Facts Engineers should know about CDR writing for Migrating to Australia

Engineering is one of the occupations high in demand in Australia. The demand for IT engineers is rapidly increasing day by day. Australia is looking for skilled engineers from all over the world. If you are willing to migrate to Australia, hire a trusted Australia immigration agency for easy processing and complete understanding of visa applications. Since it is not easy to move there, one is supposed to submit a CDR report to get selected.

What do you mean by a CDR report?

The term stands for Competency Demonstration Report, which determines whether the applicant is selected or not by the EA (Engineers Australia). It is extremely difficult to pass this test as thousands of people apply for the same. Generally, the applicant is supposed to showcase his/her communication skills by writing the CDR report. But now, they can approach CDR writing services for better proficiency.

Essential components of a CDR report



This part describes the applicant’s skill set, abilities, and competencies in brief in the respective field of work. It has to be written with utmost care and concern as it plays a major role in the report.


  • GIST


This is a small one-page material describing the various aspects and features that make the applicant competent and perfect for the job profile. This part is of utmost importance, so it should be attractive and impactful. Assessors usually notice the summary first and then the career episode.


  • CPD


This is a continuing professional development report required by the EA for assessment. It determines whether the applicant is up to date with the recent developments and researches made in his field.


The CPD format is:

  • Subject of training
  • Training date
  • Time period
  • Place

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Why is a CDR Report important?

A large no. of engineers apply to work in Australian companies every year. With so many applications flowing in, the mode of selection becomes tedious and difficult. Hence, the idea of CDR is formulated. The report highlights your pros and cons pretty evidently. It tells about your competencies and weakness in various areas. The authority responsible for assessing the reports is EA. It holds the ticket for applicants to work as skilled engineers in Australia.

Things applicants should be aware of

  1. Requirements – The applicants are provided with booklets discussing the eligibility criteria, specifications, and qualifications one should have in order to get shortlisted for the job. This information can also be revised, and changes can be made.
  2. Designation – The applicant should be very sure of the designation it has applied for. Moreover, the CDR report should contain pertinent information which would help EA to figure out whether the applicant is eligible or not.
  3. Self-development – This includes the extra-curricular activities the applicant has done to improve his/her skills and capabilities.

Before writing a CDR report, it is advisable to consult Australia immigration agents because they are aware of the minute errors people make. The report must be written with utmost care and professionalism. For inspiration, one can review others’ write-ups and articles. It will open doors to new ideas. The Australian authorities are focused on knowing the applicant rather than the company one has applied for. So, the applicant must define itself properly and provide the necessary details.

Everything About Subclass 491 Visa for Australia

The Subclass 491 visa is a temporary permit that is meant for immigrants who want to settle in one of the provinces or regions of Australia or are having family members in Australia to sponsor them. The Skilled Work Regional visa is also seen as one of the vital pathways to permanent citizenship of Australia. Chance upon the most accountable Australia immigration agents for having a smooth and fast application process.

What all conditions are involved in the Skilled Work Regional Visa (Subclass 491)?

  1. The 491 visa is a non-permanent permit that lets you live in Australia for 5 years. You might get eligible for meeting the requisites for a permanent Subclass 191 visa after 3 years.
  2. You are free to stay and work in any designated area of Australia for 5 years.
  3. The 419 visa allows the holders to travel anywhere within the boundaries of the country.
  4. Extra points are given to the aspirants of 491 Visa.
  5. There are incentives too which are offered to the new migrants for living in these regions for a long term.

The designated areas of Australia are some parts of the nation excluding Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Brisbane. Like the 489 Skilled Regional Visa, the parts of Wollongong, New South Wales Central Coast and Newcastle all come under the list of designated regions.

When are the candidates called to apply for the Skilled Work Regional Visa?

The Department of Immigration of Australia will prefer the applicants in the following order.

  1. The applicants who are having a spouse/partner who is well experienced and educated are favoured first as compared to those who are not having a partner.
  2. The partner of the applicant has great fluency in the English language is considered to be the second priority of the Australian Department of Immigration.
  3. The final priority will be granted to the applicants who have a partner who does not have fluency in the English language, or not having the required skills.

