Why Immigration to New Zealand is a Good Idea?

New Zealand regularly tops the charts when it comes to the ‘best countries in world to live’, the fact that people have a say in the running of their own country, life expectancy, low crime rates, low levels of corruption, good schooling, the list goes on.

new zealand

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These are all big factors that will make your decision to immigrate to new zealand, one that you will never regret:


The people – you will struggle to find a friendlier bunch of people anywhere on the planet. Whilst Kiwis can be quite reserved when it comes to making friends, you can always expect the warmest of welcomes wherever you travel in the country.

The landscapes – This place was top of the pile when it came to handing out stunning landscapes. From the fiords of Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound to the mountains of the Southern Alps to the beautiful Bay of Islands and the most wonderful beaches. New Zealand has it all!

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The cultureNew Zealander are very easy going. Everything is so laid back in NZ and that means an awesome quality of life is guaranteed. They work hard and play harder. Everything is geared up for the outdoors. Whether you live near the sea or inland – the walks, the fishing, the beach life – it’s all here. The other side of the culture is the rich history of this country that is well-preserved and celebrated.

The outdoor life – If you are an Outdoorsy person, New Zealand not only has amazing outdoor opportunities, it’s also warm enough to do them all.


Smaller population: New Zealand doesn’t experience a lot of traffic jams apart from major centres like Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch.


Multicultural: New Zealand is a multicultural society with Europeans, Maori, Pacific Islanders, Asians, and even small populations of Africans, Latin Americans, Jews, and Arabs. Racism is frowned upon.


Good Company-  It may seem quite daunting coming to live in another country from the other side of the world but don’t worry, you’ll be in good company. New Zealand welcomes people from all over the world and whether you’re staying for a week, a month, a year or forever, you will soon get to meet lots of Kiwis as well as people from your home country and people from around the world. That’s another part of what makes New Zealand such a cool place to live.


Freedom of religion and expression: New Zealand is a very secular country.


Peaceful: Gun violence is relatively low compared to the United States due to tighter gun laws.


And the Last but not the least,


You Will Never Regret your Decision.


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Reasons to Immigrate to Australia

Decision of permanently moving to a new country cannot be made cluelessly, it must be an informed decision. If you have been lately thinking to permanently immigrate to Australia this article should help you with your decision.

Why Australia?

  1. A Stable Economy with Employment Opportunities

Australia has a stable economy and low rate of unemployment. In parts of the country, there is still a scarcity of skilled workers to fill the available jobs.  If you have the right set of skills, you can easily get employment in Australia.

  1. Multicultural Population

With the country’s multicultural population, you do not need to fear discrimination. Australia has been open to immigration and it has served its multi directional prosperity. Almost half of this country’s population today has roots in other countries throughout the world.

  1. Laid back lifestyle

Australians have a reputation for being laid back and friendly in nature. People are very open to give you their time of day in Australian cities compared to any other cities around the world. There’s also a comparatively low crime rate.

  1. Excellent healthcare system

Australia’s has the healthcare system that is considered one of the best in the world and it covers all citizens’ hospitalization and medical payments across all public hospitals.

  1. Excellent education system

Australia’s education system is definitely considered top-notch, having a very prestigious 8th rank in worldwide rankings. The country has a varied selection of outstanding schools and universities. Primary and secondary schools run by the government are absolutely free and education in these levels is compulsory.


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  1. Rule of Law

A fair and equitable legal system built on the Common Law Tradition of England.

  1. Unspoilt Nature

Australia has a large variety of beautiful natural ecosystems. It has from marvelous sand beaches to fresh waters, from lush green rainforests to parched deserts and also the gorgeous snow-capped mountains. There are over 500 national parks scattered all around Australia and 14 areas that have been declared a world heritage.

  1. Pleasant climate

Australia provides mild comfortable weather throughout the year with plenty of sunshine for those outdoor enthusiasts among us.

  1. Great place to travel

Australia is a vast country which can still remain unexplored even after spending all your holidays exploring it. Domestic travel has it all from beaches to rainforests, lavish ski-resorts and stunning ancient landscapes.

  1. Sports Culture

Australian stadiums, race tracks, and sports arenas are a sight of amazement for the sports enthusiast. There is a wide range of sports played down under, the most popular are rugby, cricket, football (soccer), netball (volleyball), basketball and many others. Sport in Australia seems to be something of a national obsession.

