Migrant And Refugee: What Is The Difference?

By: Emily Wilson

A migrant and a refugee are two different persons. The major disparity between a migrant and a refugee is that a migrant decides to shift to another place. Whereas, a refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their country.

Migrants vs. Refugee

As per the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), refugees are those who are escaping armed conflict or torment. A refugee generally leaves their homelands due to crisis, natural disasters or war-like situation. They usually enter a new country unintentionally, and without their personal possessions.

In contrast, migrants might immigrate for various purposes. A few of them migrate to join their family members or for financial purposes. Many move to a new country for study, work, or for starting a business. Migrants are usually able to prepare themselves before moving to a new place.  Most immigrate to escape from conflict, drought, famine, or financial crisis.

Migrating to a New Country for Work

The migrants need to apply for a work visa to move to Germany for employment purposes. The validity of the long term visa for Germany is 1 year. But, the time span of your residence visa is reliant on the time span of your job contract. Moreover, it has the probability of extension on condition that your job status remains unchanged.

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German Work Visa Eligibility Requirements

1.      The age of the applicant need to be at least 18 years
2.      At least 5 years of employment experience
3.      A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from any German university or any other foreign degree.
4.      Evidence of having enough funds to survive in Germany.

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Documents Required for a German Work Visa

1.      A valid passport
2.      Filled out and printed application
3.      Proof of enough funds in the account
4.      Proof of accommodation
5.      CV (Curriculum Vitae)
6.      Cover letter
7.      Visa fee payment confirmation
8.      Evidence of education qualification

Who Is an Asylum Seeker?

An Asylum seeker is not formally labeled a refugee. However, they have requested to get refugee status. Asylum seekers leave their homeland to flee war or conflict because of their religion, nationality, race, or political connection.

Seeking asylums in the US due to gang wars and domestic violence is no longer accepted, as per the latest decisions made by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Thus, families escaping from the jeopardies of death by gangs are considered migrants. So, they are not given any special security or allowed to search for asylum within the United States.

What Is the Difference Between Asylum Seeker and Refugee?

Anyone forced to escape as their country of origin is unsafe, and their government can’t provide them protection is called a refugee. On the other hand, an asylum seeker is a person who is in search of protection in any other country but hasn’t got authorized refugee status. War and conflict are the key reasons behind their escape.