5 Reasons Canada is the Most Promising country for you to migrate from UAE


Haven’t you always wondered if the outstanding skills you possess were given their due reward? Wasn’t it your long time display your proficiency at a place, away from UAE, where you can get paid handsomely? If such questions frustrate you and drag you into a baffling situation, you got to be glad to have read this piece of article. Here is the valuable tip; Canada is one of the most promising countries today for you!


Yes, you read it right! As a skilled working professional in UAE, your constant strives for better prospects and look out for promising opportunities elsewhere, can actually end if you immigrate to Canada. And all you need for that is a work and live visa for Canada!


Better news is you can quickly materialize your immigration plan if you do just one thing – just get in touch with an immigration consultant to know how to migrate to Canada easily and surely!


Why you should migrate to Canada?


It is true that UAE is a developed and prospering country in itself. Your life in UAE might not be any less good. However, it makes enormous difference to be in a highly prospering and prospective place like Canada. On one hand, you will be more than likely to get your proficiency nicely recognized and heavily remunerated and on the other hand, you will enjoy the delight to be in one of world’s most vibrant places!


Here are some noteworthy aspects that tempt you to meet the best immigration consultant in Dubai  as soon as possible and explore possibilities of migrating to Canada.


  1. Among some of the most liberal and immigrant friendly democracies of world, Canada holds a leading name. Unlike in UAE, you enjoy more liberal rules and enjoy your ‘right to freedom’ in a much broader sense. Isn’t that a unique advantage to savor, and something you always wanted to relish?
  2. Make it a point that being in Canada means having the opportunity to be among the most amazing mishmash of cultures and societies. Such a mix of nationalities, races, religions, interests, professions, is rare to find elsewhere in world. Your advantage – you become more of a global citizen than being restricted to a specific place and develop a diversified view about the world.
  3. As a resident of Canada, you get many incredible benefits and they are truly distinct in their own. These benefits come to you in the form subsidies and exemptions. How about free education to your children or may be a subsidy on their school fees? Will you like it if you don’t have to worry about healthcare and accommodation expenses any more, knowing that they are care of by the government? You do, certainly!
  4. Spend the designated number of years in Canada and you are eligible to apply for citizen here. Your immigrant status means a lot when in Canada.
  5. All the above perks clearly indicate stability and which mean you are headed to a relaxing and comfortable stay in Canada. This ‘stability’ factor is another prerequisite which separates Canada from rest of the countries.

Canada Visa from Saudi Arabia | Migration Consultants

Looking for migration consultants in Saudi Arabia?


Migration Consultants can help you with the daunting procedure. We understand that how difficult it is to procure documents required to apply for Visa to Canada from Saudi Arabia. Be it the Kingdom or Capital, we provide services to the aspirants.

We not only consult people wishing to get Visa to Canada from Saudi but we help them procure all the documents and other requirements.


canada visa from saudi arabia


The type of visa you want to apply depends on the duration and purpose of visiting Canada. For eg, If someone wants to study in Canada then the person is supposed to apply for the Student Visa.

Let’s have a glimpse on what kind of Visas are offered by Canada for Saudi nationals.


Permanent Resident Visa:

You can apply for a permanent resident travel document if you:

  • are a permanent resident in Canada,
  • do not have a valid Permanent Resident card your PR status,
  • Living outside Canada
  • will return to Canada by aeroplane, boat, train or bus.

Work Visa:

The applicants are supposed to give their Biometrics if they are from Middle East.

There are two types of work permit:


  • Employer-specific work permit


This type of Visa allows the applicant to work depending upon the conditions mentioned on the work permit, such as:

  • the name of the employer you can work for,
  • how long you can work, and
  • the location where you can work (if applicable).
  1. Openwork permit

This type of permit allows an applicant to work for an eligible employer and who doesn’t match the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  • who is listed as ineligible on the list of employers who have failed to comply with the conditions, or
  • who regularly offers escort services, striptease and erotic massages or dance?

Student visa:

An international student who wants to study in Canada will have to apply for student visa. After completing studies in Canada a student can extend the visa if he finds a job in Canada.


