How Do I Self Sponsor A Work Permit In Denmark?

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Danish visa applications are among the quickest and most accessible in the world. Denmark has an extensive list of requirements for visa applications. Foreign nationals applying for a Danish visa should know that the country's standards might become complex and demanding. The application process is much faster than the typical time it takes to get a ticket, which is excellent news. Denmark Sponsorship is an easy option.

It only takes a few weeks for several types of visas in Denmark Sponsorship Visa, to be processed, allowing Danish enterprises to hire foreign labor. Others, such as those for self-employment, require a personal presentation at a diplomatic mission due to a lack of information.

Terms of Employment Visas in Denmark

Citizens of the European Union who wish to apply for a Denmark Work Visa Sponsorship must provide the following materials:
  • Photo identification issued by the government, like a passport, is required.
  • A picture that is passport-ready
  • Completed paperwork and sent it
  • Evidence of Legal Status to Work in the United States

Other citizens may apply if they match the Denmark Self Sponsored Visa and provide the required documentation. First, they'll need proof that they've paid the visa fee, a copy of their passport, a power of attorney form, and a signed work contract or official job offer. Before issuing a visa, the Danish government may also ask for proof of your academic and professional credentials.

To apply:

In all likelihood, your employees will apply for work visas to Denmark electronically. Creating a case order ID is the first step, followed by selecting a suitable visa based on their employment requirements. Some visa applications require an employer's full power of attorney before being submitted. An individual's visa cost must be paid within a year of creating a case order ID.

The next step is to gather the required documentation and fill out a work visa application. The two most common online AR variants are the AR1 and AR6. Both employees and employers must submit an electronic version of the AR1 form. Only the employer can sign the AR6 on the worker's behalf. Within 14 days of being hired, the new employee must attend a Danish diplomatic station abroad to have biometrics and photo taken and fingerprints recorded.

The worker will learn the application's fate within 90-120 days. Some work visas, such as the Fast-Track Visa, have shorter processing times of 30-60 days.

Other Considerations

Some employees may desire to bring their families to Denmark with them. They could try to get back together with their loved ones by applying for a family or spouse visa. The time it takes to obtain a permit can vary greatly depending on whether you are a citizen of the European Union or not; for some visas, this might be as long as ten months. The worker must also pay 6,380 DKK (about $945) for each visa.


Due to Denmark's dual membership in the EU and the Nordic Council, the country's immigration policies toward foreign employees from these two groups will vary. To enter Denmark and legally work there, most foreign nationals from outside the European Union and the Nordic nations must first get a residency and work permit.