigration services to every client.

We are one of the leading migration service providers. We offer services to every individual, be it a student, a worker, or a businessperson. Our immigration consultants have already assisted many families, students, married couples, and skilled employees in migrating to their dream places. If you are searching for the best immigration consultancy firm in the town, prefer Migration Consultation Services and fulfil your migration desires.

US Marriage Visa Requirements

When applying for a marriage visa, the applicant needs to show many vital documents such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, evidence of legal arrival in the US, evidence of sponsor’s US permanent residence or citizenship, police clearance certificate, and financial documents.

Attain more info regarding the US marriage visa processing time from our consultants.

Join Your US Spouse and Start a New Journey with the Support of a Reliable Immigration Consultancy

We, at Migration Consultation Services, focus on giving transparency in our services. With this approach, our clients can get to know all the details related to each stage of the visa application procedure.

You might experience lots of complex processes while applying for a student visa for international students. Our immigration consultants can provide you the right support. They will also look after all the steps related to the immigration procedure.

Turn Your Dreams into Reality by Acquiring a Study Visa for US

Do you want to immigrate to the United States to live with your spouse/partner? If yes, then you can count on Migration Consultation Services. We at MCS can provide you excellent assistance during your immigration procedure.

Since we are one of the top immigration consultancy firms, we offer quality migration services to all corners of the country. Our migration experts give the best expert advice on different visa categories, be it a PR visa or a temporary visa.

The immigration advisors working with us have great industry experience in this line of work. Also, they have helped countless students, skilled workers, and married couples.

We assist applicants from different parts of the world to move to their dream places without any difficulty. If you want first-rate migration services at affordable prices, you can rely on MCS.

We have extended our role to give outstanding services for residence permit for US, short-term visa, student visa, spousal visa, temporary visa, citizenship by investment, etc. We aim to enable every aspirant to accomplish their goals by providing complete solutions through an innovative approach.

How Are We Different from Others?

Our experts have years of experience in the immigration industry, and they work with complete professionalism. This is one reason a lot of individuals rely on us without thinking twice. For several years, Migration Consultation Services have been providing top-notch immigration services and assisting many aspirants all through complicated procedures.

Furthermore, our immigration experts help the clients in making them aware of the migration rules. We try to make our immigration services transparent; this is one of the several things that makes us unique.

We can confidently say that we have succeeded in satisfying a large percentage of clients in the past years with our top-quality immigration services.

Just give a call to our immigration experts to make an appointment with them. You can have a meeting online or in person.

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Migration Consultants is the most reliable Immigration Consultancy in Dubai having a team of young professionals with immense achievements in the migration industry. Migrations Consultants has provided excellent services to their clients as per the expectations, As the best consultants in Dubai, our vision is to provide best results to our clients through the positive outcomes. Our services include Immigration services, work


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