Are you looking to immigrate to Canada as a Mechanical Engineer?

Are you a Mechanical Engineer searching for a way to move to Canada? Then your search is over, Authentic Immigration Consultants are here to help you find a way through this.

There is tremendous scope for Mechanical Engineers in Canada. Since the demand is so high, there is also a possibility that you might get the permanent residence visa without a job offer, which is a good thing.

But for finding a job, you will need a Canada Work visa which will make it easier for you to land a job in Canada.

No doubt having a job offer and moving to Canada is the first Condition to have access to the Express entry process. As an Engineer, there are multiple options for you to secure your Canada visa from the very beginning.

Under the Canadian Government immigration program, it is easy for the Mechanical Engineers to apply in Canada as they are now included on the targeted occupations list. This list is known as the NOC list that is the National Occupation Code list; more information about this will be accurately curated for you by the best Immigration Consultants.

The express entry for Canada is not a hassle or a visa class whatsoever, and it is instead a simple process that the Canadian Government Immigration uses to select the right Candidates for a permanent resident visa. This case means that the Mechanical Engineers looking forward to migrating to Canada Will be under the Federal Skilled Workers visa and Provincial Nominee Program.

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If you have the skills, experience, and proper qualifications in your home country, there is nothing that can stop you from applying to the express entry that is for the Mechanical Engineer Canada Residency program. The Code for this program is NOC 2131. More information regarding the Canada Work visa for Engineers Will also be available.

Let’s look at the possible job titles for a mechanical Engineer in Canada, and these jobs are marked in chronological order:

  • Airport Engineer
  • Appraisal Engineer
  • Architectural Engineer
  • Bridge Engineer
  • Building envelope Engineer
  • Buildings and Bridge Engineer
  • Cartographic Engineer
  • Chief Civil Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Civil Environmental Engineer
  • Civil Inspection Engineer
  • Civil Pipeline Engineer
  • Coastal Engineer
  • Concrete Engineer
  • Construction Engineer
  • Construction Project Engineer
  • Consulting Civil Engineer
  • County Engineer
  • Dams Engineer
  • District Engineer
  • Drainage Design Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Erecting Engineer
  • Foundation Engineer
  • Geodetic Engineer
  • Geomatics Engineer
  • Highway Engineer
  • Hydraulics Engineer
  • Hydrographic Engineer
  • Hydrological Engineer
  • Irrigation and drainage Engineer
  • Irrigation Engineer
  • Land drainage Engineer
  • Mapping Engineer
  • Material and testing of Civil Engineer
  • Municipal Engineer
  • Navigation and positioning Engineer
  • Noise abatement Engineer
  • Ocean Engineer
  • Photogrammetric Engineer
  • Pollution Control Engineer
  • Precision survey Engineer
  • Public health Engineer
  • Public Works Engineer
  • Rail transportation traffic Engineer
  • Reclamation Engineer
  • Remote sensing Engineer
  • River and Canal Works Engineer
  • Sanitary Engineer
  • Sanitation Engineer
  • Sewage Control Engineer
  • Soil Engineer
  • Solid Waste Management Engineer
  • Spatial information systems Engineer
  • Structural Design Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Survey Engineer
  • Surveying Engineer
  • Traffic Engineer
  • Traffic operations Engineer
  • Transportation Engineer
  • Tunnel Engineer
  • Urban road system Engineer
  • Water and sewer Engineer
  • Water Management Engineer
  • Water Resources Engineer
  • Water Systems Engineer
  • Water Treatment Engineer

These are all the possible job opportunities you have under the Engineering Job titles. If you’re looking out to migrate to Canada, the right time is now. Contact Migration Consultants and learn more about Canada immigration.

Guide to UK Immigration for Doctors

UK allows people from different work fields to come and work in the UK. However, for

UK immigrationdoctors must have a basic knowledge of the rules and laws of the UK since they are multi-layered and complicated. And also, lookout for opportunities to gain a UK PR visa.


Let’s see at the necessary steps for UK immigration for doctors:


  • Medical professionals should be from EEA/EU nations:


If you’re a citizen or a media professional from EEA nations, you are welcome to work in the UK. You don’t need a visa or a job in hand to work in the UK, but you will have to pass the English language examination and apply for the registration.


