Is It Possible to Work and Study in Canada Without IELTS?

Is It Possible To Work And Study In Canada Without IELTS?

By: Emily Wilson

A lot of times, you might have heard that working in Canada requires IELTS. However, that’s not the mandatory case. You can work in Canada simultaneously while studying there. Moreover, applying for the Canada Work Visa has become a lot easier than you would have thought. But, if you are a student in Canada and have a student permit with you, working side by side is the best option for you!

Once you have graduated as an international student in Canada, you can stay there temporarily or permanently. However, you would have to learn more about the process of gaining a green card there. There are some Canadian universities that do not demand any IELTS or TOEFL tests. So, once you get in there, you can easily start working side by side and later on apply for a Canada Work Visa.

Let us know more about the whole procedure related to studying and working in Canada without IELTS.

Studying in Canada without IELTS

There are majorly three ways to get into Canada and study there without IELTS. They are mentioned below:
  1. English Proficiency Certificate that you can get from your former university.
  2. You can search for all those universities which do not require IELTS for your admission. Some of them are Brock University, Concordia University, Okanagan College, University of Regina, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Cambrian College, Carleton University etc.
  3. Complete the notable 6 months English language course in Canada.

Studying and Simultaneously Working in Canada

Working while you are studying is the best tip to support all your expenses while you are here. Once you have completed your course from a university in Canada, you have 180 days in hand to complete the whole procedure of a Canada Work Visa. Here is the detailed information about the time period for which you can stay here after your course’s completion:
  1. If you are enrolled in a study program that has a tenure of 1 year, you can stay in Canada for 1 year after that.
  2. If the course is of 2 years, you are allowed to stay in Canada for the next 3 years.
  3. If the course has stretched to 4 years, then the candidate has a tenure of 4 years to stay in Canada, maximum.

Ways in Which You Can Work in Canada without a Work Permit

Working in Canada is only possible if you have already commenced your study program. The candidate is not allowed to work before the beginning of their studies. Here are the three ways in which you can work here:
  1. Work on Campus

You can work on your school/college campus. This involves working at a library hospital, research facility or under a faculty member. However, you would have to meet certain requirements for working this way.
  • You should have a valid study permit
  • You must have a Social Insurance Number provided by the Government of Canada.
  1. Work Off-Campus

Meeting the following requirements can help you work off-campus without a work permit.
  • You should be enrolled in any professional, academic or vocational program
  • Your study program should have a tenure of at least six months
  • You should have started studying
  • You should own a Social Insurance Number

Once you have graduated, you cannot work in Canada without a work permit. Thus, you would have to understand the Canada Work Visa Requirements and apply for the same in no time. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of how the application process works, contact the best migration consultants.