What Can Be The Cost Of Moving To Australia?

By: Emily Wilson

Australia is a land of various cultures, great employment opportunities, and a better lifestyle. It is also among the world’s most favourite destinations to immigrate to. If you are planning to move to Australia, you should be wondering what the cost of immigrating and the Australia visa requirements can be.

Cost of Everything Involved In the Australian Immigration Process

  1.  Cost of a Skills Assessment
As a necessity for a skilled permanent visa, this is something you have to be ready for. Depending on your job, you can expect to pay somewhere around 450 AUD to 2000 AUD for a Skills Assessment. The cost of a Skills Assessment exempts the colour verified copies of documents that a lawyer or attorney might need. You might require adding up to 100 Pounds along with the Skills Assessment costs when necessary.
  1. Visa Fees
Here you will need a significant amount of money to spend. The visa fee is set to 3600 AUD for the main applicant, while for the secondary applicant and a dependent family member above 18 years of age, the fee is set to 1800 AUD. For a child below 18 years of age, the fee is set to 900 AUD.
As there is generally a gap between the time your skills are evaluated, and you are asked to pay the visa fees, you must make the best out of it and save more. Although proving your value is no longer among the conditions to immigrate to Australia, the additional money will definitely come in handy as you displace.
  1. Fees For Police Verification
You need to show police certificates when applying for an Australian Immigration Visa. The fee will rely on which countries you need police verifications from. But, you can anticipate paying somewhere around 80 Pounds per adult.
  1. Fees For Medical Checks
The medical test will cost you up to 350 Pounds (for adults) and up to 200 Pounds (for children). Thus, ensure to allocate funds for this immigration requisite.
  1. Language Test Fees
A majority of skilled candidates will require taking on an English language test to comply with the point-based system. The candidate can expect to pay 160 Pounds for a test.
  1. Cost Of Relocation Requirements
Once your Australian immigration visa gets approved, you'll have to make arrangements for your permanent replacement. This will include accommodation, transfer of belongings with the help of an international shipping company, flight tickets, plus living expenses on arrival. If you want to transfer all your valuable things to Australia, expect to pay somewhere from 2000 to 5000 Pounds. To save some pounds, you can sell all your belongings and purchase new ones in Australia, or transfer just a few things to lower shipping charges.

How Much Money Do You Need to Immigrate to Australia?

So what is the final cost of immigrating to Australia? If you are moving alone as a skilled visa candidate, prepare to pay about 5000 Pounds to 10000 Pounds. If you are moving with the entire family, expect to spend about 10000 Pounds to 15000 Pounds. You can even include the cost of hiring Australia Immigration Agents, as well.

These things can be the costs of living in Australia, transfer of valuable belongings, fees for medical checks, fees for police verification, fees for appointing Australia immigration agents, and language test fees.