Visitors Visa:



We provide A-Z help to the applicants who want to move Canada and applying for Visa. Don’t worry! We will help you.


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New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand a small and peaceful country next to the country of kangaroos, any guesses? Yes, you guessed it correct, the one and only Australia. Even though New Zealand is considered a country but it is more of an island, separated from the rest of the world. We at Migration Consultants, believe that New Zealand Migration is much easier than any other country.


new zealand immigration


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If you are thinking of moving to a new country on a permanent basis but not sure where to? Migration Consultants, a firm of registered visa consultants in Dubai can help you with that. We will be sharing 6 reasons for migrating to New Zealand.

Reliable Visa Consultant in Dubai



  1. Growing Economy – Needs Investment and Skills




Last year, New Zealand was able to recover from a Global Financial Crisis, also known as GFC. However, the economy is still a bit shaken because of the crisis in comparison to most developed economies. Currently, the industry of tourism and primary productions are the largest in the country but the medium, as well as high tech industries, are growing at a rapid pace. So, immigrants that are able to bring investments and skills are in great demand.  


  1. A People Friendly Democracy


New Zealand has a proportional representation system, meaning that most viewpoints have a voice in Parliament and the government of the country tends to be centrist, without extreme shifts to left or right. New Zealand follows a principled foreign policy and always meets its international obligations.


  1. A Country Of Inclusive, Diverse Multicultural Society


Do you know which was the first country to give women a right to vote? Any guesses? She is none other than New Zealand. Not only that she also had two female Prime Ministers, recognizes gay marriages and welcomes immigrants from a variety of backgrounds into Kiwi society.


  1. Beautiful and Compact Country


One of the most attractive things you will find about New Zealand is her beaches. One advantage of living on an island in our personal view. If you are fed up from the beaches than the country also has mountains and lakes to satisfy your taste. Travelling through the countryside to get to the mountains and lakes is usually a beautiful journey in itself.


  1. Eco-Friendly Country


The people of New Zealand believes in protecting the environment and like to enjoy natural activities like camping, climbing, walking, cycling and much more. The country also has some of the world’s best-sheltered waterways for the purpose of boating and fishing.


  1. Kiwi Culture – Proudly Local and Internationalist


The country has great coffee, wine, and craft beer. The food will satisfy your taste buds as Kiwi chefs have a habit of combining global cuisine with fresh, sustainably harvested, local ingredients. Kiwi movies and music are hitting the sweet spot when they are truly Kiwi but resonate with broad human experience.    


Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai


If the above-mentioned reasons have convinced you to move to New Zealand or even if not, then Migration Consultants (team of immigration consultants in Dubai) can help you in getting the work visa for following countries:


  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • United State of America (USA)
  • United Kingdom (UK)


Visit our website for more information.  


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Canada Visa Consultancy in Saudi Arabia

Migrating to Canada is a life time experience for many people around the world. Canada is world’s most ethnically diverse and multicultural country. Canada values each and every immigrant of their country; Canadians give familiar recognitions for the roles played by the immigrants in building Canada impire much better than before.

Canada Visa Consultancy in Saudi Arabia


Canada Immigration from saudi arabia canada visa consultancy in saudi arabia.


  1. The Federal Skilled Worker Program:  One of a prominent visa schedule is the Federal Skilled Worker category, Immigration to Canada grounds under this category is for skilled workers.
  2. The Provincial Nominee Program: The province has its own rules for choosing immigrants. Skilled workers can now immigrate and live as permanent residency in Canada if nominated by the province of Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. The Federal Skilled Trades Program had recent openings for this category.
  3. The Canadian Experience Class: After spending few years in Canada, the language skills boost up gradually for both English and French, and these credentials are abundant to be used for the prosperity of Canadian society.
  4. Student Visa The education system of Canada: It is enriched with world class facilities. Being a safe and beautiful place for living Canada has proved to be a new terminal for students. And being at student visa one can avail the opportunity to work simultaneously for few fixed hours in a week. It has the topmost universities and affordable fees structures. And one can be transformative to permanent residency in Canada.
  5. Start-up visa: The start-up visa is a business programme designed by Canadian Government to allow immigrant entrepreneurs to set up a business in the country with the help of experienced private sector organizations who have expertise in working with start-ups.

