Work-life balance: Key element for New Zealand’s increased immigration

New Zealand is one of the world’s most exotic locations to live in. It has beautiful sunsets, seashores and coasts. For a variety of extra-curricular activities, New Zealand tends to be the first choice for many travellers. It is also considered as one of the world’s safest countries. To live a comfortable life, one should opt to reside here. For this, you can go for New Zealand immigration consultancy, which will help you with the immigration process and stuff.

Types of immigration processes:

  • Refugee immigration
  • Family immigration
  • Business and investment
  • Skilled immigration

The most commonly used immigration process is the skilled immigration pathway. This method asks for the applicant’s economic value and how he/she can contribute to the country’s holistic growth and employment. Those individuals who have the required skills, abilities, knowledge and experience are given the New Zealand Skilled immigration visa.

Why should one move to New Zealand?

  1. Work-life balance:

New Zealand is known for providing best career opportunities and employment offers. The country is looking for skilled professionals and workers who can contribute to the development of the nation. Moreover, it provides the best environment to its citizens so that they are comfortable and are able to fit. For better businesses, career options and success, New Zealand is a great choice for immigrants.


  1. Economy:

The country is famous for its sound economy and great job opportunities. This is why it attracts individuals from overseas. The agricultural market export has seen tremendous growth since last few years. Most of the export takes place for materials like forest products, meat, fish, wool, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Moreover, the place acquires hydroelectricity stations and natural gas reserves. Some of the manufacturing industries contributing in the economic growth are – paper industry, wood industry, food processing and fabrication of metal.


  1. Geography:

New Zealand has diverse culture, beautiful locations and authentic flora and fauna. The variety of glaciers, mountains, shores and landscapes there are just a cherry on the cake. They add so much enchantment and charisma to the whole place. Also the climate over there is extremely relaxing and soothing. The snow lakes, peaceful locations and calm weather have been fascinating citizens around the globe.


  1. Smooth immigration policies:

The New Zealand authorities possess simple and flexible immigration policies unlike other nations. The country grants permit to all aspirants irrespective of their employment status, educational qualifications and family history. Whether you are a skilled worker, a businessman or an investor, the authority allows you to travel and reside there once the basic documents are submitted.

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Thus, with above listed benefits and advantages, New Zealand proves to be one of the best countries of the world to reside in. Its prevalent education system, secure societies, safe environment, alluring locations and moderate weather are perfect for a comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, with diluted policies of immigration and great job opportunities, anyone with required skills and qualifications can apply here. For more details, interested individuals must contact the New Zealand immigration consultancy agencies.

Occupation on The Shortage Lists in New Zealand

It becomes easier for the workers to apply for non-permanent work and resident permits if they are having skills on the shortage lists in New Zealand.

The skill shortage in an industry takes place when the employers are unable to find the appropriate workforce with the ideal skills for performing the tasks. If you have an idea about what all jobs are mentioned in the shortage lists then it can assist you in selecting the right occupation. Apply for a New Zealand work visa if you desire to settle and work for a specific time.

What are the essential skills in the demand list?

  1. CISSL or Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List is the substitution for the Canterbury Skill Shortage List.
  2. RSSL or Regional Skill Shortage List that has substituted the Immediate Skill Shortage List.
  3. LTSSL which Long Term Skill Shortage List refers to the region having a complete skill shortage.

Alternatives available for the immigrants and employers

  1. Essential Skills Work Visa

It requires an employer to show that they have attempted to hire the citizens for certain posts and end up being failed. Therefore, if a job profile is on any shortage list, the employer is liable to show evidence of their attempts for recruiting a New Zealander. The Essential Skills Work Visa allows you to gain work under a New Zealand employer. This visa category can even lead you to permanent citizenship in many situations. You can go for the permanent citizenship option if you are holding an offer of employment and you are eligible for it too.

