Know these Visa Options before you begin your Nursing Career in Australia

Beginning a promising and high paying career is the ambition of every professional. Whichever part of the world you are, you want to make the most of your skills and excel to the maximum possible extent in your selected profession. Particularly if you have completed your studies in nursing, have decided to pursue a career in nursing and are committed to this noble and committed job, then you got abundant prospects overseas, and they are open to be explored.

Notably, Australia is one of the most prospective destinations from your career point of view. This article has important information for you from this standpoint.

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Reasons nursing is so much in demand in Australia

Wondering why your nursing skill and proficiency are so much in demand in Australia? Well, you got to read this!

While there is no doubt that present healthcare facilities at Australia are world-class, it is equally true that a large number of citizens here have entered their elderly years. Due to this, the existing healthcare facilities and nursing personnel are not able to cater the demand. The national government is compelled to extend the prevailing facilities – right from maternity to surgical care to elderly care. Evidently, they require young, energetic, committed nursing professionals.

Figures show that Australia’s is short on skilled nursing professional consequent to which the country’s healthcare industry targets recruiting as high as 75,000 nurses in next 5 years.

The above figures clearly signify how bright your chances are for pursuing nursing career in Australia. With this intension, it is important that you soon get in touch with a professional Australia immigration consultant in Dubai.

Prerequisites for Australia immigration

As a qualified nurse or midwife, you can be eligible for immigrating to Australia for work. However, your immigration is subject to some regulations. The first and foremost prerequisite for you is to make sure that your nursing degree holds international qualification. Then, you should complete your registration with AHPRA i.e. the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Further, you must satisfy all the accreditation prerequisites of ANMAC, which is the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council. Having completed all these requirements, you become eligible to hunt for job opportunities in Australia’s health sector.

Know about the Visa Options to meet your career aspirations

As a qualified nursing professional, possessing requisite skills and eligible for migrating to Australia, you will require a visa. Before you contact a professional Migration Consultants Dubai, have a look at your visa options.

Ø  With adequate English proficiency and stipulated experience, you can apply for a permanent visa through Subclass 186 under Employer Nomination Scheme. For this, it is important that your age is below 50.

Ø  Possessing similar age and educational credentials as above, if you receive nomination from an employer who locates somewhere in regional Australia except Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Wollongong or Brisbane, you can get visa through Subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Ø  Want to let your skill earn you a visa? You can, with Subclass 189 which empowers you to get skilled independent visa! To apply for this visa, you must submit expression of interest. A sponsor is not required for this visa; however, you should have the Dept. of Home Affairs’ invitation letter.

That’s not all! There are other visa options as well. Therefore, meet an experienced visa consultant in Dubai soon and fulfill your career aspiration.

All you need to know about the General Skilled Migration (GSM) For Australia Immigration and PR


Career oriented folks from across the world are on a constant streak for best employment offers, promising jobs and handsome pay packages. You, being an individual with special skills and outstanding ability to display your forte in a chosen area, should always want your skills to be displayed and hired at one of the most prospective destinations of world. From this standpoint, you got a lot to look at and expect at Australia! You may pick this as a life changing hint and an apt time to start packing your bags and plan for your Australia immigration.


While you may easily complete the mandatory documentation with the help of a professional visa consultancy in Dubai, that’s not all! There are other significant aspects too which you should learn ahead of your migration to Australia!


Importance of General Skilled Migration (GSM)


If you are an Australia immigration aspirant you should know this at the first step. Your migration rests on the points you score in the parameters of GSM or General Skilled Migration, which is the chief mode of working in Australia. To evaluate your profile and test your eligibility for migration to Australia, the authorities have stipulated this point system.


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GSM Point System – Modus Operandi


Here, you will be curious about the modus operandi of the point system mentioned above. Well, at first, you have to go on the SkillSelect System online and then register yourself and further, put forward your profile. Your will be evaluated by the point system based on major facets like present age, linguistic skills, educational qualifications, work experience, etc. If you some Australian state has nominated you, you earn extra points for that.


An ideal score to be eligible for GSM is 60 points. This is when you are entitled to receive Invitation to Apply (ITA) for GSM Visa. But the higher your score, the higher your chances of getting GSM Visa. Once you get ITA, you can apply for GSM program in another sixty days.


Having known this, you should check which visa category are you in, among the three given below:


  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 Visa: This is a temporary visa under which you can work and live in Australia for 4 years. Your place of stay will be an Australian location with mediocre population. You may apply for Subclass 489 Visa after producing nomination from some authority or family member in that part of Australia.


  • Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa: When you have this Visa, you can stay in one of the Australian states viz. Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Canberra, etc. This visa entitles you permanent residency in Australia. Select the state where your want to work so as to receive nomination from that particular state.


  • Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa: This is an independent visa and for this, you don’t have to bring any sponsorship or nomination from someone already residing Australia. Also, you may permanently work and live in Australia after receiving this visa.


So remember to discuss about the above points with your Australia immigration consultant in Dubai and make sure to apply for the right Visa.