  • Medical professionals from non-EU/EEA nations:


Professionals under this category need two things to come and work in the UK:

  • TO get a license and registration in the UK.
  • TO get a valid visa.


  • Registration and license:


If you want to be a professional in the UK, you need a license when it comes to writing a prescription or signing a death certificate, etc. As a doctor, you will need to have three types of registration they are:


  • Full registration

This registration is not for everyone. It is only for those who want to work full time as a doctor and get paid and are unsupervised in the UK. Only such professionals can reach their complete registration from GMC. The nationals from EEA nations are eligible for full-time enrollment; people from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, and West Indies may also apply for this registration.


  • Limited registration

You’ll get a limited record if you’re looking to work within NHS at supervised training posts. Such professionals must make sure that the GMC recognizes their qualifications. Doctors with this registration can further apply for full registration by proving their skills and talent.


  • Specialist registration

This registration is for doctors who are willing to work as a consultant at NHS or want to practice unsupervised in a private clinic in the UK or a hospital.

These registrations will depend on your role, and the level of responsibility handled to you.


  • Visa Requirements:


Doctors who want to visit the UK need to apply for a tier 2 visa. For which they need a job offer and sponsorship from an employer in the UK. Tier 2 visas allow non-EU and non-UK members to apply for a job as a doctor in the UK. There is also a possibility of a UK PR visa.


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UK employers can employ Non-UK or non-EU doctors to fill in the vacancies which can’t be filled with UK or EU professionals. This registration is possible under tier 2 visas, let’s look at how you can meet the criteria:


  • Job offer from a UK employer.
  • An offer of an appropriate salary.
  • The job offer must meet the Resident Market Labour Test unless there are some exemptions.
  • English language requirement is mandatory.
  • The employer must be a licensed tier 2 sponsor in the UK who can later offer you a sponsorship letter.
  • Personal savings are necessary for you initially when you arrive in the UK.

Everything About South Africa Critical Skills Visa

As humans, we function to maintain a constant balance in our lives regarding every aspect. A small change in our daily routines can disturb the entire schedule, but sometimes it is necessary to bring in changes that can lead to better possibilities. And this is what happened in South Africa’s 2014 immigration legislation revision.


This policy has given a specific reservation to individual workers to find jobs easily in South Africa. There are genuine Immigration Consultants that can guide you about everything related to your immigration to South Africa.



What is Critical Visa?

This Visa is a policy drafted by the South African department of labor with a precise list of critical skills, and if a person can fit in any of those job criteria or acquire skills that are scarce in Africa and economically in demand, better are the chances of getting a visa.

There are six reasons why the Critical Skill Visa is beneficial:


  • No requirement of having a Job first to get the Visa:

In the past, people who were extremely qualified and could do better to work for the economy and prove to be beneficial did not have the opportunity to work because companies were reluctant to provide outsiders jobs. And most of the companies were not fully aware of the immigration rules, which made it difficult for people with skills to land a job. But with the critical skill visa, you can walk into any interviews you want and acquire assignments that fir in your expertise.


  • The essential skill list has a broader spectrum:

The menu has over 150 jobs that fit in for various skills that you might possess, so there are endless opportunities to look forward and grab. There are high chances of you landing a job in South Africa if your skillset matches the criteria.


  • Fair and Equal evaluation:

There are many times when the assessment bases on unfair terms, but you can trust your peers for just and impartial assessment based on your skills.


  • No competition among the peers:

Previously there were restrictions on specific visas to be granted to one particular industry of work, but with critical skill visas, there is no such restriction, which means no competition between peers.


  • Find an appropriate job:

Critical Visa grants 12 months for you to find a job before the Visa expires, unlike in previous times when you had only 90 days to land a job. This Visa doesn’t restrict anything, so if you don’t like the post, you can move to find other jobs and find what fits you the best.


  • Opportunity for permanent residency:

There is a possibility of permanent residency in South Africa if you have gained the experience and have worked for five years.


All the information about this will be available with the various immigration consultants who will guide you on how to migrate to South Africa and find dutiable jobs according to your skillset.

