How to apply for Canada PR as a Couple?

Many of the couples around the world prefer settling in Canada as a permanent citizen. Thus, Canada has become one of the favourite countries for foreign couples in the past few years. Its infrastructure, great employment opportunities, and other amenities make it a commendable place for couples. Yearly, numerous couples apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Income is the prime thing that stays in the mind whenever the couples plan to shift abroad. The same goes for Canada PR too. If you live in Dubai with a steady monetary state, you must go for the most trusted immigration consultants in Dubai to apply for the Canada PR Visa.

How is the immigration system of Canada?

Canada’s immigration system is point-based. The applicants who will be scoring the maximum points during the process have the best chance of gaining ITA, which means Invitation to Apply for Canadian citizenship. The CRS score of the candidate should be something like 450. If the couples reach close to this score would be declared as major applicants.

The trusted visa consultant would guide the couples better

It is advisory to search for a trusted visa consultant if you want to apply for Canada PR. These visa consultants would help you better; thus, they will be supporting you in boosting your score in the express entry system. Going for the reputed and most reliable visa consultants is a great approach for making the application process smooth.

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Are you eligible for Canada PR or not?

Here are specific requirements for the applicants to qualify for Canada PR:

  1. Language Test

Canada has got two official languages, which are English and French. It is compulsory that the applicant submits evidence of proficiency in either of the two languages. Furthermore, the applicants are required to provide results of the language proficiency test from a registered language testing organization—for example, IELTS for English speaking ability.

  1. Requisite Age

Age is another factor that comes under the eligibility for PR in Canada. The candidate must be at least 18 years old. If you are in the age group of 18 to 35, you will win more points for the age factor.

  1. Academic qualification

The minimum education qualification required for Canada PR is graduation. The applicant needs to provide ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) if he/she is applying as a skilled worker from foreign nation. The ECA should from a renowned authority like WES.

  1. Work Experience

One year of work experience is necessary for the applicant to apply for the Canada PR. For receiving ITA for permanent residency from IRCC, the applicant should earn maximum points in the immigration system. A healthy amount of points can be achieved if the applicant is having work experience of 3 years.

Summing up

We wrap up here with this piece of writing. Those were some crucial facts that talk about Canada Permanent Residency for couples.  Do share your experience if you have been through the Canada PR Visa application procedure. Find and join hands with the steadfast immigration consultancy for appropriate direction.

Are there any Chef Visa options for New Zealand available for candidates?

A lot of people might be unaware of the fact that chefs are considered to be prevalent on the long-term skill shortage list of New Zealand immigration? Well, yes, it’s true. Due to the same reason, the New Zealand government has always actively encouraged the incoming of the chefs from other countries by facilitating them with the chef visa options for New Zealand. They intend let more and more chefs to come on-board and also, reside in New Zealand. There are a lot of reasons for chef’s shortage in New Zealand. There are very lesser number of people who are indulged in the profession of being a chef. Also, those who have been a graduate in cooking won’t think of being a chef forever.

Just in case you are indulged in the field of cooking and have always wished to brighten up your career by moving to a beauteous country, then New Zealand is perfect for you! This country has got a whole array of career opportunities for the aspirants. This would undoubtedly be the best career brightening opportunity for you. Whether you are in the cookery or the hospitality industry, making your career while being in New Zealand is surely the perfect choice. Anyone who has got adequate cooking skills shall prove to be a highly paid person here.

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Are there any challenges?

There are a lot of challenges and activities that the candidate needs to pass through if he/she wants to get the chef visa. The notable candidate needs to have the Level 4 qualification. Apart from that, he/she should also have an experience of minimum 5 years in the field of commercial catering and banqueting as well.

A lot of aspirants intend to apply for the Chef Visa but do not have the formal qualification to meet the various requirements for visa application. However, they have got the notable skills, and knowledge in the field. But this is not going to be an advantage since you couldn’t get a Chef Visa solely with your skills. Owning a formal qualification in cookery or hospital industry is quite significant.

