Long Stay Employment Visa for Germany

Long Stay Employment Visa For Germany

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Germany is the most powerful national economy in Europe. It is one of the most favorite hubs for immigrants because of the high salaries, a wide array of opportunities and good working ambiance Germany offers to the people.If you are a non-German citizen, then you have to obtain a Germany work visa. Some countries are there whose citizens do not require any work permit. But most of the nations need to go through a stringent German Visa regime.Here?s the list of people who do not require a visa to work in Germany:
  • If you are a citizen of Canada, Australia, Japan, Israel, the USA, South Korea, then you can apply for a residence permit after you arrive in Germany. There is absolutely no need to initiate the process way back from your home country. If you belong to the above-mentioned category, then you just need to have a passport for entering Germany.
  • Residents of members of the European Union, as well as the European Economic Area and the European Free Trade Association, need not have any German visa for working in Germany.
  • However, other nationals of different parts of the world need to apply for a visa. Without a work visa, he or she will not be able to enter and work in Germany.
You can also read: Registered Visa Consultants in DubaiGermany offers three different types of Long-stay employment visas. The types depend upon your field of expertise and economic requirements of the Federal Republic of Germany. The three types of work visa are:
  • Germany self-employed visa: In this category, those workers are included who work as freelancers in Germany, or want to start a business in Germany with sufficient funds. Important documents and verification processes will be required for the same.
  • Germany general employment visa: If you want to apply for Germany's general employment visa, then you have to fulfill two requirements. You have to meet the vocational qualification level in Germany. Also, you must possess a concrete contract of employment.
  • Germany special employment visa: Specialist professionals hold a special place in Germany. They are provided a unique work visa from the German government. Graduates who have special professional knowledge, university teachers, and having astounding career profiles, managers who have years of experience, etc. can get job offers with salary packages as much as 86.400 Euros per annum.
If you want to apply for this visa, then you must possess a contract of employment as well as sufficient funds for livelihood maintenance. Proof of financial stability can be given by providing a fixed deposit statement, written confirmation of parents, document of personal financial statements, and so on.Application procedure for obtaining German work visa:There is no rocket science in filing an application for a German long-stay work visa. You need to follow the below given simple steps and you are sorted:
  • Preparation of German work visa application well in time.
  • Booking online interview appointment.
  • Reaching for the interview on time.
  • Entering the vital information of the application into an online system.
  • Payment of fees for filing application for German long-stay work visa.
  • Collection of Biometric data.
If you still confused regarding the application process, you can take the help of a well-established Germany Immigration consultant, such as Migration Consultants.