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EB-5 Investor Visa Services

US EB 5 investor visa program was initiated in the year 1990. This visa permits foreign investors and their family members (immediate) to get PR in the United States.

By investing some amount in any project or business, which will create jobs in the US, global families can obtain conditional green card visas in 24-36 months and convert these into permanent green card visas after a couple of years.

You can obtain permanent residency if you are an EB-5 investor visa holder. Apart from permanent residence, the visa holders can access other services such as the US education system, the right to work, study, and live within the United States, and many.

If you are searching for the most trusted EB-5 investor visa consultants, you can rely on Migration Consultation Services.


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Learn the Eb-5 Green Card Process with Our Immigration Experts

If you wish to get a green card and have never wondered about taking on or starting a business in the US, an EB-5 visa can be the ideal option for you.

In general, this kind of visa requires that you invest some amount (either 1800000 or 900000 US Dollars). The government of the US will, in return, grant you a green card visa.

There are several EB 5 visa requirements that you can get to know from our immigration advisors.

The average EB 5 visa processing time is about 6 months. The initial application and request are generally accepted in 2 months from the date of filling.

We at Migration Consultation Services offer consultation to business holders or owners of a company at several stages of development. As well, we offer a complete range of authorized services.

We value the time and money of our clients, and with the assistance of our immigration advisors, you can experience a smooth and easy immigration process. At MCS, the main thing that we focus on is customer satisfaction and not on making big money.

Migration Consultation Services is a prominent immigration service provider in the country. Our team of professionals can help provide you the correct application forms and tell you what is needed during the E-5 visa process.

Documents Required for EB 5 Visa

While applying for an EB 5 visa, there are a number of applications and forms that have to be filled up with the USCIS to get PR status in the United States. Below is a list of documents an EB 5 visa applicant will need to present:

  1. Proof that the investor has invested in a nominated Regional Center as per the approved centre business plan.
  2. Proof that your enterprise has been set up in a targeted employment region (if required).
  3. Proof that the investment of the investor will make a minimum of 10 direct or indirect full-time jobs.
  4. Copy of any past migration applications.
  5. Copy of passports of family members.
  6. Copy of your passport.
  7. Evidence of business ownership.
  8. Bank statements for the last five years.
  9. Financial statements for all enterprises.
  10. Copy of all enterprise licenses.
  11. Proof that the investment funds were acquired via legitimate means.

Receive Professional Advice from the Best Immigration Consultancy

Choosing a reputed immigration service provider is vital when seeking to apply for an E-5 investor visa. The migration experts working with us can help you in making you experience a flawless immigration procedure. The US has stringent immigration laws; thus, knowing about all those laws is crucial.

As an applicant, it is essential to know what is right and what is not according to the state/country you are looking to settle in. The migration consultants who are specialized in migration procedures can provide good support while you are migrating. At MCS, we are there to assist you in the most efficient way.

Our services are accessible to every individual. Currently, we are working with a team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who have assisted many aspirants to land their feet in their desired place.

Since our team has years of experience in this line of work, we have made a healthy reputation of being the most trustworthy migration consultancy firm. Meet our US immigration advisors in person, or connect with them online to know the EB 5 visa benefits and requirements.

Why We Are the Prime Choice of Most of Our Customers?

We know how difficult it is to migrate to a new country. Our immigration consultants are familiar with every new technique which can aid in making the immigration procedure more stress-free.

Applying for an EB 5 visa is not as easy as you think. Our immigration experts know that along with immigration services, the customers need personal assistance, too. We provide transparency in each of our visa and migration services.

Contact Migration Consultation Services if you want to know how to obtain an EB-5 visa by property investment.

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