What should be done if you don’t have a formal qualification?

Just in case you do not have the formal qualification in the hospitality industry, but you do have the skills in cooking, you can get a formal or local training to get enough knowledge about the same. Getting some help from the best New Zealand immigration Consultancy is a must. This is quite important especially for those students who hail with a clear career vision. There are many consultancies in this highly competitive marketplace which deal in the same. All you need to do is just contact them as soon as possible and attain the best of their services with no hassle. If the consultancy is top-notch, it would always put its best foot forward to facilitate the clients with the finest immigration services in no time. What are you waiting for? Contact the best New Zealand Immigration Agents and get the best assistance with no shortcomings.

Can I get a US Work Visa if I don’t have a job offer?

Anyone who is applying for the US Work Visa needs to have a job offer! But there are certain other US Visas which not at all require a job offer. Thus, working in United States and that too without a job offer is true now. Many of you might be thinking about why does these jobs not require any kind of job offers from the candidate’s end. Well, that’s because these visas require a petition on the candidate’s behalf. Thus, your USA immigration can be facilitated based on the same. A lot of specific visas in the US aim towards the immigrating as well as the non-immigrating workers.

Here are the most important US work visas which don’t require any kinds of job offers from the candidate. Read on further…

  1. EB-1A Visa

Anyone who hails with an extraordinary expertise in the field of business, arts, science or education can apply for the EB-1A Visa. Apart from that, the multinational managers and the notable executives can also apply for this visa. Under this Visa application, you will be asked to prove yourself as the best in this field. There are several ways to describe you as the best and these include your awards, publications, letters of reference etc.


  1. EB-5 Visa

Also known as the investor visa, the EB-5 Visa is specially meant for the business people who have the ability to spend a minimum sum of $500,000 when asked under various situations. This visa is also considered to be a path to the USA Green Card Visa. Anyone who is intending to earn this Visa shall have to invest in the economy of the United States. This investment would further generate jobs in the US. There are a lot of reasons for investing in the US’s economy.

All you need to know about Permanent Work Visa Categories

Just in case you have got a sponsor for your notable employment, you are surely going to get eligible for attaining a job in the US. Apart from that, you must also have the respective work experience, quality of education and the skills as well.

Whenever any employer looks forward to sponsor any worker, there exists a need for him/her to file the immigrant or non-immigrant petition notably on the candidate’s behalf. This can be for the candidate whether he wants to be in the US on a temporary or permanent basis.

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Why is there a need to get professional help in USA immigration?

Well, not only in applying for visa, but you would also need professional help in various other relatable aspects associated with the same. Immigration includes a whole lot of preparation and if you have some help, then there would be no hassle in preparing for the same. These activities include assembling the notable paperwork, following a whole procedure of filling the visa application form and other necessary stuff. With such a plethora of timely requirements, getting some assistance from a legal expert can do wonders for you!

Spouse Visa Category if your spouse’s accompanying you to Australia

A lot of people who have been settled in America and are now married have been indulged in interrogating about how can they let their spouse settle in Australia. If you are also thinking about the same, then you are at the right place. We have come up with the top-notch information about how can your spouse attain the Australia Permanent Residency Visa.

Things you need to know if you want to bring your partner to Australia

As entailed, a plethora of Australian PR visa applicants move to Australia with the intention of improving their opportunities and career scope. But the moment they get marry, they start focusing on how to bring their spouse to Australia and let them live along. Are you also facing the same situation presently? You need to know about the right spouse visa category that you should apply for the same.

Apt Spouse Visa category you should apply in

Australia has got a whole array of spouse visa options. All of these depend upon a certain number of factors such as the relationship status, location of the applicant and the sponsor’s visa category etc. On mentioning the most appropriate and prominent visas to apply for is none other than the Partner (Provisional) Visa (subclass 309).

