Is It Necessary To Have A Canadian Work Visa For Tutoring Online?

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A visa is an official document that allows the bearer to enter foreign nations legally. It is required for travel and tourism. It is also necessary for those who intend to immigrate to a different country and plan to reside there. There are a variety of visas, and their conditions depend on different purposes. The type of visa one requires to teach in Canada depends on either of the following cases:
  • Working temporarily - One can work in Canada privately with the help of a working holiday visa. This visa requires the applicant to be below 35 years of age and have a job opportunity. It allows the applicant to work for about 12 months with an extended offer of another 12 months. With an open work permit, the applicant can also work under various Canadian employers. For further details, one must approach Canadian immigration agents who might be of great use in comprehending the visa details and application process.
  • Working permanently - An applicant needs a work permit to work in Canada if he/she has a full-time job opportunity. There is an open work permit that comes under the IEC visa and an employer-specific permit given to those with job offers. In this situation, the applicant is bound to work under the firm that gave him the job. He/she cannot work for some other employer.
  • Online teaching- One can become a permanent resident of Canada if he/she intends to study there as well. The applicant can work as a private tutor and graduate from a Canadian university side by side.
  • Working for yourself - A Canadian work visa will not be permitted to those who don?t acquire a job offer. But if the applicant works for an international firm, he/she can travel to Canada and reside for about 6 months. For this, a tourist visa is required. To understand the immigration process and visa application, there is a Canada immigration consultancy for help and support. The consultants briefly discuss the minute details of the process and make things easy.
Why should one work in Canada?
  • Low economy - Canada?s unemployment rate is rapidly declining. They need resources to raise their economy and hence, are open to foreign support.
  • Living expenditures - Canada tends to be one of the cheapest countries to reside in. The costs of living, traveling, and vacationing are bare minimum. The average value for a single person's living is about $22,500.
  • Diverse culture - Canada has a diverse and beautiful culture of its own. The people over there are friendly and endearing.
  • Perks of being an employee - The workplaces of Canada tend to provide free health care services to their employees. Moreover, they also offer free education to children who are still dependent on their parents. Thus, Canada proves to have the most extensive and fair workplace policies.
You can also read: The easiest PNPs to Apply for Canada PR from DubaiDoes one need a Canadian Visa?It is extremely important for an individual to acquire a work visa if he/she intends to work/teach online in Canada. Moreover, it is also necessary to choose wisely which work permit one should apply for. To become a permanent member of the nation, an individual must have a Canadian job offer.