  1. Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List

The employers who want to hire immigrant employees to the jobs on the shortage list will no longer have to reveal that they have tried to find the workers for the role. If any job is mentioned on the CISSL, and the candidate meets with the experience and qualification requisites, a migration official can approve that no properly qualified New Zealand members are available, without the requirement of publicizing the post.

This option is appropriate for those who are interested to work in infrastructure or construction industries in any region of New Zealand. As well the employers seeking to expand their infrastructure and construction companies with the immigrant employees might get delighted with this option.

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  1. Skilled Migrant Category

Under the Skilled Migrant Category, the immigrants can apply for residence. This point system is based on several aspects including work experience, educational qualification, employment offer, and age. It is quite good for those aging 55 or less, having proficiency in the English language, or character, and health evidence. The immigrants applying under the Skilled Migrant Category can win bonus points in their application if they possess a job offer or experience in a region of extreme skill shortage.

Every 6 months, the ESID lists are reviewed by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment for ensuring that they meet the varying requirements of the labour market.

To apply for a residence without making any errors, take the support of the most trusted New Zealand immigration consultancy.

Points to Consider Before Migrating to New Zealand from Dubai

New Zealand is seen as one of the most charming countries in Oceania. The population of this nation is nearly 4.5 million. Its scenic locations are delightful to watch.

It is pretty famous for its coastline and striking mountains. There are other reasons which attract travellers towards this fascinating destination. It offers numerous career options to young immigrants.

The tourists arriving in New Zealand often admire its culture and lifestyle. Settling in this country can be the right decision, but you have to chew over specific points. Below are some of them:

  1. At the first place, you need to search what kinds of opportunities are available.
  2. Budget is another significant point which you should think about before settling in a new country.
  3. Make sure that you are having an income source ready before you move to New Zealand.
  4. It is essential to ensure the cost of buying a property or renting an apartment.

Apart from all these points mentioned above, the key thing that you should have in mind is whether you are eligible to settle in New Zealand or not. Look for a steadfast New Zealand immigration Consultancy to know further about the migration process. With their supervision and support, you will get everything done in a hassle-free way. The immigrants can face issues if they decide to do everything on their own.

The major documents that you will need during the visa application process

Documents are crucial for all types of visa. It is necessary to bring all the authentic documents, and certification in the office, which are:

  1. Health history, vaccination records, or medical visit records, etc.
  2. Certificates of educational qualification.
  3. Character certification.
  4. Evidence of work experience in the home country.

CV or resume is also vital if you want to acquire a job in any sector of New Zealand. Ensure that you hold a well-maintained and optimized resume. You must ask your relatives to work on their resume if they plan to stay and work in NZ.

You must possess a job when you come to New Zealand. Get your savings along with you for survival. Finding a job right away in a new country can be time-consuming.

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About skilled migrant category visa

It is a type of visa which is meant for skilled persons who want to reside and work in New Zealand. Valid details, qualification, and work experience are required to acquire the skilled migrant category resident visa. The individuals having this visa are allowed to work in any part of New Zealand that is facing scarcity in any particular skill. Other perks of this visa include:

  1. Travelling anywhere within the boundaries of NZ.
  2. The visa holders can work full time in the country.
  3. They can attain education as a domestic student.
  4. The spouse and dependent children are also allowed to settle with you.
  5. After some time, the visa holders can apply for a New Zealand Permanent Residency visa.

New Zealand Immigration | Who can apply for Silver Fern Work Visa?

The New Zealand administration has designed the Silver Fern Work Visa to help the young candidates come and live in New Zealand. It is not a permanent work permit. The validity of the Silver Fern Work Visa is nine months. There are 300 visas which are issued under this class. If you are in Dubai and want to apply for the Silver fern work visa, speak to the most trusted immigration consultants in Dubai.

People who can apply for the Silver fern Work visa

  1. Those individuals who are holding a concrete job from one of the workers of New Zealand.
  2. The candidates who are landing in New Zealand for any special occasion.
  3. The candidates who desire to add more work experience once done with their studies in New Zealand.
  4. The candidate who want to settle in New Zealand with their partner or spouse.