What do you mean by the Partner Visa Subclass 309?

According to the official sources, the Partner Visa Subclass 309 serves the intention of providing residency to the spouse or the permanent residents in Australia. If it’s approved, then the notable candidate shall gain the flexibility to stay in Australia with his/her partner. The respective candidate should be staying outside Australia while he/she is applying for this visa.

What are the eligibility requirements for Subclass 309 visa?

One of the most important conditions to be fulfilled for applying for this visa is that the applicant should be either married to or in a notable de facto relationship with the person staying in Australia. Here are the most important eligibility requirements:

  1. The candidate should be outside Australia when he/she is applying for the Subclass 309 Visa.
  2. The candidate’s partner should be the permanent resident of Australia.
  3. The candidate’s partner should be an eligible citizen of New Zealand and Australia.

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Some important information to keep in view

It has to be noted that the Partner Subclass 309 is considered be a temporary visa. It can thus grant residency to the candidate in Australia for a limited time period. But, if you stay permanently in Australia, then you shall have to convert your Partner Subclass 309 visa into Permanent Partner Visa (subclass 100). With its help, you would be able to live permanently with your partner in Australia.

In a nutshell

Are you intending to apply for a Partner Visa? If yes, then it has to be ensured that you are seeking help from the trusted Australia immigration agency. Its experts are highly professional and would help you out in immigration in the finest possible manner.

What should be the English proficiency for Canada immigration on PR Visa?

If you want to immigrate to Canada, then one of the key requirements for that is none other than English proficiency. Anyone who wants to enter into Canada with the intention of residing here permanently should seek help from the reliable immigration consultants. English proficiency is a must for the candidates. It is because Canada being a bilingual country has got French and English as its official languages.

Even if you are not proficient in English speaking, you should be well-versed in speaking French. But this is not a case for any individual who has been accepted for the PR needs. He should be mandatorily proficient in English communication.

Immigration system for the PR visa applications

Canada has come up with a significant and quite important point-based immigration system. This system is specially meant for the skilled PR visa applicants. On a whole, there are a total of six factors and some of them are work experience, language proficiency, education, age etc.

The Canada immigration applicants attain points for their notable and commendable language proficiency. Majority of the PR applicants are chosen based on their preferred language that should be English and none else. Canada accepts the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as a document that proves the English language proficiency of the candidate.

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English Proficiency Requirement if you want to apply for the Canada PR

IRCC requires a minimum of CLB level 7 benchmark from the notable and respective candidate. Level 7 is considered to be the least score for being an eligible applicant who is fluent in English speaking. However, if you want to get more points based on your language factor, then you must always strive to attain the CLB 9 or 10 level.

If you want to get the finest and highest band score in the IELTS exam, then you should never forget to enrol yourself for a coaching institute that teaches the same. If you need some help in Canada immigration, then you should seek assistance from the most praiseworthy Canada Immigration Agents.

Language tests for assisting you in Canadian Immigration

Irrespective of the economic category you are applying for, majority of them would require the positive results from a language test. If you are able to pass the notable language test, you would be eligible to apply for Canadian immigration. However, the required passing score and the version of the test would totally depend upon the respective program you have applied for.

The most important tests for proving your English fluency and getting into Canada are IELTS, TEF and CELPIP. IELTs and CELPIP are the authorized signatories for being the test providers in English. On the other hand, TEF is the authorised signatory for acting as the verified language test for French.

A lot of people have been thinking about which one of these tests hails with a better value. Well, here’s the good news! The scores from all these tests are equally valued. Thus, you can go for any of these three tests which are convenient for you.

Guide To: How You Can Land A Job in Portugal As A Foreigner

Landing a job requires lots of skills in itself. You need to have a knowledge of the field you are applying for, the gift of adapting to the work environment and a lot more. And what if we talk about landing a job in another country? Well, that includes a lot of research.

