How Overseas Students Can Gain The Post-graduation Work Visa For Canada?

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Recently, the Canadian administration has launched a novel temporary migration plan for overseas students with which they can apply for an additional open work permit. The program is valid for the applicants till 27th July 2021. Continue reading to learn more about the new Canada work visa.The key requirements for an open work visa:
  1. The applicants must hold a post-graduation work permit that has expired after 30th January 2020 or a PG work permit that expires within 4 months or less from the application date. Ask for an extension to gain the complete validity of your post-graduate work permit.
  2. The applicants should have been in Canada while the new policy was produced on 27, 2021.
  3. They should hold a genuine temporary resident status.
  4. The open work permit won?t be issued if the passport of the applicant is expired. Therefore, they must possess a genuine passport.
How to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit?For acquiring the post-graduation work permit, you should possess a valid non-permanent resident status presently, or if you are not in Canada.You must have passed from a specified learning institute like DLI in Alberta.Some shreds of evidence needed for this type of work permit are given below:
  1. You are considered eligible for the post-graduation work permit if you have completed a professional or vocational schooling program at a suitable Canadian institute which is a minimum of 8 months.
  2. Having a student position in Canada during the training session of the schooling program is another requisite of the PGWP. For any assistance, search for the eminent Canada immigration consultancy in the town.
  3. You may qualify if you have attained a transcription and an authentic letter from the designated institute which verifies that you met the necessities to complete the schooling program. Both these documentations are required to add to your PGWP application.
Canada requires foreign graduates and students to gain a healthy and long-term career. The post-graduation work permit is one way of achieving this target. This type of program not only allows overseas graduates/students to earn but also helps in obtaining permanent residence benefits.You can also read: How to apply for Canada PR as a Couple? What is the validity period of the Post-Graduation Work Permit?The validity period of a PGWP is for up to three years, but it depends on the completion of the duration of the learning program in Canada. The PGWP is an open work permit well that lets the possessor to work in any part of the country. Both the aspirant and the employer do not need to get a Labour Market Impact Assessment before the worker starts working in Canada.One may not be eligible for a post-graduate work permit because of these reasons:
  1. If the person is already having a post-graduate work permit.
  2. If he or she has learned French or English as a second language.
  3. If the person has taken part in the Government of Canada Awards Program.
  4. If the person has participated in the Canada-China Scholars? Exchange Program.