What are the primary requirements for the aspirants to gain Silver fern work permit?

  1. The aspirants should be from the age group of 25 to 30 years.
  2. When the aspirants are applying for the Silver fern visa, they must ensure that they are not in New Zealand.
  3. The bachelor’s degree is vital too. The candidate’s degree should be from a reputed institute. Trade qualification of at least two years of experience is important too.
  4. In the case of tertiary qualification, the applicant should reveal that the qualification he/she has pursued must be identical to the bachelor degree of New Zealand.
  5. If the applicant has a trade qualification, then he/she must bring all the compulsory evidence of 2 years experience.

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It is a great idea to prepare a proper folder for all the vital certificates or documents in the work visa application process. Some of the significant documents are nationality proof, character certificate, language proficiency proof, educational qualification documents, and health clearance certificate.

Occupation in New Zealand

Many of the applicants in New Zealand are found either by networking or by the recruitment groups. A job offer is a key requirement for attaining a work visa. Countless websites have been created, allowing the aspirants to connect with specific organizations to build their careers. Search for the industry job websites if you want to get hired in any of the industry in New Zealand. Go for top-rated New Zealand immigration Consultancy which will be assisting in making the application procedure more straightforward.

Why the students choose New Zealand?

Many unique features are attached to New Zealand, which brings a massive figure of students every year to work in a genuine organization of the country for nine months. Once they get a suitable job under the Silver fern work visa, the visa is transformed into the Silver fern practical experience visa. After applying for the experience visa, the applicants are allowed to work in New Zealand for two more years. Tours to the job seekers are also offered by the authorities where they have mentioned that the professionals can decide on other visas too if they have got the concrete job, but want to leave New Zealand.

Concrete Jobs for the immigrants in New Zealand

In New Zealand, wages in the jobs are positively improving for the migrants. Due to this reason, many of the individuals are getting attracted to the opportunities featured by the Kiwi nation. There are various sectors in which the applicant from overseas can apply for employment in New Zealand. Thus, it will offer some best learning and experiences too. Hunt for a reliable immigration consultancy for attaining New Zealand Permanent Residency visa.

Let us discuss the sectors where you can build yourself in the foreign nation:

  1. Software Engineers

For acquiring the designation of a software engineer, the applicant does not require to have any extraordinary qualification; instead, they will be asked to have a certain familiarity with that work. The qualification that the applicant should possess includes a degree in computer science. Certificates that are based on that particular field are also vital for becoming a software engineer. The average amount of money that a foreign software engineer in New Zealand can make is approximately 70000 NZ Dollars. Candidates can apply via a New Zealand Skilled immigration visa.

  1. Accountants

An accountant’s job is to handle the financial account and check whether they are kept in an organized shape or not. On the whole, their actual work is to ensure that their clients are winning profits. The need for an accountant is there in almost every sector of the world. The job of an accountant also comes in the list of best-paying jobs in New Zealand. The aspirant must undergo a training session between two and six years to become a skilled accountant in New Zealand. Along with that, he/she must have a degree in business or accounting. Along with that, the aspirant should get the qualification from CA ANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand). If we talk about the earning part, then on average, an accountant of New Zealand earns around 55000 NZ Dollars.

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  1. Construction Manager

People also call the site manager. The construction manager takes charge of the safety of the buildings. The key task is to confirm that the project is completed on time, under budget, and is managed with ample care. The role of a construction manager demands too much teamwork because they perform with lots of other professionals. One can become a construction manager if he has a degree in civil engineering or other construction-related skills. Apart from qualification, awareness and experience are placed at the top achieving this job in New Zealand. A healthy and standard amount, which is about 93000 NZ Dollars, is what a construction manager makes in New Zealand.

