Guide To UK Immigration For Doctors

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UK allows people from different work fields to come and work in the UK. However, forUK immigration,†doctors must have a basic knowledge of the rules and laws of the UK since they are multi-layered and complicated. And also, lookout for opportunities to gain a†UK PR visa. Let?s see at the necessary steps for†UK immigration†for doctors: 
  • Medical professionals should be from EEA/EU nations:
 If you?re a citizen or a media professional from EEA nations, you are welcome to work in the UK. You don?t need a visa or a job in hand to work in the UK, but you will have to pass the English language examination and apply for the registration.
  • Medical professionals from non-EU/EEA nations:
 Professionals under this category need two things to come and work in the UK:
  • TO get a license and registration in the UK.
  • TO get a valid visa.
  • Registration and license:
 If you want to be a professional in the UK, you need a license when it comes to writing a prescription or signing a death certificate, etc. As a doctor, you will need to have three types of registration they are: 
  • Full registration
This registration is not for everyone. It is only for those who want to work full time as a doctor and get paid and are unsupervised in the UK. Only such professionals can reach their complete registration from GMC. The nationals from EEA nations are eligible for full-time enrollment; people from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, and West Indies may also apply for this registration. 
  • Limited registration
You?ll get a limited record if you?re looking to work within NHS at supervised training posts. Such professionals must make sure that the GMC recognizes their qualifications. Doctors with this registration can further apply for full registration by proving their skills and talent.
  • Specialist registration
This registration is for doctors who are willing to work as a consultant at NHS or want to practice unsupervised in a private clinic in the UK or a hospital.These registrations will depend on your role, and the level of responsibility handled to you. 
  • Visa Requirements:
 Doctors who want to visit the UK need to apply for a tier 2 visa. For which they need a job offer and sponsorship from an employer in the UK. Tier 2 visas allow non-EU and non-UK members to apply for a job as a doctor in the UK. There is also a possibility of†a UK PR visa. You can also read: Registered Visa Consultants in DubaiUK employers can employ Non-UK or non-EU doctors to fill in the vacancies which can?t be filled with UK or EU professionals. This registration is possible under tier 2 visas, let?s look at how you can meet the criteria: 
  • Job offer from a UK employer.
  • An offer of an appropriate salary.
  • The job offer must meet the Resident Market Labour Test unless there are some exemptions.
  • English language requirement is mandatory.
  • The employer must be a licensed tier 2 sponsor in the UK who can later offer you a sponsorship letter.
  • Personal savings are necessary for you initially when you arrive in the UK.