The rules and recommendations keep on changing from time to time; it’s been asked to keep a track with us for the latest updates for the Canadian Immigration Process from India. We at MIGRATION CONSULTANTS provide online Immigration solutions for Canada immigration making Immigration and related contexts a trouble free and happy venture.

For more detailed analysis fill our free assessment form and your points will be automatically calculated and you would experience the initial qualifying steps for the Canada immigration.


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Registered Visa Consultants in Dubai

Before searching for a job in a different country, it is more important to apply for a work visa. If the foreign company, that you are going to work for, will be providing the work visa, then your all good to go but if it doesn’t then you have to go through a complex process before you can actually get a working visa for your desired country. But don’t worry, the world has a profession called registered visa consultants in Dubai, who can take care of the complex process of visa approval.


Moving to a new country on a permanent basis might sound easy but in reality, it involves a lot of paperwork, verification process and much more. Countries around the world have increased the level of strictness in their immigration laws. In simple terms, acquiring a work visa has become much tougher now than a few years back because of security purposes.


Registered Visa Consultants in Dubai


Check: immigration consultant in Dubai


Who is a Visa Consultant?


A visa consultant is a person who possesses the knowledge of immigration laws, the visa process, etc. A person who will guide you through the entire process of moving to a new country on a permanent basis.


Due to globalization, there has been an increase in the percentage of people moving to a new country on a permanent basis, resulting in an increase in the demand of reliable visa consultants, who can guarantee people a work visa.


Who are Migration Consultants?


Migration Consultants is an organization located in the beautiful city of Dubai, United Arab of Emirates (UAE). The company consists of a team of experienced and registered visa consultants who possess the knowledge of up to date immigration laws.


Our organization has offered excellent services to the customers so far and will continue to provide the same level of satisfaction. We offer immigration consultancy for the following countries:


  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • United States of America (USA)
  • United Kingdom (UK)


Migration Consultants, a team of registered visa consultants in Dubai possesses all the licenses that the government of Dubai demands as well as the relevant authorized bodies. Our experts always stay up to date with the immigration laws and visa approval process so that we can offer correct and relevant guidance to our customers.


It is very important to choose a visa consultant, who can guarantee at least 90 percent that he or she will be able to get you a work visa for you because even visa consultants fail sometimes to get your visa application approved.


At Migration Consultants, our goal is to make sure that every customer that approaches us gets the work visa they desire. Check out our website for more information.  


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Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai

Migration Consultants is an immigration consultancy organization located in the fast and never sleeping city of Dubai, United Arab of Emirates. The organization consists of a team of young professionals with a vast experience and achievements in the immigration industry. Our client considers us as the best immigration consultant in Dubai.


The aim of the organization is to provide best legal advice to our customers if they are looking forward to settling permanently, work and live in another country like Canada, New Zealand, Denmark, South Africa, etc.


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What is an Immigration Consultant?


For the people who have no clue, what is the responsibility of an immigration consultant, a small knowledge session for them. An Immigration Consultant is a person which posses legal expertise in the area of immigration laws, visa laws, legal procedures, etc. They have the complete knowledge of immigration laws of the various countries they provide visa consultancy for. The main task of the immigration consultant is to make the immigration process easy for the client.  


Reliable Visa Consultant in Dubai


Our experts are specialized in immigration and visa services for various developed countries like Australia, the United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Canada and many more.


Moving to an overseas country involves a lengthy process and lots of paperwork. Handling all these things can become quite difficult for a common man. That’s where we come in. Our experts have required knowledge and experience when it comes to dealing with the immigration process.


The entire immigration process can be handled smoothly and you don’t have to hustle a lot just for getting your visa approval. Even if the purpose of your travel is a holiday, work trip, etc., our highly trained experts can handle the visa problem.


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Our Services – Migration Consultants Dubai


Before moving towards the services we offer, we would like to mention that Migration Consultants is a licensed immigration consultancy in the city of Dubai and have all the required permits that the government of United Arab of Emirates (UAE) expects an immigration consultancy to have.


