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Immigration Services - New Zealand

Immigration Services - New Zealand

These tips will help when you prepare for New Zealand Work Visa
Are you an aspirant wishing for a bright future in New Zealand? Well, it is a great country indeed offering fabulous work opportunities.

A good thing can be gained by putting extensive efforts. Getting a work visa in New Zealand is a little hard, but you can hit the Bull’s Eye by preparing well.

First, you should give sufficient time for preparation. Even if the official processing time is one month or so, you should start preparations quite in advance.

What is the ideal time? It is two to three months.

Have you settled mentally and emotionally? Is it the right time to move further? If yes, then here come the valuable tips that make the process simple and manageable.

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Put some money aside

Money makes the mare go; you have been reading the cliché from the childhood. Yes, it is a universal truth. Nothing can move without money.

Keep aside a sizeable amount aside. You need it for the Visa expenses, compulsory medical examination fees and other administrative costs.

Keep the passport pictures ready

You need to follow the guidelines issued by the Government of New Zealand. Read the instructions carefully and get printouts and a digital copy of the photographs.

The printout is used for NZ Partner Visa Application, and a digital copy is used for online verification.

Apply for the police check if required

You should check the rules about police verification in your respective country or another country if you have been living there for more than one year.

You must remember that it is a crucial and time-taking step. It depends on the processing time required in your country.

Medical examination

It is the most time-consuming (and annoying) step. Depending on your home country, the medical investigations require may change.

Find out what all reports you are supposed to submit, and get the respective tests done. It is quite obvious that the cost will vary depending on what all tests are to be done.

Get the certified documents ready

You should keep the certified copies of your partner ready. Typically, passport and work visa if applicable are the two most important documents.

The certified copies of your spouse’s documents will be handed over with your visa and not the actual documents.

These are just a few vital points that you should take care of. Refer the relevant documents mentioned in the immigration site. Prepare well and get through the visa application process in the first attempt.

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