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Is there any option of permanent stay for the holders of 491 Visa?

Since we have mentioned above that the Subclass 491 Visa lets you stay for 5 years in Australia, but if you meet all its eligibility requirements, then you are permitted to apply for Australia permanent residency visa. The requisites that you may need to meet are as follows:

  1. You should have studied, stayed, or worked in any territory of Australia for at least 3 years under a Skilled Work Regional Visa (Subclass 491).
  2. You must have earned at least $53,900 within this time span of 3 years.

The 491 visa holders cannot lodge under specific visas till the time they seize a 491 visa and have fulfilled its stipulations for 3 years. It comprises permits such as Subclass 190 visa, business visas, and Employer Nominated PR visa too.

How much score is required for a Skilled Work Regional Visa?

The 491 Visa is a point-based system, and you will be invited for a visa application only if you win 65 points or above.

What are the good sides of being a permanent resident of Australia?

A large group of travellers visit Australia in a single year. It is one of the most famous tourist places in the world. Australia residents are provided with numerous perks that include a good standard of living, perfect lifestyle, business opportunity, growing economy, and charming environment. Due to all these benefits, most individuals select Australia for a better life ahead.

When you become a permanent resident of Australia, you can access certain privileges such as quality higher education, unlimited travel within the country, and right to work. Pick the first-class and trusted Australia immigration agency around for stability in the process of obtaining permanent residency.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection is that authority that lets the migrant apply for several visas as per their needs. The administration of Australia supports the foreign workers to visit the country and work. Approximately 21 per cent of the students studying in the Australian institutes are from overseas.  Moreover, similar service is provided in all the universities for any sort of course. The Australian economy is powerful for skilled migrants who fancy travelling to any powerful country.

Advantages of being a permanent citizen of Australia in brief

  1. Living without restraint

Individuals from foreign lands with a permanent residence permit are given the liberty to stay in Australia indefinitely. Like a local citizen, the new member also takes pleasure of all the perks. The visa is issued for five years to a particular traveller. Occasional renewal of the permit is crucial.

  1. Health care benefits

Immigrants with a permanent residence visa can access the health schemes of the state. Free medical care in any public hospital is offered to the immigrants within these health schemes. Subsidies over medications are also given.

  1. Loans

Many banks of Australia provide better loans opportunity to its citizens. They offer loans which have a high rate of interest. It means that buying a car or house on instalment basis won’t be tough for the immigrants.

  1. Social security

The permanent citizen of Australia is likely to avail the social security benefits delivered by the Social Security Department of Australia like unexpected medical issues and student benefits.

  1. Freedom of occupation

With the Australia permanent residency visa, the migrants can gain the freedom to work in the country. The migrants can work for any employer and perform in any type of job. But the doors of state government and public sector are closed for the people from other nations.

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Essentials before and after the permanent nationality

  1. Candidates who are 18 or above are perfect ones to apply for the permanent citizenship of Australia.
  2. After satisfying the general eligibility criteria, the candidates have to pass a citizenship examination. Citizenship exam is not necessary for those above 60 years or undergoing disabilities like speech, sight or hearing problems.
  3. After getting the right to live in Australia, the immigrant should follow the laws of the country.
  4. Migrants must vote during the elections.

Spouse Visa Category if your spouse’s accompanying you to Australia

A lot of people who have been settled in America and are now married have been indulged in interrogating about how can they let their spouse settle in Australia. If you are also thinking about the same, then you are at the right place. We have come up with the top-notch information about how can your spouse attain the Australia Permanent Residency Visa.

Things you need to know if you want to bring your partner to Australia

As entailed, a plethora of Australian PR visa applicants move to Australia with the intention of improving their opportunities and career scope. But the moment they get marry, they start focusing on how to bring their spouse to Australia and let them live along. Are you also facing the same situation presently? You need to know about the right spouse visa category that you should apply for the same.