So, to ease this process for you, we are sharing a complete guide about Portugal work visa in which we are going to cover every detail that will come handy for you if you are thinking about moving to Portugal and embark on a journey for your career as a foreigner. This will not only help you in settling down there but will also provide you with knowledge about various career options available for foreign citizens in Portugal.

Career Options In Portugal

Like many other countries, the job opportunities in Portugal differ in terms of native language speakers, which means, for those who can speak Portuguese and the ones who are non-Portuguese speakers.

However, the good news is that the demand for English speakers is always high since it is a global language. One such industry is IT and Software, which is driven by English speaking professionals. So, this is beneficial for foreign citizens who are planning to apply for Portugal Immigration to expand their career options.

If you are a foreigner who is looking for employment in Portugal, then let us tell you about Lisbon, which has become a hub to all the startup ventures in Portugal, over the past five years. It has been successfully organizing Web Summits and giving a kick to the startup sector.

Apart from that, if you are interested in working for the Tourism and Hospitality industry, Portugal offers a promising career for you. With its Restaurants, Hotels and bars consistently looking out for English Speaking applicants due to the flourishing industry flow, you get an excellent chance to achieve great heights here.

Where To Look For Jobs In Portugal If I Am A Foreigner?

As we have already discussed that English Speaking expats have an added advantage of finding a job in Portugal, let us now look at the industries that offer job opportunities for you.

  • Web developers (backend and frontend)
  • Sales representatives
  • Waitstaff
  • Bartenders
  • Customer support (not only in call centres but also in multinational companies with offices in Portugal)
  • Team supervisors
  • Online gaming support
  • Real estate agents
  • Interpreters and translators
  • Accountants
  • Project managers
  • Mobile test engineers
  • Call Centers

Here, we have a list of some well-established, popular organizations for you to consider.

  • Connecta Group
  • Teleperformance
  • TAP Air Portugal
  • Apple
  • Sitel

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Apart from that, you can even go for several other kinds of jobs such as; digital marketing jobs, freelance work, marketing jobs or even be a language teacher.

You are offered a decent amount of salary like any other part of the world, depending on the job profile and the amount of time you put in that. And with experience, you get a pay raise.

Is a Work Visa Needed?

European Citizens do not require a work visa for Portugal. However, if you are not a European Union Citizen, then you are requested to bring a work visa with you.

Working in the hospitality industry in New Zealand

A new nation is always like a dream come true for most of us, but it is not still the way we believe. Settling in abroad is all time challenging unless you have any family or relative support. On the other side, working in New Zealand’s hospitality is entirely different than you conceive. The leading element of this facts is that the commandments on health and security are somewhat other from your nation-state.

More on the subject of the hospitality industry in New Zealand

As per some reports, there were roughly 130000 people engaged in the hospitality of New Zealand. These are the figures for the year 2018. It is also witnessed that around 55% of the people execute the role of a staff member in many cafes and restaurants of the country. Auckland ought to believe as the sole paradise for New Zealand hospitality workers, accompanied by Canterbury and Wellington as well.

Since there is an enormous scarcity of employees, the administration of New Zealand is offering some pleasurable job opportunities in the hospitality world.  A skilful cook is a significant role for which the country gives the immigrants the chance to prove themselves in this field.

What qualification is requisite for working in the Hospitality

There is no prescribed qualification needed to work in the hospitality department of New Zealand. In certain instances, many restaurants ask for the hospitality experience from the applicant to work further in New Zealand. For immigration purposes, it is necessary to opt for a first-class New Zealand immigration Consultancy.

What occupation can we apply for the hospitality industry?

Working as an employee in the hospitality can prove to be very much thrilling. It consists of delivering numerous amount of staff work from dealing with the patrons to testing various flavorsome and mouth-watering food items. If you want to study further while working as an employee in the hospitality, then you can apply for a part-time position there itself. The work here is so flexible; you might also dig up with a lot of new learning to witness here while working.

