How to Migrate To the US from Dubai, UAE?

How To Migrate To The US From Dubai, UAE?

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The residents of Dubai, UAE, need to submit a visa application prior to traveling to the US. All UAE residents must show a visa at the US port of entry. A visa is mandatory for UAE passport holders while traveling, regardless of the purpose, be it immigrant or non-immigrant purposes.

Are you a passport possessor of any of the 40 nations under the Visa Waiver Program but residing in Dubai? If yes, you might not require a visa to gain entry to the United States as a visitor. The residents of these nations just require a US Electronic Travel Authorization to cross the borders.

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Visitor Visa for the US

If you plan to visit the United States from UAE for tourism or business purposes, you can apply for a USA visitor visa. Following are the types of US visitor visas:

1.      US Tourist Visa: Those who want to visit the US for tourism can apply for this visa. This is also regarded as the B2 Visa.
2.      US Business Visa: Those planning to visit the US for business purposes can apply for the US Business Visa or B1 Visa.

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How to Submit an Application for A US Visa?

In order to apply for a US visa, the applicant needs to adhere to many procedures. Below we have discussed all the steps to file a successful visa application form.

1.      Know what visa category you want to apply for.
2.      Find out where you need to apply in Dubai.
3.      Complete the application form online.
4.      Pay the application fee
5.      Schedule a US visa interview
6.      Collect all the necessary documents for a US Visa
7.      Show up at the visa interview

What Documents/Certifications The Applicant Needs To Apply For A US Visa?

In case you want to apply for a US tourist visa, you need to provide these documents to the UAE consulate/embassy.

1.      A passport with a validity of a minimum of 6 months
2.      Proof of finances
3.      Cover letter, proving the intention of your travel
4.      Proof of qualification (for the students)
5.      Health documents
6.      An employment letter from a US employee (for the job seekers)
7.      Property documents
8.      Printout of visa interview appointment letter
9.      Family documents, such as marriage certificate, divorce certificate, adoption certificate, or birth certificate.
10.  Proof of visa fee payment

What Is The US Visa Application Processing Time?

The US Visa Application processing time varies in Dubai. It depends on number of visa applications the consulate is getting while you apply. The visa processing time might fluctuate from 4 to 6 weeks. If your visa application gets rejected, there is the option to re-apply. But, for every new application, the applicant will have to pay a fee.