Apt Spouse Visa category you should apply in

Australia has got a whole array of spouse visa options. All of these depend upon a certain number of factors such as the relationship status, location of the applicant and the sponsor’s visa category etc. On mentioning the most appropriate and prominent visas to apply for is none other than the Partner (Provisional) Visa (subclass 309).

What do you mean by the Partner Visa Subclass 309?

According to the official sources, the Partner Visa Subclass 309 serves the intention of providing residency to the spouse or the permanent residents in Australia. If it’s approved, then the notable candidate shall gain the flexibility to stay in Australia with his/her partner. The respective candidate should be staying outside Australia while he/she is applying for this visa.

What are the eligibility requirements for Subclass 309 visa?

One of the most important conditions to be fulfilled for applying for this visa is that the applicant should be either married to or in a notable de facto relationship with the person staying in Australia. Here are the most important eligibility requirements:

  1. The candidate should be outside Australia when he/she is applying for the Subclass 309 Visa.
  2. The candidate’s partner should be the permanent resident of Australia.
  3. The candidate’s partner should be an eligible citizen of New Zealand and Australia.

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Some important information to keep in view

It has to be noted that the Partner Subclass 309 is considered be a temporary visa. It can thus grant residency to the candidate in Australia for a limited time period. But, if you stay permanently in Australia, then you shall have to convert your Partner Subclass 309 visa into Permanent Partner Visa (subclass 100). With its help, you would be able to live permanently with your partner in Australia.

In a nutshell

Are you intending to apply for a Partner Visa? If yes, then it has to be ensured that you are seeking help from the trusted Australia immigration agency. Its experts are highly professional and would help you out in immigration in the finest possible manner.

Top Occupations in Demand in Australia for Skilled Migration

Australia, a nation that every being wanted to linger there in their career progression, every year hefty quantity of the people from different parts of the world stopover this country to acquire a suitable occupation. Numerous sorts of jobs have been released by Australia form, which we will be discussing the field that is targeted the most by the enthusiastic individuals.

The reason why many people select Australia to be the best for attaining a better lifestyle

The primary goal for this immigration is that the individual traveling Australia would be getting a class model of livelihood, remarkable service potential, great experiences, massive revenue sources, and local interactions.

The top occupations which are mostly preferred by the immigrants in Australia are-

Most significantly, in Australia, research has reported that there are four industries that there are four industries that are set to be steadfast for more than 62 percent of the whole employment augmentation of the nation in the upcoming years. These include –

  • The healthcare and assistance
  • Skilled, systematic, and mechanical services
  • Edification and schooling
  • Construction

If you or your known relative is aspired to reserve his/her position in any of these businesses in Australia, then choose the trusted Australia Immigration Agency for the provision.

The hype of these industries

Selecting the leading Australia immigration Consultancy is going to be the ideal decision. As a job seeker or a student knowing the top skills in you is crucial before visiting overseas. The chances of getting admission or selection in a particular occupation can be challenging because of the high competition. Staying up to date for getting a chance to hold a precise position abroad is necessary. The qualification criterion has always been a reliable source to get an education or job, which is hugely in order.

It is very shocking to observe that the number of registered nurses in Australia in 2019 was more than 17000. This figure has increased by 2000 positions as compared to the analysis of the year 2018.

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The trades’ maximum job amount includes mechanic, electricians, carpenter, etc. has been owed among 6000 and 8000 places per profession.

The piece of evidence over the construction industry is that Australia holds 5178 construction project managers as per the several reports.

Heading towards the education industry, if we look upon the secondary school instructors and software programmer’s vacancies, then there are more than 8000. In contrast, the engineers’ seats, that cover electronics, chemical, and electrical engineers, differ from 1000 to 3722 seats for civil engineers.


In the end, we settle the knowledge and piece of information that we have delivered about this occupation adapted nation- Australia till now. Are you searching for a job in your locality? Or do you want to travel and reside abroad for a great career ahead? Then it is the time to buckle up and head to your destiny with the top and trusted Australian Immigration Agency. Furthermore, let us know what changes you got to experience there and have a crucial concern in the top occupations that have become mainstream in Australia.

How does the Australian PR points calculator work?