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New Zealand’s immigration- know how!

New Zealand’s immigration policies have been developed to support its economic growth. If you’re looking to immigrate to New Zealand and have skills, experience or capital that are in short supply locally, New Zealand would love to hear from you. Moving here could be life changing for you or could be the life you’ve always dreamed of. If you want to visit New Zealand before you make the move or for a holiday, you may need a visitor visa.

The government has opened a consultation on proposed changes to working visas post-study for international students that would see work rights for students below degree level restricted, a policy that was first announced during the election campaign last year by the Labour party. There is a range of New Zealand visas, some of which you may be eligible for. Choosing the best option for your circumstances will likely depend on how long you want to stay, if there is a shortage of your skills in New Zealand and if you are coming with a partner or family.

If you have to supply any other documents, which might have to be obtained from authorities in your home country, i.e. police clearances or work-related evidence, it can take more time like weeks or even months till you get them available for submission.

In case you have chosen the wrong visa

In many cases, you have to provide translations and certified copies of your documents. If Immigration in New Zealand needs more information from you or questions your eligibility, you might experience considerable delays.

type for your application, you will be rejected and have to restart the whole process all over again.

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Things to consider before migrating to Australia

A report was published recently by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in which all the countries in the world were ranked on the basis of human development. Ranking countries on the basis of human development may sound like the vague thing to try and measure, however, researchers focused on the opportunities presented by each country and ways that each country supports its citizens.


Australia was able to achieve the second position in the list, offering the highest potential for human development.


Why is Australia one of the best destinations for migrants?


The country provides access to a faster growing labor market, economy, great healthcare system, easy access to government benefits, great education system and much more.


Australia is Hot!

Even though Australia is known for its gorgeous summer, don’t ignore how hot it can get. Even coastal cities like Sydney and Melbourne get warm. The temperature is usually around 30-degree Celsius.  


Coffee is always trending

When people want to enjoy a hot beverage, they think of coffee only. A good strong coffee is like a religion over there. The country consists of a large number of coffee chains such as Starbucks. Australia even has a coffee capital, which is none other than Melbourne city.


Sport is a must

The country is mad about sports. Not any particular sport but all sports in common. The people love to watch any sort of sports that is being hosted in their country or been shown on TV.  It is very common among Aussies to stay up late at night watching sports events that are happening in other parts of the world.


10,000 beaches in one country

The amazing thing about Australia is that the country consists of 10,000 beaches. If you move to this country, the chances are that you will never be very far from a beach.


Don’t worry if you are not into swimming or water sports, there are also beautiful natural formations along the coastline that will definitely satisfy you.


The Migration process is lengthy


If you are considering to moving to Australia, then you will have to be patient with the visa approval process. The process usually takes about 6 – 8 months for completion.


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The most requisite of what it takes to get into Canada!

If you are looking out to migrate to Canada then this article is something that is for you!

This is really gonna be the toughest of all choices indeed, leaving behind your family, your loved ones & the culture you are been raised in, from lifelong years is not easy. But to give your family a quality life and a better place to spend the rest of their life you have to get through this time the prove yourself to be the winner! Being your family’s hero is not as easy as it seems while you start applying for the visa. It takes a great sacrifice and dedication to get things in place. All you need to do is to stay calm, focused and motivated.


What after getting the visa application processed?


Once you get the visa application processed the next thing that would come to your mind is job seeking for your survival in the new country you have migrated to. But it won’t be that easy as most of the Canadian employers ask for Canadian cultural experience even if you have a Renault degree and experience in a particular field. Most of us get rejected in the interview due to lack of Canadian cultural experience and start questioning the immigration dept for passing our application and cheating us on being eligible for residing in Canada. But the thing we are not understanding here is that if we were not eligible or competent enough to survive in the Canadian environment then why would the government have processed our application? All one has to look upon is the expectation the employers have of the employees they would hire.



  • The employee should be a great communicator.
  • The employee should have the solution to his problems.
  • The employee blends well with the culture of the organisation.



The above questions are far far away not corresponding to what immigration authorities make us answer. So here are a few tips to get through with the barrier “Canadian cultural experience” that is hindering you to enjoy the pleasure of being in one of the best countries of the world.


  1. Volunteering

A hirer who is rejecting you will not do the same in case you are volunteering the activity. This way you’ll be able to understand the environment and get along with the professionals easily.

