Permanent Entry Visa | Australia Immigration

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If you are a person, who is interested in migrating to Australia, then this article is for you. There are two main migration categories when it comes to permanent settlement In Australia:
  • The Migration Programme: for non-refugees.
  • The Humanitarian Programme: for refugees.

The Migration Programme

Australia Immigration authority selects migrants on factors like skills, financial resources, age, English language ability, family, business, health, etc. Note, the migration program never takes into account a person?s race, culture and gender. Mostly, Australia approves migrants with qualifications and skills that will contribute in the development of the economy and society.There are different types of visas under this program which are categorized as:Skilled MigrantsUnder this category, there are five different categories through which migrants can apply:
  • Skilled Migrants ? Australian Linked: For a person who already has a family member in Australia and is willing to sponsor that person.
  • Independent Skilled Migrants ? You must be under 45 years.
  • Employer Nominated Migrants ? Australian Employers hiring from overseas.
  • Distinguished Talent Migrants ? For talented people who excel in fields like sports, arts, etc.
  • Regional Sponsored Migrants
Business MigrantsEven though business migrants can fall under skilled migrant category, but it is considered as another category because of the various special provisions under the scheme. The visas under this scheme is intended towards business people. It encourages successful business people to settle down in Australia to develop existing as well as new business.  If you are an investor or business owner, you can apply under this scheme. There are three types of visas under this scheme:
  • Investment ? person who want to invest in Australia.
  • Business Owner ? person who fully or partly own a business.
  • Business Talent ? person who is sponsored by a state or territory government.
Family MigrantsIn case a migrant wants to bring his family permanently to Australia, then the family members has to apply under this category. There is a limit on the number of applicants, Australia accept under this category.If you need more information regarding Australia immigration and you are from Dubai, contact Migration Consultants, best immigration consultant in Dubai and also a registered visa consultants in Dubai. We also provide information regarding migrating to other countries like Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, etc.We also help in getting Canada visa from Dubai. Our clients consider us, as a reliable visa consultant in Dubai. We also provide Visa Consultancy in Saudi Arabia.