The Australian PR point calculator is the first step towards getting your immigration to Australia. The immigration process in Australia is based on points, and to be eligible to immigrate and get permanent residency in Australia, you are considered based on your immigration points. The immigration points are the sole criteria from which you can receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and then later on the Permanent Resident (PR) Visa for living in the country of Australia. For this, you will require the help of Authentic Immigration Consultants?

What is the Permanent Residency (PR) points, calculator?

The Australian system of PR Point Calculation is a systematic point system which is implemented to calculate the probability of a person to immigrate to Australia. In the PR point system, 65 points is a minimum eligibility score, which is required to get a PR. With better scores, you have higher chances of applying for a Permanent Residency in Australia.

The following are the points that are considered while allotting points for you in the PR points calculator:

  • The age of the applicant
  • The educational qualification of the applicant
  • The total work experience of the applicant
  • The English eligibility test score of the applicant (IELTS etc.)

Here are the maximum scores that can be awarded to the applicant on the PR points calculator:

Age matter: 30 points

Educational qualification: 20 points

Language skills: 20 points

Work experience: 20 points

Other factors (partner’s skills): 5 points


The Age Factor

Age                                                                 Points

18 to 24 years old                                          25 points

25 to 32 years old                                          30 points

33 to 39 years old                                          25 points

40 to 44 years old                                         15 points

45 to 49 years old                                          0 points


English Proficiency

If you are a competent English handler with an IELTS score of 6 or an OET C, then you will be awarded 0 points. If you are a proficient handler with an IELTS score of 7 or an OET B, then you will be awarded 10 points. If you are a superior handler of English with an IELTS score of 8 or an OOET A, then you will be awarded 20 points to your PR points calculator.

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Work Experience

If you have a work experience of three but less than five years, then you will be awarded 5 points. If you have at least five but less than eight years of experience, then you will be awarded 10 points, and if you have at least eight and up to 10 years of work experience, then you will be awarded 15 points.


Educational Qualification


A doctorate from an Australian educational institution will get you 20 points. Having at least a Bachelor’s degree from an Australian recognized standard will get you 15 points to your PR points. A Diploma completed in Australia will give you an addition of 10 points to your PR calculator.



Australia immigration Consultancy will help you in your calculation before your official application for permanent residency in Australia. If your score is below 65, then you will need to boost your score and then have better chances of getting an ITA and, therefore, later on, the PR.

Australian Immigration: Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

To procure an Australia permanent residency visa, you need to have the skilled migration visa 190. This visa is specifically meant for those people who want to indulge in a skilled profession of the country. The skilled migration visa 190 acts as a pass for you to obtain permanent residency in case you are eligible for the same. The benefits of the permit do not halt here. With the aid of the Visa Subclass 190, you can also bring your family to the country as well. Your family encompasses your spouse and your kids. However, if you are applying for this visa, then you need to deliver an expression of interest to the Department of Home Affairs. Not only this, but you should also be chosen by the substantial state or territory Government of India.

Basic requirements for the skilled visa 190

 There are some essential criteria which you must follow to procure the Visa Subclass 190. In case you fail to comply with these criteria, you will not get the visa.  Let us have a glimpse on the list of the requirements.

  • You should be nominated and selected by a state or territory government as an applicant.
  • You should successfully pass the skill points test, which is required to qualify the Visa Subclass 190. You should at least earn 65 points in your points analysis to procure the visa.
  • You should have skilled proficiency in English as well. Hence, you should qualify in the English language test before applying.
  • Not only this, but you should also qualify for the skills assessment test, which is related to the category in which you have been selected.


To get the skilled visa 190, you can procure the services of reliable immigration consultants. Such people make the procedure hassle-free and smooth. However, you cannot be nominated for every Australian occupation. So, you should be selected for a category which is incorporated in the medium and long term strategic skills list. Otherwise, you can also be chosen for the class, which is included in the short-term skilled occupation list.