  1. Internships

Many govt and private organisations help in youth candidates get experience in

          an organisation with some survival amount-stipend. Take advantage of them!  

  1. Bridging Programs

If you are in a regulated industry, such as teaching, accounting, medical, engineering, architecture, understand that these industries are governed by strict policies and procedures. Bridging programs are here to help you understand the policies and regulations in Canada that hiring managers and companies in the field must abide by.

  1. Mentoring

A Canadian mentor can benefit you to enhance your knowledge in understanding Canadian workplace culture and the Canadian market in your industry.

  1. Be explicit in your efforts

If you have gained experience in the above, don’t hide it to be loud and expressive about it and use it as a weapon against the “no Canadian experience” barrier hindering you!


Be brake and ready to face the toughest moments in your life to get through and give your loved one the best of what you can and the best of what the deserve!


Make your mind before applying for a visa for New Zealand!

When you start your migration journey you probably wonder how long it will take till the time you get your visa and find a job. So, how can you speed up your immigration process?

You will probably spend much of your time in soughting out this important question as it will be the primary step of a number of further decisions and items on your to-do list.

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The duration of your immigration process will depend on two main factors:


  1. Firstly, how smoothly your visa application process will take place.
  2. Second being, how smoothly you will be able to fulfil further immigration requirements, depending on the visa policy chosen by you,  i.e. finding a job, establishing a business, placing an investment etc.

So, prepare carefully and get it right on the go. Don’t delay!


Preparing a submission file for your visa application is a lengthy and bureaucratic process:

Some applicants may need to apply for an external Qualification Assessment of their overseas qualifications or register at the registration board in charge for their professional registration according to their professions. Each processes will many likely take several months to complete.

In many cases, the requirement of a job offer before a visa application can be submitted. Looking for a job will take more time like weeks or even months. To prove your eligibility, you have to choose the right visa type for your plans to migrate to New Zealand on work visa and accompanying your visa application by a full set of documents and all other evidence. Submitting a visa application that does not fulfil all requirements will cause great delay for you. Time taken by the visa processing at Immigration New Zealand is like, once your visa application has been submitted, your application will be processed by Immigration New Zealand. Unfortunately the processing times for visa applications have recently been extended considerably. Choosing the right visa type and submitting a complete visa application will be your best way to speed up your visa application process.


  • Competent visa advice and careful preparation are the key to a smooth visa application process, regardless of the type of visa you are applying for.
  • Having your paperwork ready will ensure that your visa application can be submitted as soon as you are fully eligible!
  • Earlier in the process you start collating your documents and looking for a job, the better you are prepared and the faster you will be ready to submit your visa application once you are eligible.

All of this might sound obvious to you, but from experience, we can not stress enough that good preparation will save you nerves and time when you want to move on with your migration plans.

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Moving to Canada? Here are the important things you must know

Canada is the second largest and one of the most diverse countries in the world. The country targets to admit one million immigrants, who can contribute towards the development of its economy and society, between 2017 and 2020. Vast opportunities and high standards of living have turned Canada into a dream destination for immigrants. But the Canada migration aspirants must do a thorough research about Canada and the life there, before taking the big step of moving to Canada.


Newcomers might find life in Canada tough at least for the first few months. According to Canadian government’s statistics, new immigrants are twice as likely to be unemployed as the Canadian residents. So it better to have a good understanding of what to expect and be equipped with enough knowledge to tackle the challenges the new life throws at you.

Here are a few things that you must know about before moving to Canada


Type of visa: Those who plan to study, work or invest in Canada must choose the right visa.

The most common forms of North American nation visa square measure Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP), Quebec-Selected Worker Program (QSWP), Family-Sponsorship Program

The most common types of Canada visa are Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP), Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), Family-Sponsorship Program and student visa program.

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Where to live: Usually, most immigrants plan to settle in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, the Canadian cities they have heard about the most. A few other Canadian cities to settle as a new immigrant are Markham, Ontario; Saanich, British Columbia; Oakville, Ontario; Calgary, Alberta; and Vaughan, Ontario.


Job search: In order to land in the right job in Canada, you must conduct a thorough research about the Canadian job market. Then you will get a brief idea about the types of skills that are in high demand in Canada. You can also seek the guidance and support of your friends in Canada.


Living costs: Before coming to Canada, you must have a clear idea of how much money you would need to start living in the new country, the cost of living in the city that you plan to settle in, and the tax system in Canada.