Learn How to Apply For a US Visa From Dubai

Today, the number of people who want to visit the US for either study, in search of jobs, business, and many more, has been increasing day by day. However, the US attracts quite a range of people, and getting a USA green card visa is problematic, unlike in other countries. Still, the rate of the immigration to USA keeps on increasing.


How to apply for a visa?


The application for a visa is available at the US consulate or embassy in your own country.


Let’s look at the procedure in detail:


  • Evaluate the need for a permit:

According to a Visa waiver program, people from 39 countries and allowed to visit the US for 90 days for business or tourism purposes. This program was introduced by the homeland security department to make travel to the US secure and faster.


  • Visa type that is suitable for your requirements:

Different types of Visa can be ideal for your needs. Hence you have to more careful and precise when you apply for a US visa. Take everything into close consideration because if you don’t, the chances of a USA green card visa will be flat.


  • DS-160 applications form mandatory for non-immigrant visa application:

DS-160 is a US non-immigrant form visa application that has to be fulfilled if you are applying for a US non-immigrant visa. This form can be filled online on the US consulate website from which region you wish to use.


You can apply either online or by a travel agent.

  1. There are multiple reasons why a travel agent can help you with DS-160 form;
  2. They will provide you with all the requirements, and also schedule an interview for you.
  3. They provide 24/7 assistance.
  4. In case your Visa gets denied, they offer travel protection that covers your financial expenses.


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The DS-160 form consists of two parts:


Part 1: It mainly consists of primary information about an individual.

Part 2: It consists of questions on security and background checks.


  • Application fee:

The next step is to pay the Visa application fee. The price is different for the type of Visa you have applied. Also, note that the payment is non- refundable. In addition to this, you may require to pay for the visa issuance fee, which bases on the relationship that the US has with your home country, and it differs from country to country.


  • Schedule an interview:

Non-immigrant’s between the age of 14 to 79 have to appear for an interview. This interview process can take weeks to line up, and as soon as you submit the DS-160 form, you will get a confirmation letter for the interview.


  • Documentation:

Along with the DS-160, there are other documents to be complied with for non-immigrant visas.


  • Attend the Visa Interview:

An interview is a final step in the process, make sure that you make it on time for the discussion, and carry all the related documents with you for the meeting.


  • Wait for the results:

Once everything is complete, wait for the final results to come out. It can come anytime within the gap of days or weeks.


More information regarding USA immigration and the visa application process will also be available on the visa websites.

Want to make a career as a doctor? Immigrate to Canada in no time

On mentioning the best countries where you can make your career in the field of your choice, Canada shall top the list. This vast country has always been welcoming people from foreign countries with open hands intending to make it a developed nation. Apart from that, the Canadian government has exhibited a lot of schemes that would facilitate other people to come here and reside via the Canada Permanent Residency Visa. If you intend to head towards this country to elevate your career as a doctor, then you are at a perfect point. We have come up with a lot of information based on the same just for you.

For entering this country, you need to commence the procedure by attaining a Canadian Immigration Visa. It is also known as the Canada Green Card, and one can get the same via plenty of options. The most significant options include family sponsorship, Skilled worker Visa, Business or Investor Visa, Provincial Nomination Program, and Canadian Experience Class. Each of these visas shall hail with the specific requirements, and if you can fulfill them, you can enter Canada with no shortcomings. When we discuss any doctor who wants to come to Canada, he/she would have to opt for the Skilled Worker Visa. Just in case you already have a job offer letter for someone employed in Canada, that shall prove to be a great help for your immigration to Canada.

How about the Priority Occupations?

The Government of Canada has also come up with a notable and quite important Priority Occupation List. This list comprises the jobs and occupations which the country is falling short of. Some of the skills present in this list are the specialist physicians, family physicians, general practitioners, etc. Thus, with such a prevalence of demand, skilled doctors find it easier to immigrate to this place.

Essential requirements for the visa to skilled doctors:

Some basic necessities need to be fulfilled for a skilled doctor to move to Canada with no hassle. These include the following:

  1. A qualification from a medical school.
  2. 1-2 years of work experience in the same field.
  3. Pass a qualifying examination organized by the Medical Council of Canada.
  4. Proficiency in English or French.