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The English Language Requirement

To qualify for the Visa Subclass 190, you need to meet a particular English language criteria. You should pass any of the English language tests to mentioned below:

  • A minimum score of six in the examination of IELTS. The categories in which you need to Secure this score is listening, reading, speaking, and writing.
  • A minimum score of 50 in the PTE academic test. The score should be secured in the four categories of English, namely listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Specific scores in the field of particular categories need to be secured in the test of TOEFL iBT. The scores which you need to ensure are 21 for writing, 13 for reading, 18 for speaking, and 12 for listening.

Age Requirement

You need to meet a particular age criterion to procure the skilled visa 190.  According to the age criterion, an applicant needs to be below 45 years of age to apply. Complying with the age criterion is the primary and the foremost step before initiating your visa application procedure. The DoHA checks your age and then sends you a letter of invitation to apply.

How to Migrate to Australia as a Teacher?

The option of migrating to Australia as a teacher is a great choice, provided you know the details about the process. This article would aid you in understanding the required information on this task. With the recent changes in the Australian 457 Visa program, the Australian Permanent residency Visa is not proffered to the migrant teachers of Australia. The program has changed its form to the new Temporary Skills shortage Visas (TSS).  Employers still offer sponsorship for the teachers. Let us have a glance at the various ways to migrate to Australia as a teacher.

Details about migrating to Australia for a teacher

A skilled migrant

The reliable immigration consultants can proffer you the details of immigration to Australia. A person can easily migrate to Australia by being a skilled migrant. A skilled migrant is a person who qualifies the Australian Government’s criteria for any occupation. The occupations include the trades which are in demand like Electricians, nurses, Carpenter, Engineers, etc.  The skilled occupation list (SOL) has the names of all such occupations. The requirements to qualify for the Skilled migration to Australia includes a nomination for a trade from the Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List (ML TSSL). But, you can nominate for an occupation in the short term Skilled occupation list (STSOL) if you are applying for a skilled migration visa nomination by a state or territory.

Australian skill assessment

Australian skill assessment is a test that is based on the skills assessment of the candidate. The skills, qualifications, and the employment of the applicant are compared with the Australian standards to determine if the worker is proficient enough for the job. You can take the skill assessment test in the UK from this website- VETASSESS –www.vetassess.com.au/ AITSL – www.aitsl.edu.au/migrate-to-australia

English language test

To procure an Australian Skilled Migration Visa, one has to clear an English language test, which is mandatory to analyze the proficiency of the individual in the English language. If the competence of the individual is sufficient to dwell in Australia, then he or she clears the test. The test is based on the International English Language testing system. The following English Language tests are accepted by the Government to give you the Visa.

According to the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs, clearing the following English language tests would make you eligible to obtain the Australian Skilled migration visa:

  • Occupational English Test (OET)
  • Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE)
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • Test of English as a foreign language Internet-based test (TOEFL iBT)
  • Cambridge English Advanced test (CAE) or the Certificate in Advanced English.

The teachers can also notably clear the “Academic Version”. For this, they need to score at least 7 in reading, speaking, listening as well as writing. These results are then directly sent to the skills assessment body from the test center. You can also search for the teaching jobs in Australia through various recruitment job boards like Hays recruitment (www.hays.com.au ), Seek (www.seek.com.au), Adzuna (www.adzuna.com.au), Indeed (www.indeed.com.au),  etc.

Know these Visa Options before you begin your Nursing Career in Australia

Beginning a promising and high paying career is the ambition of every professional. Whichever part of the world you are, you want to make the most of your skills and excel to the maximum possible extent in your selected profession. Particularly if you have completed your studies in nursing, have decided to pursue a career in nursing and are committed to this noble and committed job, then you got abundant prospects overseas, and they are open to be explored.

Notably, Australia is one of the most prospective destinations from your career point of view. This article has important information for you from this standpoint.

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Reasons nursing is so much in demand in Australia

Wondering why your nursing skill and proficiency are so much in demand in Australia? Well, you got to read this!

While there is no doubt that present healthcare facilities at Australia are world-class, it is equally true that a large number of citizens here have entered their elderly years. Due to this, the existing healthcare facilities and nursing personnel are not able to cater the demand. The national government is compelled to extend the prevailing facilities – right from maternity to surgical care to elderly care. Evidently, they require young, energetic, committed nursing professionals.