Healthcare, education: You should know about the health insurance options suitable for you. You must also know when you will become entitled to public healthcare. If your children are accompanying you, you must make the best arrangements to continue their education in Canada. You should learn about the schools in the area where you are planning to settle down.

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Canada Immigration Benefits | migrationsconsultants.com

Canada Immigration edges are varied and that they are certain to build a positive distinction within the living standards of any person or family. the advantages embody having access to a secure and clean surrounding, as a well-developed transport system, healthcare, education, and smart operating conditions. a number of the key North American nation immigration edges are explained below:


Canada Immigration benefits embody enhancing one’s commonplace of living. additionally, to being hierarchic ninth within the United Nation (UN) quality of life ranking in 2016, Canada has hierarchic ninth out of two hundred countries within the UN’s annual Human Development Index (HDI). The HDI measures health, lifetime, access to education and commonplace of living.


Out of 140 cities evaluated for the foremost inhabitable cities within the world by the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU); Vancouver, Toronto & metropolis (all cities in Canada) were among the highest 5. However, a high commonplace of living is simply one in all the various North American nation immigration edges that the immigrants get to relish.


Among the Canada immigration benefits, having access to state-funded attention isn’t one thing to be underestimated. Canada provides state-funded attention facilities that change individuals from all walks of life to own access to quality attention without concern concerning paying serious fees. Plus, if you’re a Canadian subject or a permanent resident, basic attention is totally free of cost! this can be one in all the foremost valued Canada immigration benefits among aspiring immigrants.


Canada immigration benefits embody having access to secure and clean surroundings. Canada has strict gun laws, it’s not solely misappropriated to possess handguns however a solely simple fraction of the population contains a license to hold firearms. it’s no surprise Canada was named the world’s most peaceful country in 2007 by The economic expert. The Legatum international Prosperity Index (2016) has hierarchic Canda #2 within the world in personal freedom that measures the national progress towards basic legal rights, individual freedoms, and social tolerance. those that offer priority to safety count this truth joined the foremost vital among Canada immigration benefits.


Having access to career opportunities and smart operating conditions is one in all Canada immigration benefits. Since mid-2016, Canada’s economy has big at a 4.3% annual rate. Supported information from the globe Bank and therefore the International fund, Canada ranks twenty out of the highest twenty-five richest countries within the world with a GDP per capita of $45,981. Canada is additionally one in all the foremost powerful countries within the world because it may be a member of the G8 and therefore the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


A variety of immigration choices that are less cumbersome is additionally thought-about joined of the various Canada immigration benefits. Canada contains a fast-track system for immigration referred to as Express-Entry for masterful employees.  The abilities of the candidates are hierarchic on their specific talents and job prospects through the great Ranking System (CRS). The candidates at the highest of the rankings are offered permanent residency.

Canada’s Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) allows Provincial and Territorial governments in Canada to draw in immigrants to their region. This program allows people with the talents and skill needed by the province(s) taking part in Canada’s PNP to receive a Provincial Nomination Certificate that expedites the Canadian immigration and therefore the Canadian Permanent Residency method. The very fact that Canada offers vast opportunities for persons possessing totally different ability sets is unquestionably one amongst the various Canada immigration benefits.


One of the foremost distinguished Canada immigration benefits is that the country is very migrator friendly. Some 20% of Canada’s thirty-five million individuals are from an overseas land, that makes Canada one in all the world’s most philosophical system countries. the range in Canada makes subsidence easier for immigrants because it plays an important role in forming the tolerant and hospitable perspective of the govt. and folks of Canada. The Legatum international Prosperity Index (2016) disclosed that Canada ranks third out of 148 nations within the Social Capital sub-index. This measures the strength of private relationships, social network support, social norms and civic participation in a very country.


Canada immigration benefits embody having access to glorious instructional opportunities. Canada is home to a superb education system thus providing quality education to its residents. Canada provides each public and personal education systems. the general public colleges are funded by the govt. and are free for college students till twelfth Grade. Canada is additionally equipped with public schools and universities wherever students ought to pay tuition that’s considerably below personal schools and universities. A number of the highest universities in the world like McGill University, University of Canadian province and University of Toronto are placed in Canada


The Legatum international Prosperity Index (2016) has hierarchic Canada third out of 149 nations in Business surroundings. The Business surroundings sub-index measures a country’s entrepreneurial surroundings as well as its business infrastructure, barriers to innovation and market flexibility. This ranking indicates that there are nice employment opportunities accessible in Canada for individuals from all walks of life, that once more is one in all Canada immigration edges.