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The application process for Doctors intending for Canada immigration

If a person has decided to facilitate his/her immigration to Canada as a doctor, there exists a dire need for him/her to understand the whole process. The evaluating exam that the doctors have to go through for qualifying themselves to get the visa is meant to ensure that you have the finest medical knowledge. It is also crucial for your degree to be present in the lists mentioned in the World Health Organization or the International Medical Education Directory.

Once the doctors have cleared the exam, they will have to engage in some training of this field in the Canadian Universities before ultimately moving towards the profession. Getting a Canadian Work Visa is not at all complex if you have the finest immigration consultants by your side. Thus, you need to ensure that you have the best help with you.

Things you need to know while migrating to Denmark from UAE

If you want to live work or settle in Denmark, then you need to go through this article carefully. It is necessary to know about all the immigration procedures, rules and regulations before trying to move to a new place. Similarly, you should do proper research work before migrating to Denmark from UAE.

In Denmark, there is a Danish green card scheme meant for the immigrants. If you want to shift there, you need to fulfil minimum point criteria such as language skills, education, age, work experience and so on. Danish green card scheme will rightfully help you in moving to Denmark from UAE.

Scoring 100 marks make you eligible for obtaining a Danish residency permit. This permit is generally valid for 36 months. Such an applicant can bring along his immediate family members with him to Denmark.

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Following are the different green card point systems. Have a look:

  • Language point system: An applicant should prove his proficiency over different languages such as English, Danish, German, Norwegian and Swedish. You need to choose any one language.
  • Age point system: If you are interested in migrating to Denmark from UAE, then according to the Danish green card scheme, you will be assigned points according to your age. Those who are 34 years old or below will be assigned 15 points. If you are between 35 to 40 years, then you will be given 10 points. Those above 40 years get no points at all.
  • Education point system: If you have studied outside Denmark, then you need to get your educational documents assessed by Sirius to compare your qualification with the Danish education level. An applicant must at least possess a Bachelor’s degree. A Bachelor’s degree holder will get 30 points. If you hold one year’s Master’s degree along with a Bachelor’s degree, then you will be assigned 50 points. Graduate degree along with two year’s Master’s degree you will get 60 points. A PhD holder will get 80 points.
  • Work experience point system: If you have some specific work experience, then too, you will be able to score certain points. If you have 3 to 5 years of work experience in the last five years, then you will earn 5 points. If you have work experience of 1 to 2 years in the last five years, as a researcher, then you will get 10 points. If you have been working as a researcher for the last and have a work experience of 3 to 5 years in the last five years, then you will be assigned 20 points.

There are several Denmark immigration agencies that will help you in having a complete grasp over the immigration system of Denmark. You can choose Migration Consultants for helping you out in this complicated immigration procedure. We will let you know about all the points, rules and regulations in detail and make your immigration process smooth and hassle-free. We are here to guide you in all the formalities and documentation work.

All you need to know about Portugal Work Permits and Visas

Portugal is a part of the European Union. So it follows the EU travel policy only. If you are an EU citizen, then you do not need a work permit. But a non-EU citizen will definitely require a work permit to work in Portugal. Either he should carry a Portugal work permit or an EU Blue Card. These permits are necessary if you are planning to work there for more than three months. Long term foreign workers in Portugal have to obtain the permit for residence as well.

The Portugal work visa is also known as the Residence visa. It is provided to highly skilled professionals who tend to work for at least a year. It can be renewed every two years. You need to apply for a work visa from outside the country. It is not allowed to change your immigration status from a business visa to a long term visa.

You will get the visa only if you possess a locally incorporated entity in Portugal. Otherwise, you need to go for options like Employer of Record service.

If you are looking for a quick and swift option, then you should go for an EU blue card. It involves three months of processing time. While obtaining a residence visa, the processing time can be as long as eight months. So if you have a plan of shifting to Portugal, then you need to plan for that well in advance. Once you move to Portugal, you can try applying for the residence permit, and then it will take just 60 days to get processed after application submission.

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If you do not have an idea about the fee structure for acquiring these permits, then let us help you. You have to pay two times for obtaining a work visa in Portugal. While applying for the work permit, you need to pay a specific amount. And when your application gets approved, then too, you have to pay a particular amount. While filing an application, one needs to pay an amount of USD25. After the approval, the payable amount is USD85.