Figures show that Australia’s is short on skilled nursing professional consequent to which the country’s healthcare industry targets recruiting as high as 75,000 nurses in next 5 years.

The above figures clearly signify how bright your chances are for pursuing nursing career in Australia. With this intension, it is important that you soon get in touch with a professional Australia immigration consultant in Dubai.

Prerequisites for Australia immigration

As a qualified nurse or midwife, you can be eligible for immigrating to Australia for work. However, your immigration is subject to some regulations. The first and foremost prerequisite for you is to make sure that your nursing degree holds international qualification. Then, you should complete your registration with AHPRA i.e. the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Further, you must satisfy all the accreditation prerequisites of ANMAC, which is the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council. Having completed all these requirements, you become eligible to hunt for job opportunities in Australia’s health sector.

Know about the Visa Options to meet your career aspirations

As a qualified nursing professional, possessing requisite skills and eligible for migrating to Australia, you will require a visa. Before you contact a professional Migration Consultants Dubai, have a look at your visa options.

Ø  With adequate English proficiency and stipulated experience, you can apply for a permanent visa through Subclass 186 under Employer Nomination Scheme. For this, it is important that your age is below 50.

Ø  Possessing similar age and educational credentials as above, if you receive nomination from an employer who locates somewhere in regional Australia except Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Wollongong or Brisbane, you can get visa through Subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Ø  Want to let your skill earn you a visa? You can, with Subclass 189 which empowers you to get skilled independent visa! To apply for this visa, you must submit expression of interest. A sponsor is not required for this visa; however, you should have the Dept. of Home Affairs’ invitation letter.

That’s not all! There are other visa options as well. Therefore, meet an experienced visa consultant in Dubai soon and fulfill your career aspiration.

All you need to know about the General Skilled Migration (GSM) For Australia Immigration and PR


Career oriented folks from across the world are on a constant streak for best employment offers, promising jobs and handsome pay packages. You, being an individual with special skills and outstanding ability to display your forte in a chosen area, should always want your skills to be displayed and hired at one of the most prospective destinations of world. From this standpoint, you got a lot to look at and expect at Australia! You may pick this as a life changing hint and an apt time to start packing your bags and plan for your Australia immigration.


While you may easily complete the mandatory documentation with the help of a professional visa consultancy in Dubai, that’s not all! There are other significant aspects too which you should learn ahead of your migration to Australia!


Importance of General Skilled Migration (GSM)


If you are an Australia immigration aspirant you should know this at the first step. Your migration rests on the points you score in the parameters of GSM or General Skilled Migration, which is the chief mode of working in Australia. To evaluate your profile and test your eligibility for migration to Australia, the authorities have stipulated this point system.


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GSM Point System – Modus Operandi


Here, you will be curious about the modus operandi of the point system mentioned above. Well, at first, you have to go on the SkillSelect System online and then register yourself and further, put forward your profile. Your will be evaluated by the point system based on major facets like present age, linguistic skills, educational qualifications, work experience, etc. If you some Australian state has nominated you, you earn extra points for that.


An ideal score to be eligible for GSM is 60 points. This is when you are entitled to receive Invitation to Apply (ITA) for GSM Visa. But the higher your score, the higher your chances of getting GSM Visa. Once you get ITA, you can apply for GSM program in another sixty days.


Having known this, you should check which visa category are you in, among the three given below:


  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) Subclass 489 Visa: This is a temporary visa under which you can work and live in Australia for 4 years. Your place of stay will be an Australian location with mediocre population. You may apply for Subclass 489 Visa after producing nomination from some authority or family member in that part of Australia.


  • Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa: When you have this Visa, you can stay in one of the Australian states viz. Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Canberra, etc. This visa entitles you permanent residency in Australia. Select the state where your want to work so as to receive nomination from that particular state.


  • Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa: This is an independent visa and for this, you don’t have to bring any sponsorship or nomination from someone already residing Australia. Also, you may permanently work and live in Australia after receiving this visa.


So remember to discuss about the above points with your Australia immigration consultant in Dubai and make sure to apply for the right Visa.