Guide for Foreign teachers in Denmark

The public teaching plan in Denmark is regulated non-leniently. The teachers who do not have Danish teaching permits and they are searching for employment in any primary or secondary school are required to apply to Danish Agency chiefly. After the application process, the emigrant teacher is needed to adapt to supplementary training.

Fortunately, there are a massive amount of employment openings that are offered by Denmark to the overseas teachers, mostly English teachers.

Demand for teachers

The teaching staff requirement in Denmark is extremely at the peak in the present moment. The International schools of Denmark immensely demand school teachers from outside.

Apart from this, Denmark has a very hefty amount of language schools which are providing so many job opportunities for skilled teachers for teaching subjects such as Business English and Advanced English. The requirement for a Business English teacher is at the top in the country. Denmark targets the two most common aspects, such as necessary academic qualification and past work experience in the school teacher from other nations.

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What is the expected wage of foreign teachers in Denmark?

The foreign teachers receive numerous benefits while teaching in the international schools and language schools of Denmark. The school teachers get the maximum salary packages and other perks from Danish schools, if they are holding a Bachelor’s Degree and a relevant English teaching qualification like a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate.

What does it oblige qualifying as a professional teacher?

Every year, Denmark brings so many posts for the teachers coming from overseas. All these posts are advertised online. The schools of Demark like to appoint the teachers through one on one interview. It is a fact that in terms of English Proficiency, Denmark ranks in the top three nations. Thus, it might form a great competition among native Danish teachers and teachers from other countries. Suppose the applicants desire to apply for a job in any international school of Denmark as a teacher. In that case, he/she must hold a postgraduate degree in education and a vigorous school teaching experience too.

Danish Green Card for primary and secondary school teachers

In the Danish Green Card scheme, candidates who are from Non-EU nations are eligible to gain residency and work in Denmark. There are certain occupations which are mentioned in the list of the shortage of jobs in Denmark. The need for primary and secondary school teachers is also there. The applicant should have a bachelor’s degree to apply under the Danish Green Card Scheme. Since Denmark is a member of the European Union, the teachers from EU countries do not require a visa for Denmark immigration. The Non-EU citizens are asked to apply for a Work Visa if they wish to teach in Denmark. For working in Denmark as a school teacher, the applicant should be a certified teacher in the home nation then only he/she will get the work visa.

Summing Up

Living in Demark can be a bit pricey as compared to other countries. But, you would be getting a secure job and healthy pay if you are working at Danish schools as a teacher.

Things you need to know while migrating to Denmark from UAE

If you want to live work or settle in Denmark, then you need to go through this article carefully. It is necessary to know about all the immigration procedures, rules and regulations before trying to move to a new place. Similarly, you should do proper research work before migrating to Denmark from UAE.

In Denmark, there is a Danish green card scheme meant for the immigrants. If you want to shift there, you need to fulfil minimum point criteria such as language skills, education, age, work experience and so on. Danish green card scheme will rightfully help you in moving to Denmark from UAE.

Scoring 100 marks make you eligible for obtaining a Danish residency permit. This permit is generally valid for 36 months. Such an applicant can bring along his immediate family members with him to Denmark.

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Following are the different green card point systems. Have a look:

  • Language point system: An applicant should prove his proficiency over different languages such as English, Danish, German, Norwegian and Swedish. You need to choose any one language.
  • Age point system: If you are interested in migrating to Denmark from UAE, then according to the Danish green card scheme, you will be assigned points according to your age. Those who are 34 years old or below will be assigned 15 points. If you are between 35 to 40 years, then you will be given 10 points. Those above 40 years get no points at all.
  • Education point system: If you have studied outside Denmark, then you need to get your educational documents assessed by Sirius to compare your qualification with the Danish education level. An applicant must at least possess a Bachelor’s degree. A Bachelor’s degree holder will get 30 points. If you hold one year’s Master’s degree along with a Bachelor’s degree, then you will be assigned 50 points. Graduate degree along with two year’s Master’s degree you will get 60 points. A PhD holder will get 80 points.
  • Work experience point system: If you have some specific work experience, then too, you will be able to score certain points. If you have 3 to 5 years of work experience in the last five years, then you will earn 5 points. If you have work experience of 1 to 2 years in the last five years, as a researcher, then you will get 10 points. If you have been working as a researcher for the last and have a work experience of 3 to 5 years in the last five years, then you will be assigned 20 points.

There are several Denmark immigration agencies that will help you in having a complete grasp over the immigration system of Denmark. You can choose Migration Consultants for helping you out in this complicated immigration procedure. We will let you know about all the points, rules and regulations in detail and make your immigration process smooth and hassle-free. We are here to guide you in all the formalities and documentation work.