How Does The Australian PR Points Calculator Work?

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The Australian PR point calculator is the first step towards getting your immigration to Australia. The immigration process in Australia is based on points, and to be eligible to immigrate and get permanent residency in Australia, you are considered based on your immigration points. The immigration points are the sole criteria from which you can receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and then later on the Permanent Resident (PR) Visa for living in the country of Australia. For this, you will require the help of Authentic Immigration Consultants?What is the Permanent Residency (PR) points, calculator? The Australian system of PR Point Calculation is a systematic point system which is implemented to calculate the probability of a person to immigrate to Australia. In the PR point system, 65 points is a minimum eligibility score, which is required to get a PR. With better scores, you have higher chances of applying for a Permanent Residency in Australia.The following are the points that are considered while allotting points for you in the PR points calculator:
  • The age of the applicant
  • The educational qualification of the applicant
  • The total work experience of the applicant
  • The English eligibility test score of the applicant (IELTS etc.)
Here are the maximum scores that can be awarded to the applicant on the PR points calculator: Age matter: 30 pointsEducational qualification: 20 pointsLanguage skills: 20 pointsWork experience: 20 pointsOther factors (partner?s skills): 5 points The Age Factor Age                                                                 Points18 to 24 years old                                          25 points25 to 32 years old                                          30 points33 to 39 years old                                          25 points40 to 44 years old                                         15 points45 to 49 years old                                          0 points English Proficiency If you are a competent English handler with an IELTS score of 6 or an OET C, then you will be awarded 0 points. If you are a proficient handler with an IELTS score of 7 or an OET B, then you will be awarded 10 points. If you are a superior handler of English with an IELTS score of 8 or an OOET A, then you will be awarded 20 points to your PR points calculator.You can also read: Australian Immigration: Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) Work Experience If you have a work experience of three but less than five years, then you will be awarded 5 points. If you have at least five but less than eight years of experience, then you will be awarded 10 points, and if you have at least eight and up to 10 years of work experience, then you will be awarded 15 points. Educational Qualification  A doctorate from an Australian educational institution will get you 20 points. Having at least a Bachelor?s degree from an Australian recognized standard will get you 15 points to your PR points. A Diploma completed in Australia will give you an addition of 10 points to your PR calculator. Conclusion Australia immigration Consultancy will help you in your calculation before your official application for permanent residency in Australia. If your score is below 65, then you will need to boost your score and then have better chances of getting an ITA and, therefore, later on, the PR.