Please keep in mind that there are certainly other expenses involved while filing an application for a work permit. If you are being transferred to Portugal by your company, then you can request the HR department for the reimbursement of the required amount. Also, it is the duty of your HR department to prepare a proper application for you. But in case they are not supporting you well enough, you can take the help of any reputed Portugal immigration company.

Basically, it gets highly complicated once you decide moving to a different country. You need to plan for a lot of things – residence, permit, legalities, paperwork, employment-related formalities, and so on. If you are overwhelmed by all these, then you can take the assistance of a well-established immigration agency, for instance, Migration Consultants. We have years of experience and expertise with which we can provide you world-class service and facilities. You need not feel overwhelmed because we are here to look after all the formalities.

Long Stay Employment Visa for Germany

Germany is the most powerful national economy in Europe. It is one of the most favorite hubs for immigrants because of the high salaries, a wide array of opportunities and good working ambiance Germany offers to the people.

If you are a non-German citizen, then you have to obtain a Germany work visa. Some countries are there whose citizens do not require any work permit. But most of the nations need to go through a stringent German Visa regime.

Here’s the list of people who do not require a visa to work in Germany:

  • If you are a citizen of Canada, Australia, Japan, Israel, the USA, South Korea, then you can apply for a residence permit after you arrive in Germany. There is absolutely no need to initiate the process way back from your home country. If you belong to the above-mentioned category, then you just need to have a passport for entering Germany.
  • Residents of members of the European Union, as well as the European Economic Area and the European Free Trade Association, need not have any German visa for working in Germany.
  • However, other nationals of different parts of the world need to apply for a visa. Without a work visa, he or she will not be able to enter and work in Germany.

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Germany offers three different types of Long-stay employment visas. The types depend upon your field of expertise and economic requirements of the Federal Republic of Germany. The three types of work visa are:

  • Germany self-employed visa: In this category, those workers are included who work as freelancers in Germany, or want to start a business in Germany with sufficient funds. Important documents and verification processes will be required for the same.
  • Germany general employment visa: If you want to apply for Germany’s general employment visa, then you have to fulfill two requirements. You have to meet the vocational qualification level in Germany. Also, you must possess a concrete contract of employment.
  • Germany special employment visa: Specialist professionals hold a special place in Germany. They are provided a unique work visa from the German government. Graduates who have special professional knowledge, university teachers, and having astounding career profiles, managers who have years of experience, etc. can get job offers with salary packages as much as 86.400 Euros per annum.

If you want to apply for this visa, then you must possess a contract of employment as well as sufficient funds for livelihood maintenance. Proof of financial stability can be given by providing a fixed deposit statement, written confirmation of parents, document of personal financial statements, and so on.

Application procedure for obtaining German work visa:

There is no rocket science in filing an application for a German long-stay work visa. You need to follow the below given simple steps and you are sorted:

  • Preparation of German work visa application well in time.
  • Booking online interview appointment.
  • Reaching for the interview on time.
  • Entering the vital information of the application into an online system.
  • Payment of fees for filing application for German long-stay work visa.
  • Collection of Biometric data.

If you still confused regarding the application process, you can take the help of a well-established Germany Immigration consultant, such as Migration Consultants.

COVID-19: Don’t Lose Hope to Immigrate to Canada

Almost the whole of the world right now is going through a terrible time. COVID-19 outbreak has affected lakhs of people out there. Without any vaccination or cure, this pandemic is making the entire world go topsy-turvy. Lakhs of people have died, and lakhs ore are waiting for their death. Almost all nations are facing a lockdown situation. There is a strict prohibition on traveling. Economic activities have come to a standstill.

Canada has sealed its borders and is not currently allowing any foreign traveler to enter the territory. After careful monitoring of the situation, Canada has taken the decision. Some exceptions are definitely there. But tourism in Canada is now on a halt.

But those who want to immigrate to Canada need not lose hope so soon. Immigration and visa applications are being accepted by the country. Canadian Government is paying extra attention to the countries that are badly hit by the pandemic. We suggest that this is the ideal time to begin with your immigration procedure. Since most of the people are waiting for the pandemic to get over, the number of immigration applications has reduced drastically. Hence if you apply for immigration now, your procedure will get completed swiftly. You will get approval in a shorter time span. There are several reliable immigration consultants that can serve your purpose.