Moving towards the services we offer. We provide Immigration Services for the following countries:


  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • United States of America (USA)
  • United Kingdom (UK)
  • Denmark
  • South Africa
  • Germany


It is very important for you to identify the right immigration services provider or agency. One thing that you should always consider before choosing an immigration consultant is that whether that person possesses relevant license and registration or not.  


Visit our website for more information.

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Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs in Canada 2018

If you are someone who is thinking of shifting to Canada on a permanent basis, then you are at the correct spot. Today, we will be sharing the highest paying as well as in-demand jobs in Canada. This will help you in making a logical decision whether you should move to Canada or not this year, that is, 2018.


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Sales Representative


After general labourers, the position of the sales representative is the second highest job in demand this year in Canada. In this type of job, what you will take home will depend upon the commission you will earn. The more you sell is equivalent to more you make.


Account Manager


Next in line is the position of an account manager. Canada is in a desperate need of accountants. As the economy is growing and new businesses being established in the country, someone is required to manage the books. If you are someone from the field of accounts, Canada is a good choice for you.


Business Management Consultants


Businesses not only need an accountant but also a strategic advisor or consultant who can help in the growth of their business. You can be an expert in a certain field like hospitality, technology, etc., meaning you will need a business degree combined with relevant industry experience.

Best Immigration Consultant in Dubai


Check: Reliable Visa Consultant in Dubai


Engineering Project Manager


As the housing market and infrastructure development are booming in Canada, the demand of engineering project manager is rising too.  The average salary of a person at this position is around $ 125,000 a year. The job is all about managing, so good for lazy people.


Aerospace Engineer


Canada is facing a problem of out of date aircraft, therefore it is expected that the aerospace industry will only grow. This will lead to an increase in the demand for aerospace engineers. The highest paying jobs are in the city of Quebec, Ontario, and Alberta.


Business Analyst


Business Analyst uses a combination of financial savvy and tech skills to help businesses streamline their processes and work more efficiently. Fresher Level Salaries are amongst the best in Canada but when you are able to reach to the level of Senior Business Analyst, you will be able to take home around $100,000 per year.


Administrative Assistant


The days when administrative assistants were considered only as glorified secretaries are long gone. The demand for this job is increasing at a higher rate in Canada. The people at this job are not only responsible for managing other workers but also possess skills in accounting and tech.


Still planning to move to Canada after reading this article? Migration Consultants can help you with that. We have a team of experts who can help you in getting an employment visa to Canada and also Canada work and live visa. Migration Consultants  

is a visa consultancy firm located in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Visit our website for more information.


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Why Immigration to New Zealand is a Good Idea?

New Zealand regularly tops the charts when it comes to the ‘best countries in world to live’, the fact that people have a say in the running of their own country, life expectancy, low crime rates, low levels of corruption, good schooling, the list goes on.

new zealand

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These are all big factors that will make your decision to immigrate to new zealand, one that you will never regret:


The people – you will struggle to find a friendlier bunch of people anywhere on the planet. Whilst Kiwis can be quite reserved when it comes to making friends, you can always expect the warmest of welcomes wherever you travel in the country.

The landscapes – This place was top of the pile when it came to handing out stunning landscapes. From the fiords of Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound to the mountains of the Southern Alps to the beautiful Bay of Islands and the most wonderful beaches. New Zealand has it all!

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The cultureNew Zealander are very easy going. Everything is so laid back in NZ and that means an awesome quality of life is guaranteed. They work hard and play harder. Everything is geared up for the outdoors. Whether you live near the sea or inland – the walks, the fishing, the beach life – it’s all here. The other side of the culture is the rich history of this country that is well-preserved and celebrated.

The outdoor life – If you are an Outdoorsy person, New Zealand not only has amazing outdoor opportunities, it’s also warm enough to do them all.


Smaller population: New Zealand doesn’t experience a lot of traffic jams apart from major centres like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.


Multicultural: New Zealand is a multicultural society with Europeans, Maori, Pacific Islanders, Asians, and even small populations of Africans, Latin Americans, Jews, and Arabs. Racism is frowned upon.