Enjoying the natural beauty is one in all the foremost engaging Canada immigration edges. Canada has a number of the foremost scenic places in the world. Niagara Falls in Ontario; Banff park in Alberta; Edward Island; Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains; and therefore the Capilano stream space in Canadian province.
The list of Canada immigration edges doesn’t finish here. Several of can approve’s former purchasers are currently enjoying of these North American nation immigration edges and a lot of. At can Approve, our mission is to ensure our purchasers a hassle-free expertise by being there to answer queries and supply solutions each step of the method. For the last nineteen years, our groups of qualified consultants, masterful advisors, and extremely trained instructors are consistent in delivering reliable immigration and education services.

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Permanent Entry Visa | Australia Immigration

If you are a person, who is interested in migrating to Australia, then this article is for you. There are two main migration categories when it comes to permanent settlement In Australia:

  • The Migration Programme: for non-refugees.
  • The Humanitarian Programme: for refugees.

The Migration Programme

Australia Immigration authority selects migrants on factors like skills, financial resources, age, English language ability, family, business, health, etc. Note, the migration program never takes into account a person’s race, culture and gender. Mostly, Australia approves migrants with qualifications and skills that will contribute in the development of the economy and society.

There are different types of visas under this program which are categorized as:

Skilled Migrants

Under this category, there are five different categories through which migrants can apply:

  • Skilled Migrants – Australian Linked: For a person who already has a family member in Australia and is willing to sponsor that person.
  • Independent Skilled Migrants – You must be under 45 years.
  • Employer Nominated Migrants – Australian Employers hiring from overseas.
  • Distinguished Talent Migrants – For talented people who excel in fields like sports, arts, etc.
  • Regional Sponsored Migrants

Business Migrants
Even though business migrants can fall under skilled migrant category, but it is considered as another category because of the various special provisions under the scheme. The visas under this scheme is intended towards business people. It encourages successful business people to settle down in Australia to develop existing as well as new business.  If you are an investor or business owner, you can apply under this scheme. There are three types of visas under this scheme:

  • Investment – person who want to invest in Australia.
  • Business Owner – person who fully or partly own a business.
  • Business Talent – person who is sponsored by a state or territory government.

Family Migrants
In case a migrant wants to bring his family permanently to Australia, then the family members has to apply under this category. There is a limit on the number of applicants, Australia accept under this category.

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Skilled Worker Immigration to Canada

Canada Visa Services, that is, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has set a faster and unique process to welcome aspiring professional from around the world to meet immigration needs of Canada by launching Express Entry System, an online Electronic Visa Processing method.

Earlier, in order for a skilled worker to immigrate to Canada, he or she has to apply to the embassy in their home country. There are three types of Canada work visa that a skilled worker can apply for:

  1. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  2. Federal Skilled Workers Program
  3. Quebec – Selected Skilled Workers Program

The processing time of the above-mentioned visas was lengthy and very time-consuming. So in order to make the process faster, Express Entry System is introduced. The system has significantly reduced the processing time of all visa applications to a maximum of 12 months. Express Entry system covers the majority of the occupation sectors than its forerunner Immigration version.

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This system involves merit-based selection, where the applicants who are considered qualified will be invited on factors like Age, Qualification, Work Experience, English Language Proficiency, etc.

Applicants who meet the above-named elements would be eligible to make Associate in electronic categorical Entry profile.

An Invitation to Apply (ITA) will be granted immediately to those applicants, who receive a valid employment offer from a Canadian Employer or a Provincial Nomination Invitation, upon submission from the Canadian Immigration Department.

Following are the stepwise process under the Express Entry System:

  • Education Credentials Assessment (ECA): It is a report by an independent company that evaluates your education. The average cost of ECA is around 200 Canadian Dollars.
  • Express Entry Profile: An online Express Entry profile would be created upon receiving the necessary documents and information.
  • Registration of applicant’s profile in the Canadian Government managed Job Bank to improve the chances of getting hired by a Canadian Employer.
  • Once the application is selected, the applicant will be issued an ITA (Invitation to Apply) and would be advised to submit the visa application within 90 days of the issuance.

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