This is not the first time that Canada is under a bleak circumstance. Earlier, too, Canada had fought touch battles against odd scenarios. For instance, 10% of the Canadian population was badly hit by the H1N1 virus or Swine Flu. At that time, too, those who had a strong immune system did not show any symptoms. But the Canadian Government did not make any delay in taking action. At that time, too, it out a restriction on traveling to and from Canada. Also, we can never be thankful enough to the Canadian scientists who played a major role in the first full genetic sequencing of the H1N1 Swine Flu virus.

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If we discuss the mortality of the H1N1 virus, you will be amazed to know that Canada had a mortality rate of just 0.01%. While the world as a whole had a mortality rate of 0.02%. The mortality rate for Coronavirus across the globe is 3.6%. While Canada has been able to limit this to just 0.5%. Undoubtedly the management, as well as the Canadian free public health care system, is playing an outstanding role in looking after and cure the infected patients.

So if you wish to apply for immigration to Canada, you can do so without any fear. There is perfect management as well as your security will be well taken care of. Canada Immigration Consultancy service providers like Migration Consultants are doing their best to save the immigrants from unnecessary chaos and confusion. You will be glad to know that an additional 90 days are being granted to the applicants for the delays in the documentation process. Also, there has been an extension of up to 90 days for the biometrics too. All you need to do is to choose one of the best reliable immigration consultants for getting your immigration application approved.

Know these Visa Options before you begin your Nursing Career in Australia

Beginning a promising and high paying career is the ambition of every professional. Whichever part of the world you are, you want to make the most of your skills and excel to the maximum possible extent in your selected profession. Particularly if you have completed your studies in nursing, have decided to pursue a career in nursing and are committed to this noble and committed job, then you got abundant prospects overseas, and they are open to be explored.

Notably, Australia is one of the most prospective destinations from your career point of view. This article has important information for you from this standpoint.

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Reasons nursing is so much in demand in Australia

Wondering why your nursing skill and proficiency are so much in demand in Australia? Well, you got to read this!

While there is no doubt that present healthcare facilities at Australia are world-class, it is equally true that a large number of citizens here have entered their elderly years. Due to this, the existing healthcare facilities and nursing personnel are not able to cater the demand. The national government is compelled to extend the prevailing facilities – right from maternity to surgical care to elderly care. Evidently, they require young, energetic, committed nursing professionals.

Figures show that Australia’s is short on skilled nursing professional consequent to which the country’s healthcare industry targets recruiting as high as 75,000 nurses in next 5 years.

The above figures clearly signify how bright your chances are for pursuing nursing career in Australia. With this intension, it is important that you soon get in touch with a professional Australia immigration consultant in Dubai.

Prerequisites for Australia immigration

As a qualified nurse or midwife, you can be eligible for immigrating to Australia for work. However, your immigration is subject to some regulations. The first and foremost prerequisite for you is to make sure that your nursing degree holds international qualification. Then, you should complete your registration with AHPRA i.e. the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Further, you must satisfy all the accreditation prerequisites of ANMAC, which is the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council. Having completed all these requirements, you become eligible to hunt for job opportunities in Australia’s health sector.

Know about the Visa Options to meet your career aspirations

As a qualified nursing professional, possessing requisite skills and eligible for migrating to Australia, you will require a visa. Before you contact a professional Migration Consultants Dubai, have a look at your visa options.

Ø  With adequate English proficiency and stipulated experience, you can apply for a permanent visa through Subclass 186 under Employer Nomination Scheme. For this, it is important that your age is below 50.

Ø  Possessing similar age and educational credentials as above, if you receive nomination from an employer who locates somewhere in regional Australia except Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Gold Coast, Wollongong or Brisbane, you can get visa through Subclass 187 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme.

Ø  Want to let your skill earn you a visa? You can, with Subclass 189 which empowers you to get skilled independent visa! To apply for this visa, you must submit expression of interest. A sponsor is not required for this visa; however, you should have the Dept. of Home Affairs’ invitation letter.

That’s not all! There are other visa options as well. Therefore, meet an experienced visa consultant in Dubai soon and fulfill your career aspiration.