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Marriage Visa for South Africa

Looking to apply for a marriage visa for South Africa? Then go for Migration Consultation Services to get the best support from the highly experienced immigration experts. Migration Consultation Services has been a reputed immigration consultancy in the country to offer first-rate immigration services to all kinds of groups.

We at MCS are familiar with the immigration policies and processes and have years of experience handling complex visa application procedures. If you want expert guidance, not just regarding visas and immigration but also regarding your career or employment, then MCS can be the best option.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced immigration consultants is aware of everything about South Africa spousal visas, from spouse visa benefits to spouse visa requirements. We are registered immigration service providers that focus on providing assistance in every stage of the partner visa for South Africa process.

A majority of our team members are from different nations. Hence, a large section of our team has experienced the complex immigration procedure.

Migration Consultation Services provides well-rounded migration services to clients. If you want to apply for a South Africa spousal visa, you can contact our immigration experts.


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Moving to South Africa with the Support of Our Immigration Advisors

If you want to join your spouse in South Africa, count on Migration Consultation Services for the best professional advice.

You can apply for a spousal visa for South Africa. This visa can be issued to an international spouse of an SA citizen for permanent residence subject to that relation being in good trust that is not of convenience.

One can apply for a South Africa spouse visa if a person has been a spouse of an SA resident or citizen for 5 years. This visa is a short-term permit that will let you arrive and live in South Africa, which alongside authorization, will allow you to take a job, study, etc.

While submitting your visa application, you need to keep in mind that you have all your documents. Migration Consultation Services can assist you in organizing every document that is needed during the application process.

We also ensure that we offer the clients quality and top-notch assistance during the submission of the application, as well as after the follow-up of the application procedure. Our team of experts is familiar with every step of the South African migration procedure. They work with complete professionalism, making us one of the most reliable immigration consultancies in the country.

Marriage Visa Requirements

A South African spousal visa lets an international spouse stay and work legally in South Africa, awaiting a permanent residence permit for South Africa being applied for and issued. Besides that, the typical long-form requisites for study, work, and own business visa requisites are abandoned under this category in terms of the typical rigid requisites.

You need several documents for obtaining a marriage green card for South Africa. A few of them include a marriage certificate, medical test certificate, birth certificate, financial proofs, police or court records (if applicable), and many.

Marriage Visa Processing Time

An application for a South African spousal visa can take about 8 to 10 months to process. However, you have the option to track your application online.

Rely On the Most Trusted Immigration Experts to Fulfil All Your Wishes

If you have a dream to settle in South Africa or any other country, you can rely on our immigration advisors, who can offer the best support all through the complex visa application process. At Migration Consultation Services, we provide outstanding migration services to all kinds of individuals, counting students, businesspersons, or families.

As a leading immigration consultancy in the country, we provide top-quality immigration services to every corner of the country. Our professional team of migration consultants gives professional advice on any kind of visa category, whether temporary or permanent residence visa.

All immigration experts working with Migration Consultation Services have immense knowledge about this field. They have assisted thousands of aspiring students and employees in their careers.

We, at MCS, help individuals from various parts of the globe to immigrate to their desired destinations. If you are looking for quality immigration services at the most reasonable price rates, you can count on Migration Consultation Services.

Why Do People Choose Us?

Many people count on us due to our experience and professionalism. We have been offering quality services and helping our clients throughout the complicated processes. Moreover, we keep our clients informed about the immigration laws that tend to change from time to time. All these things make us different from others.

We focus on transparency so that each of our clients gets the correct info regarding the migration process. Also, we have succeeded in satisfying a large number of clients.

Get the best guidance and expert advice from our immigration consultants. Contact Migration Consultation Services.

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