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Acquiring Citizenship through Investment

Being the oldest nation in the European continent, Portugal is famous for its beautiful and historical sites. For individuals who want to start a business, or want to expand their business abroad, Portugal can be a perfect choice.

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The fastest-growing market of Portugal offers many great opportunities to prospective investors. It summons to the investors and provides services like:

  1. Reside and work within Portugal.
  2. Travel in the Schengen countries without a visa.
  3. Residence permit waiver for arriving in Portugal.
  4. The investors can bring their family members to Portugal.
  5. PR or citizenship of Portugal after living there for 5 years.

The Portuguese administration offers many immigration programs. The Golden Resident Permit Program is one of them. The objective of the Golden Resident Permit Program is to entice foreign direct investments to Portugal. Moreover, it creates a residency permit in Portugal to investors who are from non-EU countries.

These Investors Need to Meet With the Following Requisites:

  1. Have no criminal record.
  2. The property of the main applicant is not frozen in the borders of the European Union.
  3. Application and processing fees.
  4. Evidence of sufficient funds.
  5. Arrive in Portugal for the first time on a Schengen visa.

The Investors Must Also Fulfil Any of the Investment Options

Capital Investment

Investors might invest at least 350000 Euros in research activities. Investors might invest at least 250000 Euros in refurbishment or reconstruction of national heritage sites. Investors might invest at least 500000 Euros for shares in investment funds or project capital.

Property Investment Options

The necessary investment options were reviewed, and new ones included, in the year 2015, through Act 63/2015 and Regulatory Decree 15-A/2015.

The Investors Can Now Select Any of These Options:

 Investors might attain property valued at 350000 Euros or more for properties that are over 30 years old or situated in urban regeneration areas chosen for reconstruction.

 Investors might attain property valued at 500000 Euros or more.

 Buying property complying with any of the above requisites with a 20 percent decline on the minimum investment amount if bought in a low-density population region (400000 Euros or 280000 Euros).

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