  1. Anaesthesiologist

It is a doctor who is a master in anaesthesia. Anaesthesia is part of the surgery that is applied to the patients to eliminate soreness or pain. These specialists care for patients’ care in pre-surgery and post-surgery. For becoming an anaesthesiologist, you must be a qualified doctor with a five-year MBBS degree. In New Zealand, the average wage of such professionals is almost 175000 NZ Dollars.

Are there any Chef Visa options for New Zealand available for candidates?

A lot of people might be unaware of the fact that chefs are considered to be prevalent on the long-term skill shortage list of New Zealand immigration? Well, yes, it’s true. Due to the same reason, the New Zealand government has always actively encouraged the incoming of the chefs from other countries by facilitating them with the chef visa options for New Zealand. They intend let more and more chefs to come on-board and also, reside in New Zealand. There are a lot of reasons for chef’s shortage in New Zealand. There are very lesser number of people who are indulged in the profession of being a chef. Also, those who have been a graduate in cooking won’t think of being a chef forever.

Just in case you are indulged in the field of cooking and have always wished to brighten up your career by moving to a beauteous country, then New Zealand is perfect for you! This country has got a whole array of career opportunities for the aspirants. This would undoubtedly be the best career brightening opportunity for you. Whether you are in the cookery or the hospitality industry, making your career while being in New Zealand is surely the perfect choice. Anyone who has got adequate cooking skills shall prove to be a highly paid person here.

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Are there any challenges?

There are a lot of challenges and activities that the candidate needs to pass through if he/she wants to get the chef visa. The notable candidate needs to have the Level 4 qualification. Apart from that, he/she should also have an experience of minimum 5 years in the field of commercial catering and banqueting as well.

A lot of aspirants intend to apply for the Chef Visa but do not have the formal qualification to meet the various requirements for visa application. However, they have got the notable skills, and knowledge in the field. But this is not going to be an advantage since you couldn’t get a Chef Visa solely with your skills. Owning a formal qualification in cookery or hospital industry is quite significant.

What should be done if you don’t have a formal qualification?

Just in case you do not have the formal qualification in the hospitality industry, but you do have the skills in cooking, you can get a formal or local training to get enough knowledge about the same. Getting some help from the best New Zealand immigration Consultancy is a must. This is quite important especially for those students who hail with a clear career vision. There are many consultancies in this highly competitive marketplace which deal in the same. All you need to do is just contact them as soon as possible and attain the best of their services with no hassle. If the consultancy is top-notch, it would always put its best foot forward to facilitate the clients with the finest immigration services in no time. What are you waiting for? Contact the best New Zealand Immigration Agents and get the best assistance with no shortcomings.

Working in the hospitality industry in New Zealand

A new nation is always like a dream come true for most of us, but it is not still the way we believe. Settling in abroad is all time challenging unless you have any family or relative support. On the other side, working in New Zealand’s hospitality is entirely different than you conceive. The leading element of this facts is that the commandments on health and security are somewhat other from your nation-state.

More on the subject of the hospitality industry in New Zealand

As per some reports, there were roughly 130000 people engaged in the hospitality of New Zealand. These are the figures for the year 2018. It is also witnessed that around 55% of the people execute the role of a staff member in many cafes and restaurants of the country. Auckland ought to believe as the sole paradise for New Zealand hospitality workers, accompanied by Canterbury and Wellington as well.

Since there is an enormous scarcity of employees, the administration of New Zealand is offering some pleasurable job opportunities in the hospitality world.  A skilful cook is a significant role for which the country gives the immigrants the chance to prove themselves in this field.

What qualification is requisite for working in the Hospitality

There is no prescribed qualification needed to work in the hospitality department of New Zealand. In certain instances, many restaurants ask for the hospitality experience from the applicant to work further in New Zealand. For immigration purposes, it is necessary to opt for a first-class New Zealand immigration Consultancy.

What occupation can we apply for the hospitality industry?