Good Company-  It may seem quite daunting coming to live in another country from the other side of the world but don’t worry, you’ll be in good company. New Zealand welcomes people from all over the world and whether you’re staying for a week, a month, a year or forever, you will soon get to meet lots of Kiwis as well as people from your home country and people from around the world. That’s another part of what makes New Zealand such a cool place to live.


Freedom of religion and expression: New Zealand is a very secular country.


Peaceful: Gun violence is relatively low compared to the United States due to tighter gun laws.


And the Last but not the least,


You Will Never Regret your Decision.


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Reasons to Immigrate to Australia

Decision of permanently moving to a new country cannot be made cluelessly, it must be an informed decision. If you have been lately thinking to permanently immigrate to Australia this article should help you with your decision.

Why Australia?

  1. A Stable Economy with Employment Opportunities

Australia has a stable economy and low rate of unemployment. In parts of the country, there is still a scarcity of skilled workers to fill the available jobs.  If you have the right set of skills, you can easily get employment in Australia.

  1. Multicultural Population

With the country’s multicultural population, you do not need to fear discrimination. Australia has been open to immigration and it has served its multi directional prosperity. Almost half of this country’s population today has roots in other countries throughout the world.

  1. Laid back lifestyle

Australians have a reputation for being laid back and friendly in nature. People are very open to give you their time of day in Australian cities compared to any other cities around the world. There’s also a comparatively low crime rate.

  1. Excellent healthcare system

Australia’s has the healthcare system that is considered one of the best in the world and it covers all citizens’ hospitalization and medical payments across all public hospitals.

  1. Excellent education system

Australia’s education system is definitely considered top-notch, having a very prestigious 8th rank in worldwide rankings. The country has a varied selection of outstanding schools and universities. Primary and secondary schools run by the government are absolutely free and education in these levels is compulsory.


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  1. Rule of Law

A fair and equitable legal system built on the Common Law Tradition of England.

  1. Unspoilt Nature

Australia has a large variety of beautiful natural ecosystems. It has from marvelous sand beaches to fresh waters, from lush green rainforests to parched deserts and also the gorgeous snow-capped mountains. There are over 500 national parks scattered all around Australia and 14 areas that have been declared a world heritage.

  1. Pleasant climate

Australia provides mild comfortable weather throughout the year with plenty of sunshine for those outdoor enthusiasts among us.

  1. Great place to travel

Australia is a vast country which can still remain unexplored even after spending all your holidays exploring it. Domestic travel has it all from beaches to rainforests, lavish ski-resorts and stunning ancient landscapes.

  1. Sports Culture

Australian stadiums, race tracks, and sports arenas are a sight of amazement for the sports enthusiast. There is a wide range of sports played down under, the most popular are rugby, cricket, football (soccer), netball (volleyball), basketball and many others. Sport in Australia seems to be something of a national obsession.

Made up your mind? Contact Us for a hassle-free Immigration to Australia


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New Zealand’s immigration- know how!

New Zealand’s immigration policies have been developed to support its economic growth. If you’re looking to immigrate to New Zealand and have skills, experience or capital that are in short supply locally, New Zealand would love to hear from you. Moving here could be life changing for you or could be the life you’ve always dreamed of. If you want to visit New Zealand before you make the move or for a holiday, you may need a visitor visa.

The government has opened a consultation on proposed changes to working visas post-study for international students that would see work rights for students below degree level restricted, a policy that was first announced during the election campaign last year by the Labour party. There is a range of New Zealand visas, some of which you may be eligible for. Choosing the best option for your circumstances will likely depend on how long you want to stay, if there is a shortage of your skills in New Zealand and if you are coming with a partner or family.

If you have to supply any other documents, which might have to be obtained from authorities in your home country, i.e. police clearances or work-related evidence, it can take more time like weeks or even months till you get them available for submission.

In case you have chosen the wrong visa

In many cases, you have to provide translations and certified copies of your documents. If Immigration in New Zealand needs more information from you or questions your eligibility, you might experience considerable delays.

type for your application, you will be rejected and have to restart the whole process all over again.

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