Can I get a US Work Visa if I don?t have a job offer?

Can I Get A US Work Visa If I Don?t Have A Job Offer?

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Anyone who is applying for the US Work Visa needs to have a job offer! But there are certain other US Visas which not at all require a job offer. Thus, working in United States and that too without a job offer is true now. Many of you might be thinking about why does these jobs not require any kind of job offers from the candidate?s end. Well, that?s because these visas require a petition on the candidate?s behalf. Thus, your USA immigration can be facilitated based on the same. A lot of specific visas in the US aim towards the immigrating as well as the non-immigrating workers.Here are the most important US work visas which don?t require any kinds of job offers from the candidate. Read on further?
  1. EB-1A Visa
Anyone who hails with an extraordinary expertise in the field of business, arts, science or education can apply for the EB-1A Visa. Apart from that, the multinational managers and the notable executives can also apply for this visa. Under this Visa application, you will be asked to prove yourself as the best in this field. There are several ways to describe you as the best and these include your awards, publications, letters of reference etc. 
  1. EB-5 Visa
Also known as the investor visa, the EB-5 Visa is specially meant for the business people who have the ability to spend a minimum sum of $500,000 when asked under various situations. This visa is also considered to be a path to the USA Green Card Visa. Anyone who is intending to earn this Visa shall have to invest in the economy of the United States. This investment would further generate jobs in the US. There are a lot of reasons for investing in the US?s economy.All you need to know about Permanent Work Visa Categories Just in case you have got a sponsor for your notable employment, you are surely going to get eligible for attaining a job in the US. Apart from that, you must also have the respective work experience, quality of education and the skills as well.Whenever any employer looks forward to sponsor any worker, there exists a need for him/her to file the immigrant or non-immigrant petition notably on the candidate?s behalf. This can be for the candidate whether he wants to be in the US on a temporary or permanent basis.You can also read: Learn How to Apply For a US Visa From DubaiWhy is there a need to get professional help in USA immigration?Well, not only in applying for visa, but you would also need professional help in various other relatable aspects associated with the same. Immigration includes a whole lot of preparation and if you have some help, then there would be no hassle in preparing for the same. These activities include assembling the notable paperwork, following a whole procedure of filling the visa application form and other necessary stuff. With such a plethora of timely requirements, getting some assistance from a legal expert can do wonders for you!