Working as an employee in the hospitality can prove to be very much thrilling. It consists of delivering numerous amount of staff work from dealing with the patrons to testing various flavorsome and mouth-watering food items. If you want to study further while working as an employee in the hospitality, then you can apply for a part-time position there itself. The work here is so flexible; you might also dig up with a lot of new learning to witness here while working.

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Effects of being hygienic on duty

Wearing fitted and orderly clothes while working as a staff member is necessary. Self-grooming and staying hygienic at times describes the formation and benchmark of the workers and their effectiveness. Hygiene is mandatory for all the departments in the hospitality domain since the course of food preparing and serving; the obligation of cleanliness tends to increase. Further, having adequate sanitation and shipshape outfits can deliver the visitants a good impression of the visitors coming to the hotel.


As we have come to the finish, what we have seen in is just sensational. The nation New Zealand is only the right pathway which the working class is hunting for. Working in hospitality with a company of people from various cultures/countries is something different. The majority of the aspirants are looking for first-rate and reliable Immigration consultants to execute their ambition to work overseas.

What do you need to know about the New Zealand partnership-based Visa?

The process of applying for a New Zealand partnership-based Visa is no easy task. It might seem to be a simple thing to do, but the complications arise once the application gets declined initially. If your partner is from New Zealand or is a New Zealand work visa holder and you would like to join them, then you must be well aware of the New Zealand partnership-based Visa. This will enhance your chances it getting it approved quickly and easily.

There are many types of partnership kind od visas, and it depends on the status of your partner:

The most popular kinds of the New Zealand partnership-based Visa are:

  • Work or Visitor visa for a partner of a worker in New Zealand
  • Work or Visitor Visa for a partner of a student
  • Work or Visitor Visa for a partner of a New Zealand Citizen or resident
  • Resident Visa for partners of New Zealand citizens

The relationship with the supporting partner is the primary necessity of getting the New Zealand partnership-based Visa as defined by the instruction of the immigration agency. This would include the proof of legal marriage or a civil union or a de facto relationship, which is a couple living together but is not married on in a civil union.


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What are the documents needed for the New Zealand partnership-based Visa?

There are supporting documents that are used as evidence to show your relationship to your partner in order to get the New Zealand partnership-based Visa.

The list of the documents required will depend on the type of visa that you are applying for and also to the relation that you and your partner share. This includes photos together, marriage certificates, joint bank accounts, and even cooperative rental agreements, social media engagements, etc.

It is merely to see whether you are in a stable and genuine so that they can approve you for your New Zealand partnership-based Visa.

If, in any case, you have stayed apart from your partner for a while, then you are required to provide adequate reasons. This will be assessed well before the application.

Apart from the documentation, there are also a few other things to keep in mind when you apply for the visa. To ensure that you have a hassle-free process in getting your New Zealand partnership-based Visa.

  • You meet the requirement of the Immigration New Zealand (INZ)
  • You should meet all the health requirements
  • You should comply with all the need to be termed a “partner.”
  • You must meet all the requirements for the visa category that you apply for


In order to get the New Zealand partnership-based Visa, you need to make sure you meet all the requirements as stated above. New Zealand Permanent Residency visa application is an easy process and can be dealt with hassle-free if taken care of in a proper manner. Based on the type of visa and the type of relationship you share with your partner, the New Zealand Permanent Residency visa process success rate can be determined.

New Zealand immigration: Working as a GP

There are lot of benefits for the doctors who dwell and work in New Zealand as a GP. They can acquire the services of New Zealand immigration consultancy to obtain more information in this regard. The doctors have to face the challenge of a different healthcare system, and they have to explore a new country. With their improved and improvised work-life balance, they can earn huge profits by working in New Zealand.

 Benefits of working with a New Zealand immigration agent.