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Effects of being hygienic on duty

Wearing fitted and orderly clothes while working as a staff member is necessary. Self-grooming and staying hygienic at times describes the formation and benchmark of the workers and their effectiveness. Hygiene is mandatory for all the departments in the hospitality domain since the course of food preparing and serving; the obligation of cleanliness tends to increase. Further, having adequate sanitation and shipshape outfits can deliver the visitants a good impression of the visitors coming to the hotel.


As we have come to the finish, what we have seen in is just sensational. The nation New Zealand is only the right pathway which the working class is hunting for. Working in hospitality with a company of people from various cultures/countries is something different. The majority of the aspirants are looking for first-rate and reliable Immigration consultants to execute their ambition to work overseas.

Top Occupations in Demand in Australia for Skilled Migration

Australia, a nation that every being wanted to linger there in their career progression, every year hefty quantity of the people from different parts of the world stopover this country to acquire a suitable occupation. Numerous sorts of jobs have been released by Australia form, which we will be discussing the field that is targeted the most by the enthusiastic individuals.

The reason why many people select Australia to be the best for attaining a better lifestyle

The primary goal for this immigration is that the individual traveling Australia would be getting a class model of livelihood, remarkable service potential, great experiences, massive revenue sources, and local interactions.

The top occupations which are mostly preferred by the immigrants in Australia are-

Most significantly, in Australia, research has reported that there are four industries that there are four industries that are set to be steadfast for more than 62 percent of the whole employment augmentation of the nation in the upcoming years. These include –

  • The healthcare and assistance
  • Skilled, systematic, and mechanical services
  • Edification and schooling
  • Construction

If you or your known relative is aspired to reserve his/her position in any of these businesses in Australia, then choose the trusted Australia Immigration Agency for the provision.

The hype of these industries

Selecting the leading Australia immigration Consultancy is going to be the ideal decision. As a job seeker or a student knowing the top skills in you is crucial before visiting overseas. The chances of getting admission or selection in a particular occupation can be challenging because of the high competition. Staying up to date for getting a chance to hold a precise position abroad is necessary. The qualification criterion has always been a reliable source to get an education or job, which is hugely in order.

It is very shocking to observe that the number of registered nurses in Australia in 2019 was more than 17000. This figure has increased by 2000 positions as compared to the analysis of the year 2018.

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The trades’ maximum job amount includes mechanic, electricians, carpenter, etc. has been owed among 6000 and 8000 places per profession.

The piece of evidence over the construction industry is that Australia holds 5178 construction project managers as per the several reports.

Heading towards the education industry, if we look upon the secondary school instructors and software programmer’s vacancies, then there are more than 8000. In contrast, the engineers’ seats, that cover electronics, chemical, and electrical engineers, differ from 1000 to 3722 seats for civil engineers.


In the end, we settle the knowledge and piece of information that we have delivered about this occupation adapted nation- Australia till now. Are you searching for a job in your locality? Or do you want to travel and reside abroad for a great career ahead? Then it is the time to buckle up and head to your destiny with the top and trusted Australian Immigration Agency. Furthermore, let us know what changes you got to experience there and have a crucial concern in the top occupations that have become mainstream in Australia.

Lay hands on the Canadian Experience Class Visa

The Canadian Class Visa is purely intended for the ones who have been working in Canada for a sum phase of one year.  Many of them aimed to reside in Quebec’s remote region; it provides those who have been the temporary overseas employees to pertain for inclusive long-term citizenship.

What is best about this working-class Visa?

A gain of this form of Visa is you can choose your aspired designation that matches with the qualifications you have pursued in the past before visiting Canada. Make sure that at the time of applying for a job via Canadian Experience Class Visa, your employer offer letter which has the record of your duration of work on which your request is based on must be carrying in-depth and accurate details about you. Have you ever applied for a job in Canada? Are you looking to shift abroad for a better vocation opening? Then pick the spot on Canada immigration Consultancy for a secure future further on. Also, get a valid designation there and let us know how did your expedition of attaining employment proves to be in the North American nation, Canada.