Working with the agents makes the immigration process hassle-free and smooth. These New Zealand immigration agents offer you personalised services and facilitate effective communication through email or phone. The agents can prepare the required paperwork for the visa application and the NZNC application as well. This is because such agencies are familiar with the process and have the required knowledge as well. However, you should always verify the credibility of the agency. You should ensure that they do not exploit you.

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Working in the healthcare system of New Zealand: Transitions to adopt.

You have to adapt to learning the new computer skills, new systems, different prescribing and formularies and different practical skills. But the transition is still very manageable and comfortable.

A GP colleague may offer you an induction week within the practice and mentoring sessions as well. The folks of New Zealand are very cordial and helpful. So there is enough time for the Doctors to learn new systems and seek the help of the colleagues as well. The surgery team has a multinational workforce and they are incredibly helpful as well.

The duration of the appointment is just 15 minutes. Your schedule would also incorporate certain breaks during the day for paperwork and tea. A break for lunch would also be allowed. However, a working lunch is not allowed here.

You should remember that the differences in the healthcare systems, limited drug formulary, patient expectations, and the (ACC) accident compensation scheme should be learned quickly on the job. Such differences cannot be discovered in advance.

There is minor surgery done in New Zealand. Hence you should examine carefully the procedures that your respective practises require. New Zealand has essential fracture management and more minor injury management than in the United Kingdom. The place is devoid of small injury units and just has an A+E Department. Hence you are not likely to offer the minor surgery skills if you do not feel comfortable with it. But at the same time, it is an opportunity for you to learn something more than what is taught in the united kingdoms.

However, the downside of working in New Zealand is that an evening and weekend on-call Rota is the norm here. This is done from surgery, and hence it is rare to visit your home on the weekends as well. People who are unable to attend the surgery can go to A+E with the exceptions of the nursing homes and terminal care.

New Zealand Immigration- Work To Resident Visas

Work to residence visas offers a temporary stay option in New Zealand during your full employment period for at least 24 months. New Zealand Immigration Consultancy offers two options as a pathway to dwelling in New Zealand during your temporary stay in the region. The first option is that you may be employed under an accredited employer, and the second option is that your occupation may find its name in the Long term Skills shortage list. Let us understand the two types of visas in detail.

Employment under an accredited employer- Talent work visa

There are more than 1000 accredited New Zealand employers who employ people based on their talents and skills. If you are talented enough to be employed by any such certified employer, then you may procure a talent work visa. This will be 30 months visa, which will lead to Residence. A person of 55 years or below can acquire such a permit, and after 24 months from his or her job, he or she may apply for Residence from work.  This visa is free of many hassles because your employer, who is “accredited,” has already passed many INZ requirements. You may even contact the New Zealand Immigration agents to aid you in this regard.

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Full-time employment for at least 24 months is necessary to procure the visa. You should work under your accredited employer in a specific location, which was mentioned in your job offer. The job offer is the document on the basis of which you had obtained your application. You may even apply for an Essential Skills work visa if you are not satisfied with your earnings.

Loss of accreditation by your employer

In cases of any misfortune, your employer loses his or her accreditation, then aid will be proffered to you. You may either work for a new accredited employer or work for a company that is not accredited. The latter would be possible only if you apply for a variation of conditions on your visa.

Long term skills Shortage list Visa

You may procure a Residence visa if your name is listed in the Long Terms Skills Shortage List. In such a case, your application will also be processed faster.


A 24 month fulltime employment is necessary for you to procure the visa. Your job offer has the details of your employer, location, and duration. Based on your job offer, you will have to work in the specific Skill shortage occupation for the given period and the n the given location as well.

Other resident visas

Getting other types of resident visas is based on your skills and talents. If you have the proficiency and competency in a declared field like art, sport, or culture and are supported by a reputed New Zealand organization, then you may procure a work visa under talent instructions (Art, culture, and sports). No English requirements are needed for the principal applicant, but their family will need to meet a minimum standard of English to ensure their proficiency in dwelling in New Zealand.