Working in Canada

The applicants who are willing to settle in Canada have designed an online profile to express their talent and qualifications. The candidates whose applications match the criteria get a chance to work in Canada with the Canadian Experience Class visa. As the required certification is nominal, the number of applications is enormous, and they are rapidly processed inside three or four months.

The applicants who are living in Dubai and wish to settle down in Canada then they can take advice from the most trusted immigration consultants in Dubai.

Drawbacks that can occur

  1. There is no surety that the applicant’s application can be confirmed even if he is eligible to apply under the Canadian Experience Class Visa. The score, which is known as the CRS, must be within the cut off needed to get a request.
  2. The candidate should have a one-year work practice in Canada to obtain the Canadian Experience Class Visa.

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Why is it asked to live outside the province of Quebec?

It is suggested that the applicant must reside in the exteriors of the Quebec province after they have passed the criteria and other legal procedures for the Visa. The Quebec province is known as the hub for the skilled workers as it lets the majority of them to make a visit to this district. It is not in the full hands of the Canadian administration that what neighborhood you will be provided. It is not fixed that you set off for the Quebec territory.


Accordingly, we proceed to the closing impression over the review about the Canadian Experience Class Visa’s fulfillment. In our opinion, it is a worth deal for those  trying their level best and working over for so many years to get settled down in Canada. If you are also eager to continue your imminent career overseas, then do let us know about the familiarity you have noticed throughout the time.

What do you need to know about the New Zealand partnership-based Visa?

The process of applying for a New Zealand partnership-based Visa is no easy task. It might seem to be a simple thing to do, but the complications arise once the application gets declined initially. If your partner is from New Zealand or is a New Zealand work visa holder and you would like to join them, then you must be well aware of the New Zealand partnership-based Visa. This will enhance your chances it getting it approved quickly and easily.

There are many types of partnership kind od visas, and it depends on the status of your partner:

The most popular kinds of the New Zealand partnership-based Visa are:

  • Work or Visitor visa for a partner of a worker in New Zealand
  • Work or Visitor Visa for a partner of a student
  • Work or Visitor Visa for a partner of a New Zealand Citizen or resident
  • Resident Visa for partners of New Zealand citizens

The relationship with the supporting partner is the primary necessity of getting the New Zealand partnership-based Visa as defined by the instruction of the immigration agency. This would include the proof of legal marriage or a civil union or a de facto relationship, which is a couple living together but is not married on in a civil union.


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What are the documents needed for the New Zealand partnership-based Visa?

There are supporting documents that are used as evidence to show your relationship to your partner in order to get the New Zealand partnership-based Visa.

The list of the documents required will depend on the type of visa that you are applying for and also to the relation that you and your partner share. This includes photos together, marriage certificates, joint bank accounts, and even cooperative rental agreements, social media engagements, etc.

It is merely to see whether you are in a stable and genuine so that they can approve you for your New Zealand partnership-based Visa.

If, in any case, you have stayed apart from your partner for a while, then you are required to provide adequate reasons. This will be assessed well before the application.

Apart from the documentation, there are also a few other things to keep in mind when you apply for the visa. To ensure that you have a hassle-free process in getting your New Zealand partnership-based Visa.

  • You meet the requirement of the Immigration New Zealand (INZ)
  • You should meet all the health requirements
  • You should comply with all the need to be termed a “partner.”
  • You must meet all the requirements for the visa category that you apply for


In order to get the New Zealand partnership-based Visa, you need to make sure you meet all the requirements as stated above. New Zealand Permanent Residency visa application is an easy process and can be dealt with hassle-free if taken care of in a proper manner. Based on the type of visa and the type of relationship you share with your partner, the New Zealand Permanent Residency visa process success rate can be determined.